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  1. Hi there i need a bit of advice please, i bought a car from carcraft 27 months ago and am looking to VT when the 50% mark is up, i have just been looking over my Docs as i am shocked by the settlement figure i have just had from them, on the Docs it shows a Document Fee and a option to purchase fee that i am being charged interest on is this allowed? I really dont understand how i managed to get myself into this, the car was only 7800, i paid 1100 deposit and have paid so far 5300 back yet i still owe 5600 to them as a settlement fee! bonkers think a lesson learnt thankfully they have now gone pop i wonder why!
  2. Hi Guys In 2012 I purchased a car through Carcraft over a 5 year agreement. When signing up, I also paid around £2000 extra for their Drive Happy Package which included MOT's, Services, and RAC Cover for 5 years. Now they have gone bust I've been told they are no longer honouring the package. I was due for my "free" service next Monday. Where do I stand? Do i just have to suck it up or can i possibly reclaim something? Thanks for any help.
  3. Hi All, A while since I have needed your help, here I am again! My wife purchased a car from Carcraft on finance 2 weeks ago, practically the day before they went into administration. The finance was approved via GMAC (Conditional Sale Agreement) and we drove the car away that evening having paid £100 deposit. Carcraft filled in the V5 listing my partner as the owner and told us they would send this off. Obviously we now know Carcraft have gone bust and have appointed Grant Thornton as administrators. Our assumption was the finance agreement would stand and that we would make our payments to GMAC. Today we had a phone call from a gentleman kindly telling us that GMAC didn`t pay Carcraft for the vehicle and that Carcraft also did not send back the V5 listing my partner as the new owner. We still have the other parts of the V5 listing my partner as the new owner. The gentleman told us he would be in contact in due course to collect the vehicle from us! Who owns the car? We have the V5 listing us as the new owner, Carcraft no longer exist, the finance company never entered into the contract with Carcraft, my own guess would be the administrators, Grant Thornton? Any advice would be hugely appreciated, my own feeling is to keep schtumm and wait for Grant Thornton to come after us which may be months off, hopefully we will be the bottom of a long list of creditors. Ta Dee.
  4. As we've looked at previous PPI claim possibilities we have also looked at earlier loans that were paid off using newer loans, something we should never have done, but this was all pre CAG My wife bought a car at Carcraft Sheffield in March 2002. She was pressured into buying by the salesmen who messed her about for ages saying they were having problems getting finance for her. Familiar story now I've read a few threads on here about them. Eventually she was offered a deal where they would reduce the cost of the car to help her get the finance needed (big of them !) and she signed an agreement with On Line Finance, which is now under GMAC. The insisted that she had to have the PPI and Warranty deals of the finance would not go through. This finance was paid off in November 2003 with a consolidation loan, which is how we rediscovered the details of the account. Several years later, now knowing about PPI and in possession of the returned SAR on GMAC, we see there was PPI and a warranty, so a FOS questionnaire is being filled in to send to them along with a spreadsheet of what we estimate they owe us. If anyone has any warnings about potential problems in reclaiming I'd appreciate them chipping in here. I have a feeling it will not be as straightforward as we first hoped.
  5. Heard this on LBC news last night, and here it is... http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/carcraft-closure-thousands-motorists-left-9157732 unsurprising given their customer service. Perhaps Arnold Shark are next!
  6. Carcraft closure: 500 jobs to go at second-hand car dealer The company has 10 showrooms around the UK The second-hand car company Carcraft is to close, with the loss of about 500 jobs. The dealership, based in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, has 10 showrooms around the country. Carcraft is the UK's seventh-largest second-hand car chain, selling more than 12,000 used vehicles a year, administrators said. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-32538820
  7. Hi, We recently bought a vehicle from Carcraft. We had the usual Mis-haps with being called back to sign paperwork they'd forgotten etc - but that's not the issue. We recently had the car MOT'd at their Radcliffe branch, and there were a few advisories. Some of those indicated rust, and also a leak (I think transmission fluid?) The car has been used for a month since this, and then - yep - you guessed it, engine management light came on. I pulled over immediately, and contacted them. They wanted me to take it to Radcliffe - which is a fair drive - and I wasn't prepared to do this given the dashboard was screaming at me to check the engine. They reluctantly agreed for me to take it to a Halfords - which was mercifully less than 1 mile away. I made it clear that I wasn't going to be able to pay - however when I got there it was £49.99 for the diagnostics test. Later that day we picked the car up - the work hadn't been completed as Halfords weren't sure if the repair that was needed was included in the warranty. After a few phone calls they agreed to pay for the work as a 'goodwill' gesture. The whole experience from start to finish has been dreadful. I'm not sure what a 120 point inspection is, but I was assured that the vehicle I'd been sold was roadworthy and reliable. The car is 2010 - and I'll be paying for it for the next 3 and a half years. Given the difficulty in getting a simple warranty repair done, and the number of faults that seem to be creeping up with this car - I'd rather like Carcraft to have it back. It's done less than 4k miles since we bought it. I doubt the previous owner/victim of this car had the greatest of driving credentials - as we found Cannabis in the doorwell. Bottom line, the outstanding on the car is: £5,500 I've spoken to the finance company - if they take it back we'll still owe £3,000 So sounds to me like I've been well and truly shafted. The total I'd pay if I keep the car is in excess of £10k - for a car that seems to now be valued at £2k. Carcraft won't budge on this matter - is there anyway I can force their hand?
