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  1. The recent reply from the manager Good morning Mrs Paulikva. You initially raised three concerns with the mattress. Undue wear. Border not straight. Sagging in the centre. The manufacturers have now seen the images, and they agree with my initial assessment, that no fault is indicated in these images. Quote “Looking at the images provided, there is no fault with the mattress as the settlement they are experiencing is due to the natural fillings used”. “Should your customer still be unhappy, then we can send an independent inspector out to them, but should this come b
  2. Good thinking!!! Just posted this reply to them: Good afternoon, Thank you for your reply. Please forward the product description where the sagging tolerance of a particular mattress that's been in use for a particular time is defined. This should be relevant to the model we purchased that's been in use for just over 7 weeks now. Unless it's defined by the manufacturer for this particular model this is a matter of your perception against mine and makes the 'acceptable dip' example irrelevant. I also understand the mattress should be covered by the warranty- could you
  3. Well, I've got a reply from their customer service- looks like I'm not getting anywhere with my request. Apparently there's a tolerance level to the sagging a mattress can have. Who's established it? I can't possibly send him any more 'images which more clearly shows this problem'. Thank you for your emails, the contents of which have been noted. You are of course perfectly correct in your assertion. Your contract is with us, the retailer, not the manufacturer. However in reality, should any product prove to be faulty, ultimately the manufacturer will be obliged to
  4. Hi all, need some advice please. We purchased Ultimate Amira Healthopaedic mattress via Bed Factory (1-4 Spence Lane, Leeds, LS12 1EF). We purchased the mattress on 25.4.16 for the nursery and started using it on 8.7.16 when our daughter was born. The mattress is not of satisfactory quality due to the wearing and sagging that's occurred within weeks. I'm of light build and a mattress should last years before that type of wear occurs. The retailer advised they're not in a position to refund or exchange and referred us to the manufacturer. Basically asked us to take pictures
  5. Thank you all for your support. Will sort out t he appeal this week-end.
  6. Thanks Vondoothoven, great reading I also found a similar thread on money saving expert, but for some reason it won't let me post a link. I copied the rejection letter below: "The appellant relies upon a number of well rehearsed arguments. First, she claims the signage along the red route at John Lennon Airport is inadequate. Linked to this is her assertion that there could be no contract with the operator. I have been provided with photographs of the signs and a plan showing where the signs are placed along the red route. I note that the signs are large. The writing
  7. I've not admitted to it! Grr... This makes my blood boil! I found a very recent thread on money saving expert about the appeal. the rk appeal was based on relevance , she quoted airport byelaws- I managed to find 2005 copy, signage, preestimated loss etc.the appeal was rejected , will copy it in when I'm home later tonight . Just shows how unbiased they are
  8. Most certainly haven't, I sent them the same letter I posted here. I've just read it again, can't seem to find where they're saying I admitted to it?
  9. Has anyone got any recent pictures of their road signs? There're quite a few online (obscured by the flags or other signs, etc), but I'm unsure if they've moved since.
  10. Thank you. I'm trying to find a copy of the Doncaster byelaws - the most recent one is from 2005, so hope it hasn't been changed. All links on relevant forums return 404 not found. I also want to prove the contractual charge method doesn't apply, as the signs are inadequate for anyone to read them from a moving vehicle, i.e. you couldn't have accepted terms and conditions. Also, if I submit my appeal this week, how long does it all take from start to finish. I'm going away for 2 wks mid august. Cheers.
  11. sorry, got them converted to pdfs now so what's the verdict? is it a standard fob off letter? Any point to appeal?
  12. Here you are. Checked a copy of the original letter sent-I didn't reference POPLA.
  13. Hi all, got the rejection letter this morning- a very detailed one. Or may be just a standard one, not seen one before. Will post a copy in a minute, please approve uploads. Can somebody please review it and let me know if they're correct in their reply and post a link or a copy to a recent IAS appeal relevant to airport private roads. I see they ignored most of question asked as 'not appropriate to deal with at this stage'....
  14. Right, sent the appeal and a complaint letter to Peel Management head office. Both by signed for delivery. Will let you know when the rejection letters come in.
  15. OK, thanks guys. Can somebody please read through this and let me know if it's good to go? I’m the registered keeper of a ..... registration number ......... On 25 June 2015 I received a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) from Vehicle Control Services Ltd (VCS) for allegedly breaching terms and conditions of use of the Privately Operated Access Roads at Robin Hood Airport, Approach Roads. I appeal the PCN based on the following points: 1. The parking company or their client require planning consent to charge motorists for any alleged contravention- please forward the evidence of
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