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  1. PE had started to contact me, but no action. so running on a normal meter currently. PE customers have been told to wait until BG contact us with regards to our account. as their tarrifs might be higher than competitors, and i would like to go to Octopus energy as they have the best deals currently. so i cant switch just yet. i dont have an account number with BG?
  2. as an update, I am one of the people's energy customers who has been affected by their closure. what can i expect to happen with the debt? I owe approx £1200 and British Gas have been appointed to take over?
  3. yes, its only for the Council, and its upsetting to see just how little remining disposable income I am left with How will I ever get through this...
  4. I am filling out the I&E form for the council tax, they are asking for NI Number and employment details, do i have to provide this?
  5. different suppliers, but gas is up to date. electric is behind. I couldn't afford 225 per month, (he was charging an electric mercedes on the house...) i own my house - its HTB mortgage hence ground maintenance i have severn trent (up to date) ICOSA water (behind)
  6. hello- so i have today received the letter from the council with the I&E form on it. I dont know how to fill it in with regards to my other debts as ive not set up payment plans with anyone yet - any suggestions what i do?
  7. I was surprised because i was expecting resistance and i couldnt have coped with that. i will wait for the income and expenditure form to fill in. in the meantime, I will post up the rest here.... its bad read
  8. UPDATE so, i have spoken to my County Councillor, who also happens to be the Mayor! and i have spoken to the Council Tax ppl and they have pulled it away from Bristow and Sutor, and they are going to send me and income and expenditure form and agree a payment plan with me! Thats one tiny hurdle, i told her that i am a vulnerable person, and she said that it shouldn't have got to this, that its not helpful to my situation at all.
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