  8. Hi, I recently purchased a 2nd hand diesel car with 50k miles on the clock on finance from CarCraft Chertsey on 27th April 2014, got it MOT'd by CarCraft on 18th November (as they were unable to do service at the same time), and then serviced after 6 months / 6k miles as per the warranty requirements by CarCraft Chertsey (25th November 2014 earliest appointment that CarCraft had when called in September), and now after 7 months the car has had "catastrophic" engine failure to the point it is unusable on the road, no power, plumes of white smoke pouring out the back.. I contacted the warranty department and they advised to book the car in for investigation, I did this at Halfords Auto Centre (as advised by customer services that this is one of the approved centres they use that deal directly with CarCraft) , they had the vehicle for 3 days before diagnosing it was beyond their technical abilities, to progress this issue, I had the car taken back to CarCraft Chertsey where I purchased it and they have set about trying to get it repaired in their service area under the warranty, however they keep telling me they are snowed under with work and can only work on it for an hour or two a day. The CarCraft Chertsey have been in contact with the warranty company and advised that the engine has a major fault that would require a full strip down to diagnose, the diagnostics is going to take 10-20 hours work at £78 per hour. The warranty company have set a maximum payment for the diagnostics and repairs of £1,000. The servicing department, a great guy called Paul who is trying to be as helpful as possible, has advised both myself and the warranty company that the quickest and more economical solution is to replace the engine and that is still going to cost in excess of £1,600 if there is a cheap engine available for replacement. The warranty that came with the fact they still need the engine stripped down to find which component failed! Where do I stand? I am now looking at taking the vehicle back for a refund because of the amount of time this is taking, I have looked at the Citizens advice page and I believe that under sales of goods act it is not of "satisfactory condition" as in at least the sub section referring to "Last for a reasonable length of time in a reasonable condition", I do understand there is no guideline for how long a car should last but when it is still under 60k miles for a diesel car, this is incredibly low. The car failed on the 23rd of December and I have been without a car to take my kids to and from school, gym, swimming etc. I can understand I may have rambled a little so if you need any clarification please ask. Pete
  9. Hi all, I've had a good google around for an answer but seems to be misleading. I purchased a car from the lovely Carcraft and had this drive happy guarantee pushed on me which at the time seemed like the wise thing to do. I've since come to the point where it really isn't cost effective for me to drive from my home in Macclesfield to either Liverpool or Rochdale for a car service, As such I'm yet to get the car serviced at all and have now paid roughly 6/7 payments at £50 a go. Is there a way out of this contract?
  10. Hello guys, I am sorry two questions in one post I feel they are related and can be answered together. Question one. After 9 months and £13,000 of legal expenses. 2 barristers, 3 solicitors, 2 high court visits and 2 tribunal visits, my friend has won against the local council. They wanted him to pay £3600 in council tax and his argument was the tenant was responsible 8 years after the event. All contracts, letters and recorded delivery slips which he used to inform the council were kept. He won the case out right. Now a lot of people are telling him you cant claim legal expenses or personal losses due to the fact its the council. If he did it everyone else would. He is being informed unto total cost of £18,000 is his. He cant claim a single penny for his loss. Please advise. Please note he has proof of everything. From the case to earnings to legal invoices. Question two. After seven phone calls including to head office, local office and individual who invited us to the local car show room the following happened. They failed to understand the car I wanted. They failed to understand the cost of the car. They failed to understand the monthly repayments of the car. They failed to understand the context or pretext or the ONLY reason why we would visit them. At the cost of 2 hours round trip. At the cost of diesel and time. When we reached there we were informed the maximum I could borrow was 45% of what I wanted. And also they did not have the cars. Both cars were not available. Discussing this with the manager he said unless you were here we can not tell you about the car or the finance. In seven phone call including the one that invited me down was the following. “Are you sure I have been accepted? Yes! “for the Galaxy” Yes! “for the Prius? Yes! “what is the maximum they are willing to lend?(3 lenders apparent)! Any! I even went further, I said I am only going to travel because YOU are saying I can get either of the 2 cares. Yes come down I was told. When we went there nothing. All lies. If I was on minimum wage along with my friend. I think the total lost including time and diesel is £22. What shall I do? Please I cant let them get away with it. This is pure day light robbery. Ali Hello guys, I am sorry two questions in one post I feel they are related and can be answered together. Question one. After 9 months and £13,000 of legal expenses. 2 barristers, 3 solicitors, 2 high court visits and 2 tribunal visits, my friend has won against the local council. They wanted him to pay £3600 in council tax and his argument was the tenant was responsible 8 years after the event. All contracts, letters and recorded delivery slips which he used to inform the council were kept. He won the case out right. Now a lot of people are telling him you cant claim legal expenses or personal losses due to the fact its the council. If he did it everyone else would. He is being informed unto total cost of £18k is his. He cant claim a single penny for his loss. Please advise. Please note he has proof of everything. From the case to earnings to legal invoices. Can he claim, if so where to go? Question two. After seven phone calls including to head office, local office and individual who invited us to the local car show room the following happened. They failed to understand the car I wanted. They failed to understand the cost of the car. They failed to understand the monthly repayments of the car. They failed to understand the context or pretext or the ONLY reason why we would visit them. At the cost of 2 hours round trip. At the cost of diesel and time. When we reached there we were informed the maximum I could borrow was 45% of what I wanted. And also they did not have the cars. Both cars were not available. Discussing this with the manager he said unless you were here we can not tell you about the car or the finance. In seven phone call including the one that invited me down was the following. “Are you sure I have been accepted? Yes! “for the Galaxy” Yes! “for the Prius? Yes! “what is the maximum they are willing to lend?(3 lenders apparent)! Any! I even went further, I said I am only going to travel because YOU are saying I can get either of the 2 cares. Yes come down I was told. When we went there nothing. All lies. If I was on minimum wage along with my friend. I think the total lost including time and diesel is £22. What shall I do? Please I cant let them get away with it. This is pure day light robbery. Ali
  11. We had so much grief with carCraft. We brought a zafira from lakeside CC Jan 2013 and within weeks it developed a fault and because we had paid for the warranty it was taken in for repair on the back of an RAC truck, we paid for a weeks worth of hire car,got the call to come collect the car and I got halfway down the M25 when I had to turn around and take the car back as the fault was still there! CC refused a loan car at first and we had to fight for one but they came good eventually and paid for one for a week and as if by magic my car was fixed! on April 17th 2013 it went in for service and MOT and 3 days later when the car came back apparently all was well although on the advisory sheet it said there's a noise in the turbo, now im no mechanic but surely had there meant to be a noise in the turbo and it was a "normal" noise then it wouldnt have been noted? ..but since nothing much was said about it only that it wouldnt cause any problems & together with a few advisory bits to be done one of which was a leaking injector valve ~ now remember i said leaky~ (which was no problem because I have a mate that is a fully qualified mechanic that was going to do it for me but it had been fine up until that point) we assumed everything was ok as thats what we had been led to believe . 26th April I put £20 diesel in the car which took it up to almost half a tank as we were going out, car was fine nothing out of the ordinary we came home parked up left it til around mid afternoon the following day and it wouldnt start because we have RAC cover with the warranty we called them out and the nice man checked everything and in the end said it could be the turbo & although that injector isnt helping it isnt causing this but it needs further investigation try charging the battery as theres a loss of pressure we said ok and duly charged the battery which had gone flat due to the amount of times the RAC and I had tried to get it to start. The next day I came home from work (the battery had been taken off charge before I left for work that morning)and tried to start the car and it did, it started but then it revved and revved and revved higher and higher & I honestly thought the engine was going to blow and I wasnt even touching the accelerator and there was white smoke coming out of the exhaust, my friend noticed oil started coming out from under the engine and one of my kids said its coming out the exhaust so i took the key out of the ignition and it kept going!! I had to stall the car to get it to stop and promptly called RAC out again and when a different chap turned up and we told him what had happened he went right through it and said sounds like your turbo has gone and it needs to go in to be repaired.this before we said anything about what the guy the night before had said.. so arrangements were made for them (RAC) to pick the car up the following day (29th april) and be took back to CC. We tried to get through a couple days later no luck, and it took until the 8th May for someone to answer the phone and in the 9 days they had had the car all they had done was change the glo plugs because they were burnt out which I said yes thats what the RAC bloke said would happen because of the turbo,,CC said theres nothing wrong with the turbo I asked if they had looked they said no but we would know (!!) righto then..their next nugget of info was that "someone" had filled the car up with petrol I said well I know it wasnt us as it had 1/4 tank diesel in it when it left here on the back of an RAC truck,no no no you put the petrol in it I have a sample here you come and get it (uh I dont have a car and in the amount of time the car was there that sample could have come from anywhere) I went to the filling station saw the manager he said he can get us proof it was diesel we put in and how much, I even asked my bank to verify the time and date and which of our cards was used to pay for the fuel and it all tallies up and I pointed out that the pumps have diff sized nozzles so you cant put the wrong fuel in and 2 RAC mechanics can verify this as per their reports which they sent us copies of stating that the using of the correct fuel is one of the first things they check. We had a lot of trouble getting in touch with CC, the service manager kept saying one thing then anotherand constantly contradicting himself, that was when he could be bothered to return our calls,he said my car wasnt important as they have others booked in so will get to it "as and when". We are now 9 months without a car, a car thats sitting under tarp on my drive, a car im still having to pay for! I have been in touch with the CAB/Trading Standards AND CC complaints because aside from everything else I want someone who will agree that in the almost 3 wks I was without a car they did maybe 3 things to it and told us they were doing us a favour is unacceptable because this guy truly was a law unto himself! He lied, hes been rude to my wife and he wouldnt give me a straight answer just told me im looking at a big bill.. Trading Standards said they couldnt help so suggested the Ombudsman whom we got in touch with and I had to provide copies of all correspondance between ourselves and CC and Creation. CC Head office told us that they couldnt give a fig and to remove the car asap(which we did must to the surprise of dealership as head office hadnt told them that they had told us to collect car so the condition the car was in in their workshop 9months ago is the same condition it is in now) & Creation backed CC though I suspect that was because they put a lot of work their way. Today I called the Ombudsman to see what was happening to be told they cannot do anything about CarCraft just Creation..well technically Creation havent done anything other than side with these liars but I cannot and will not let this go,there has to be some way to make these jokers pay for the damage they caused.wilful deliberate damage at that because they knew that damage due to the wrong fuel would render the warranty that cost me an extra grand useless!
  12. Dear all I have bought a car at Carcraft and it came with 12 months free warranty. VW 5 years old, 35000 mileage so very low. I drove 10000 miles since I bought it. 7 months down the line- there are faults within the gearbox. RAC got the car back to Carcraft and they diagnosed and confirmed gearbox faults. The gearbox got removed from the car and sent back for warranty inspection. They asked an independent inspector to look at it who advised that the faults were due to wear and tear rather than mechanical faults. Carcraft garage though insists that all gearbox problems are mechanical- not wear and tear. Carcraft warranty department refused warranty claim but Carcraft garage disagrees. Either way - I don't have a car and think that it is a warranty claim as the gearbox is not a wear and tear item. However- if it not a warranty claim then the garage has sold me a car with an existing fault- considering age and mileage of the car. Any thoughts or advise?? Many thanks.
  13. I bought a car from CARCRAFT 14 months ago- I have purchased a @DRIVE HAPPY " warranty and paid £1000 for this! Gear box is knackered in my 3 year old car - that I've owned 14 months! And guess what ... They are not paying out... And guess why .... Wear and tear! I was sold this warranty by being took into a back room by a woman - she told me that she had recently had lots of problems with her car and the warranty covered everything!!! She insisted this warranty was amazing best money could buy for " peace of mind!" I am now told that it doesn't cover the gearbox of my 3 year old car that I have had for 14 months ! Because ...... It's wear and tear...., they have a "fairs fair policy" does anyone think that this is fair ??? I have seen my MP today who has asked for documentation from CARCRAFT LIVERPOOL - went down guess what .. . They can't give it to me - I have to write in!!! I am a single mum with 21 month old twins. I have been without my car for 15 days now . They have told me that I can come and collect it but .. The engine is hanging out!! The gearbox is in bits !! And the suspension is not connected!! If I do wish to come and collect my car in bits then I will have to pay near £500 pound for the pleasure ... . Because they want paying this amount for taking out the gearbox to be inspected . . FOR THEIR WARRANTY COMPANY. And for the inspection to be done!!!! Alternatively .. I can give them £1300 to repair the gearbox and get my car back . I should have known better when the first car I bought from them broke down as I drove out the showroom on the east lancs road with my two babies then 6 months old but tiny having been 2 months premature ! I was stranded with the babies !! Then the next day changed it for this one!!! Now this one is not fit for purpose nor has it lasted a reasonable length of time . . As per statutory rights and sales of goods act 1979. Please think about this if you are considering buying from this company !!
  14. Hi, my daughter went to car craft lastnight. She looked at a car she liked so decided to put her old car in for part ex, she filled out all the papers for finance and she was accepted she brought the new car home last night. When she told me she was paying £5,000 on top of the cars price which was £8,000 after a night thinking she realised it was a lot of money, I said can you not cancel take the car back, when she phoned carcraft this morning they said she could cancel the finance, and try and get a bank loan for the amount of the car, but there is no way she can take the car back, is this right is there no cooling off period where she, can take the car back and get her old one back,
  15. Hello, I'd really appreciate some advice please, I have tried to put it down and learn from my foolishness but I can't. I still feel extremely upset about the whole experience and I don't want other people to feel as conned, upset and be as out of pocket as me. So now I've stopped feeling sad, I'm all like eye of the tiger(ess) and want to do something about it, fight to the death and all that. I just don't know where to actually start and if I even have a decent case that's worth pursuing. I did call call head office but was told to complain in writing, I didn't get a reply. Less than a year ago, I called in at Carcraft Sheffield with a friend to have a look around and ended up being pressurised to trade in my 05 plate mini cooper in (approx private sale value 4.5 to 5k, they said they would give me 3500 for my mini) against a 08 plate mini clubman, I felt it was a good trade in price) It was a Sunday afternoon and they went all out laying on the pressure to make a deal there and then, arranging finance and baffling me with numbers, crossing them out and lowering the amount per month, cutting aprs deals and today only special % rates. They were like hand magicians and there was 2 and at times 3 of them, all advising me what a brilliant deal they could offer me today. I kept saying i would come back and with every excuse i made or concern about taking finance out and looking around was met with assurances of such a great deal, with finance being verbally approved based on a credit check (which i knew I would pass) I was given lower monthly payments figures and needless to say I ended up buying the car. Seven months later I went back to Carcraft to trade it in against something with more power as i had started commuting daily to leeds and was told my car was worth 5k, they sold it me for £11,499.00 and with my car as deposit, took out finance for £815.67, when I tried to trade it in, I still owed £6,500 on the finance. How can a car go down in value by over 6 thousand pounds in just under 7 months? what shall I or can I do? cheers and NB.I have now traded the car in as it only just scraped passing it's MOT, it had a massive list of problems that would need thousand of pounds worth of repairs doing, I was given 5k trade in for it (same as car craft offered but they didn't see the MOT before I'd signed up otherwise they said they would have only given me £3,400) against a 15k golf and I had to pay the negative finance off. Plus, all the paperwork they gave me had the wrong figures
  16. Hi all, I am in great need of help. I bought a car from Carcraft in March and since then it stayed more then a month in the garage and it had to be returned 3 times for problems like radio unit faulty, brakes faulty, cam chain distorting the superior part of the engine and now has an oil leak plus is not safe to drive as the engine light is on. In a nut shell I have a car (09) which I can't use but I am still paying the finance. The communication with Carcraft representatives is dreadful as no one wants to speak with us. tHey are passing us to GM then costumer services then to service manager. We have contacted the finance company and thy are very helpful. Ani one had this problem before with Carcraft ? If yes how did you solve it? I will appreciate if someone can advice. Thank you.
  17. Hi all, My husband bought a car from Carcraft just over 2 years ago and had the 5 year warranty tagged on, despite the garage being a good hour's drive away, we have dutifully taken it there for each service. It was last services around a month ago and we were informed there were some minor things such as a tyre etc. Two weeks after the service, the "exhaust fault" light flashes up on the dashboard and the car judders when the brake is applied. Being too worried to drive the car over the dartford crossing in case it konked out halfway, we asked Carcraft if we could use our local garage and bill them? They agreed to get a quote from the local garage for which we had to pay £50 upfront, when the garage said they needed to run more diagnostic tests, Carcraft suddenly sent RAC down the next morning to check it out. Days went by and we received no update from Cc and we had to ring daily for updates (for which there were none!). After two weeks and 2 days of the car sitting in their garage, we're told that it's the timing chain and that it's not under the warranty and we'll have to pay £750 to fix it (parts and labour). Having spoken to customer services we are directed to look in the handbook where it says the guarantee excludes "ancillary drive belts" and that is why they cannot cover it. Now I'm no mechanic but I could guess that a timing chain had nothing to do with ancillary drive belts and asked a mechanic friend to confirm this, which he did. He also said that they are not considered a "wear and tear" item and very rarely need to be changed in the lifetime of a car. I'm struggling with why this claim had been declined, surely the mechanic knows the difference between the two parts, what is and what isn't covered? We tried to re contact customer services but told that if we want to dispute the claim we have to put it in writing, which I have done but takes 7-10 working days. Considering the car has already been sitting in their garage for the last 2+ Weeks the idea of potentially waiting another 2 weeks is completely ridiculous, especially as I'm a midwife/health visitor and need the car, I'm really struggling. If anyone has any tips to help, if be eternally grateful...
  18. Hi We have a problem with Carcraft and their Drive Happy warranty. We bought a vehicle from Carcraft at Trafford around 18 months go. We were sold a 5 year Drive Happy warranty, partly because we were told we could take the car to Trafford if there were any problems. We had the 6 month service and were told they did not accept cars for servicing at Trafford and we would have to go to either Liverpool or Rochdale. In this event Carcraft allowed us to take the car to Trafford and they took it to the service centre, however we were told this was to be a one off and in future we would have to take the vehicle to the service centre ourselves. Late last year we took the car to the Rochdale centre with a problem with the central locking. In short some of the doors were not responding and could only be unlocked from the inside. Carcraft told us there were no apparent reasons and that was that. Today my other half took the car again to Rochdale for servicing and MOT. The MOT was carried out and she was told the car had failed due to the issue with the central locking. We have been told this is not covered by the Drive Happy warranty as we should have had the car serviced about 3 weeks ago. Having read the T&C of the Drive Happy agreement it states your local franchise dealer will advise when your service is due.. At the time of signing the agreement we were not advised of this. It may be that we are at fault for not servicing the vehicle 3 weeks ago, however we had highlighted the problem with Carcraft at least 6 months ago and they refused to accept there was any problem with the doors, despite them not opening or locking except from inside the car. Any advice please, except don't buy from Carcraft, we have worked that one out for ourselves. Thanks
  19. where to start we bought a fiesta eco 1.6tdi based on advice given by carcraft, initially my wife didnt like the car too much as its a bit barren and obviously a very low spec but she was swayed by promises of 75 mpg and nil road tax. after almost a week of driving and shockingly seeing 50 mpg at most she decided she wasnt going to put up with the lack of goodies and get less mpg than my 2.0 diesel so she returned and advised she wanted to exchange, that was 3 weeks ago, since then we have had lies promises excuses more lies and now have 2 credit agreements with BH for 2 cars one of which is still in the showroom. simple question carcraft have now had almost 4 weeks to resolve this and still no resolution in sight, my wife was literally grilled by both salespeople and an operations manager about the reasons she wanted to exercise her "no quibble" right to swap, in the end she lost it and advised the reason didnt matter but it was her choice. After all this time and 2 official complaints from BH are we within our rights to claim breach of contract as they have failed to exchange in a reasonable timescale? The Micky mouse second finance deal which seems to be a common theme was apparently used as a deposit without our knowledge on the first car and is classed as a personal loan what happens with that if we do in fact return the car under a breach of contract? BH were very interested in that little morsal when we told them about it too
  20. Hello, I foolishly bought a large car yesterday from Carcraft, so today I went back to do the 7 day exchange, however they have told me they have to wait for Black Horse finance to return the money (or something along those lines) and that it could take 2 or 3 days. Now, it's the bank holiday weekend and this puts it at potentially Tuesday or Wednesday next week, i.e. right at the end of my exchange window. I'm wondering whether this "2 or 3 days" to get the finance resorted with Black Horse is normal or whether they are trying to screw me around so that I can't swap cars. The car I have seen to exchange it for is cheaper, and I've told them I will pay the cash to get it instead of taking out another finance policy. They have told me until Black Horse gets sorted, they can't take the car I bought yesterday back nor give me the new one. Is this normal? I messed them around a little bit which I've apologized for but I'm uneasy at whether they are trying to con me out of the exchange in some sort of revenge. I have rung them several times and been assured it's all fine, etc. but obviously they would say that, any third-party advice or the Carcraft Customer Service people that can kind of advise on this would be much appreciated. I also offered to pay a deposit on the new car (it's currently being used as a company car by someone in their showroom), which they said I didn't need to pay.
  21. I bought a car from CarCraft on 29th April 2014. Im happy with the car but i now noticed ive been signed up for a Guarantee package costing over £3500.. The document says i can cancel in 30 days but the fiance document says if i cancel i must pay the full cost of loan back to finance company if cancelled within 14 days! What should i do? I want out of this policy!
  22. Hi all I am asking for a bit of advice. I am currently on a Debt Management Plan (DMP). My credit rating is, non-existent. I needed a car to get to and from work. I went to Carcraft to get a car on finance. The staff at Carcraft appeared to be friendly but put obstacles in the way of every car I wanted. Excuses like, the finance company will not give you finance on that car because of its reliability. The finance will only allow you to have that car over 3 years, etc etc. In the end I was ‘directed’ to a VW MK5 golf estate. This was not my first or second choice but at the end of the day, ‘ beggars cannot be choosers’ as they say. I took possession of the car and it seemed ok. However the next day I noticed some damage to the lower front grill and took it back. Carcraft rejected this saying it was done while in my possession. I couldn’t prove it wasn’t so I ended up accepting it. Then I noticed some rust on the rear tailgate. However Carcraft did put this right. Over the next few weeks I did notice the gearbox was a little stiff to engage the gears at times. As this was intermittent I was convinced the Carcraft would find nothing wrong with it. However 20 months later the engine gave up. It threw a conrod out of the side of the engine. The engine was now a lump of scrap. My local garage stated a repair price of a minimum of £2000. I cannot afford that. I have regularly had the car serviced and have even had the cambelt changed in an effort to keep the car in good condition. I started to do some investigation into the background of the car and found something disturbing. The car had received no services from 31554 miles to 72638 miles. That’s 41084 miles without a service before I purchased the car. In my opinion the damage to the engine started then and manifested itself 20 months after I purchased the car. The car is a 58 plate so it 6 years old. The mileage is high at 89900 but it is my understand this well within the life of a diesel engine. The car is still on finance and I am still paying it. The past week has been very stressful for both myself and my Wife. I am not very good when it comes to disputes and making my point and would like some advice about what I can do with the car and carcraft if anything.
  23. I have had far too many problems with carcraft.. the email below is sent to the cheif executive customer service and my finance company. (ignore grammar or spelling mistakes lol) Dear Noel and any other contact to have received this email. I am going to keep this email short but straight to the point. I will give you as much information for you to get the relevant information. I purchased an Alfa Romeo Mito from you in May 2012, registration of YE09 PXP, to which the tracking was not corrected when promises was made. The car had to come back to you pretty soon, for a week for the tracking to be fixed. I took the car and the repair had not been done. So I took it back to Carcraft in Leeds which they took a look and tried to repair the tracking again. They failed. I was having to call your showroom umpteen times in a week regarding the problem and it could never be fixed. It came to the MOT resulting in the car failing because of a track rod being broke and having excessive wear. This was fixed and passed the MOT but the tracking was not. The cars electrics then started to fail, the windows would not drop properly causing the door not to shut. The windows would drop down and not close at all. Not only that, a extremely loud noise was coming from the engine every time I accelerated. Your service department could not even fix that problem. All they did was oiled the windows up and hoped for the best. Bearing in mind that at least EVERY 4 weeks I was having to change the passenger side tyres because of the tracking. After many of phone calls to your head office, showroom, service department and my finance company, they all agreed that I could rather have a full refund on the payments I had made so far or choose another car. I gave you all the benefit of the doubt and just put it down to the car being faulty. So in July 2013, I changed to a Mini Cooper, registration of DA59 PYZ. Since having this car I have been a happy customer and really liked the car I took. I understand that Carcraft have a certain warranty which I took being the 'Drive Happy Package' meaning that I had to have the car serviced within the first 6 months or 6,000 miles. I booked the Mini in and it had its service which came back fine apart from them having to take the car back as they had massed around with the computer causing the advisory gear change to disappear. Now around three weeks ago the service light came up on the Mini. So I booked the car in on Tuesday the 28th January 2014 to have the light turned off. This was fine, again apart from the advisory gear change disappearing. The following week and half, a light bulb warning light appears on my dash board warning me that a bulb has gone out. I checked all the bulbs, wires and even replaced them. This was not the problem as the light was on everytime I started up the car. The service light has come on again advising me that a service is due in so many miles. So I had booked the car to go back in for the service light to be switched back off and the light bulb warning light to be checked tomorrow 12/02/2014 at 15:30pm. As I collected my partner from work last night 10/02/2014, a RED warning light appeared on the screen along with a picture of my mini on ramps advising me that I need to pull over ASAP and get urgent help. I looked at the book for the car and it explains that it is the electronics of the car have failed and not to drive the car. I am sure if you take a look back at all the notes of my previous car the amount of times I have been back and forth for the car to be fixed, this is the VERY last thing that I need having a new car from you. I called your head office and spoke to a very unpleasant, unprofessional, arrogant man. He would not have my car booked in earlier tomorrow nor would he let me explain anything without him butting in and being arrogant with me. I asked to speak to meghan as she is the one I have dealt with through out the appalling service I have received and still receiving. I was told that I was not allowed to speak to her until I have spoken to this man. In the end, my car is booked in tomorrow at half past eight in the morning and I would receive a phone call from Meghan. In the meantime, I was on the phone to my finance company explaining what has gone on in the past and what is still happening. They have advised me that I should ask you and your finance department to get the ball rolling in regards to a full refund. I had to call back up five hours later to speak to Meghan to which she was so upset for me knowing what I have been though with the previous car. I have explained to her that I am not going through all of this again and that I am wanting to go for the full refund option. I am to await the outcome tomorrow for the car to then decide what to do. I just want to make you aware that having this problem now happen to me on my second car, that I am not a very happy or satisfied customer. The goods are faulty which are within your 12 Month guarantee. I have also been in contact again with trading standards and they are going to look further into your company to resolve the sale of faulty goods. They have also advised me to spend under £100 to take you to the small claims court to get the full refund back. You are the last resort and I want this sorting. Along with some form of compensation having all the troubles I have had with the cars from your company and your company in general. I am extremely in utter disgust at the whole situation and I am wanting the full refund along with a good compensation. I expect a reply back from you by the end of tomorrow 12/02/1014 with a resolution to the problems I have had. I have also sent this to Carcraft Customer Services along with my finance team (Hayley Boyes and Charlotte) SINCE THEN... I rang the RAC out to come tow the car to carcraft as I did not want to risk driving it on the motorway to carcraft. Although being advised by meghan at head office if the car seems ok to drive then theres no need to tow it, just dont use it excessively. RAC got in contact with carcraft which they told the mechanic not to tow the car, just to find out the problem and fix it on the road side. Which i was NOT impressed with!! So i had to drive a faulty car, not known to me nor any other driver on the road what could of happened if the electrics had failed whilst driving at a high speed constant flowing pace. I arrived at carcraft in leeds and asked to speak to the manager. I got the service manager. So I had a rant with him telling him I am not happy that I am having to come again because of another fault on another car, to which i gave them the benefit of the doubt previously by taking the new car. I then walked into the showroom and I had it out with the manager, who was very rude, arrogant and unhelpful. I WARN YOU ALL.. DO NOT EVER GET A CAR FROM CARCRAFT!!! AS SOON AS I RECEIVE MY FULL REFUND I WILL NOT BE SETTING FOOT IN THAT PLACE AGAIN!!!! I WILL BE SEEKING LEGAL ADVICE AS I HAVE ALREADY HAD THE SAY SO FROM TRADING STANDARDS AND THE HIGH COURT THAT THIS CLAIM WILL PASS WITH FLYING COLOURS..
  24. Hi all, Purchased a car from Carshaft on the 21st Nov this year and looking at my online bank statement I seen a payment thats gone out to Premium First. On further checking with my bank its associated to Creation Consumer Finance Ltd and Carshaft sorry Carcraft. At the point of sale at Carshaft the sales guy stated that due to my finacial history they could not get the full cost of the car so a 2nd agreement has been taken out to cover the shortfall, this we accepted and signed for and at the point of sales the sales guy said to me and the misses that all warrenties are free etc etc. Now we find out that Carshaft have made us sign an agreement making out its a top up loan but thats not the case, we have not received any paperwork or any agreements at all for this crafty, con way of doing business. I've called the complaints dept at Carshaft and they said they cannot and will not do anything about it because its gone over the 14 days cancellation period and they have signed agreements stating we accepted them. Carshaft at Newport also say they cannot and will not do anything about it and Im pi$$ off and tempted to go to Newport with a baseball bat just for the fun of it. How can they be allowed to get away with faulsly selling a unsecured load makeing out its a top up and in fact its for a warrenty we did not want or agree to at the point of sale but we signed because we thought it was just a top up load for the full price of the car and the sale guy said that. Im fuming and ready to baseball bat that sales guys knee's I can tell you. Anyone willing to help. PS, They never gave us any signed agreement at the point of sale and the only agreements we have are 2 copies of the same one for the car itself. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  25. Purchased a 2010 vw passat cc on 17/01/14 from carcraft west midlands, Pushy salesmen left right and centre! On arrival was asked my budget, to which i said "£250 a month maximum" Found the car i liked and the salesman said "this could be in budget" Sat down and went threw the figures and total to pay each month as £285 which i could stretch to as i love the car. 1 hour later a different salesman ( im guessing was the finance guy) told me that there was a condition of getting finance which was they want the car serviced for the duration of the finance so there fore i need the "drive happy package" Ive had a car on finance before and never heard of such a thing, Asked him what was included and he said that id never have to worry about services or mot's again, any work that needs doing is covered by the warranty, that i could take the car to my local garage (i have a vw specialist round the corner that service my audi s3) and he would be payed by this package, Sounds great, so i thought! Read the paperwork that covers (at home as i wasnt given 2 minutes to read any paperwork in the showroom, let alone to make a phonecall for some advice!) this package and it covers absolutly nothing that is tested on an mot that can fail! Its a joke! Its cost me £2660 for 5 years, and odds are carcraft are going to charge me through the nose for used reconditioned cheap blue print parts (this is actually on the terms and conditions!) I want my money back as i was mislead into it by the salesmen! How can i go about this? Any help is much apreciated
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