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  1. Hi there i need a bit of advice please, i bought a car from carcraft 27 months ago and am looking to VT when the 50% mark is up, i have just been looking over my Docs as i am shocked by the settlement figure i have just had from them, on the Docs it shows a Document Fee and a option to purchase fee that i am being charged interest on is this allowed? I really dont understand how i managed to get myself into this, the car was only 7800, i paid 1100 deposit and have paid so far 5300 back yet i still owe 5600 to them as a settlement fee! bonkers think a le
  2. Hi Guys In 2012 I purchased a car through Carcraft over a 5 year agreement. When signing up, I also paid around £2000 extra for their Drive Happy Package which included MOT's, Services, and RAC Cover for 5 years. Now they have gone bust I've been told they are no longer honouring the package. I was due for my "free" service next Monday. Where do I stand? Do i just have to suck it up or can i possibly reclaim something? Thanks for any help.
  3. Hi All, A while since I have needed your help, here I am again! My wife purchased a car from Carcraft on finance 2 weeks ago, practically the day before they went into administration. The finance was approved via GMAC (Conditional Sale Agreement) and we drove the car away that evening having paid £100 deposit. Carcraft filled in the V5 listing my partner as the owner and told us they would send this off. Obviously we now know Carcraft have gone bust and have appointed Grant Thornton as administrators. Our assumption was the finance agreement would stand and that we
  4. As we've looked at previous PPI claim possibilities we have also looked at earlier loans that were paid off using newer loans, something we should never have done, but this was all pre CAG My wife bought a car at Carcraft Sheffield in March 2002. She was pressured into buying by the salesmen who messed her about for ages saying they were having problems getting finance for her. Familiar story now I've read a few threads on here about them. Eventually she was offered a deal where they would reduce the cost of the car to help her get the finance needed (big of them !) and she signed a
  5. Heard this on LBC news last night, and here it is... http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/carcraft-closure-thousands-motorists-left-9157732 unsurprising given their customer service. Perhaps Arnold Shark are next!
  6. Carcraft closure: 500 jobs to go at second-hand car dealer The company has 10 showrooms around the UK The second-hand car company Carcraft is to close, with the loss of about 500 jobs. The dealership, based in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, has 10 showrooms around the country. Carcraft is the UK's seventh-largest second-hand car chain, selling more than 12,000 used vehicles a year, administrators said. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-32538820
  7. Hi, We recently bought a vehicle from Carcraft. We had the usual Mis-haps with being called back to sign paperwork they'd forgotten etc - but that's not the issue. We recently had the car MOT'd at their Radcliffe branch, and there were a few advisories. Some of those indicated rust, and also a leak (I think transmission fluid?) The car has been used for a month since this, and then - yep - you guessed it, engine management light came on. I pulled over immediately, and contacted them. They wanted me to take it to Radcliffe - which is a fair drive - and I wasn't prepared
  8. Hi, I recently purchased a 2nd hand diesel car with 50k miles on the clock on finance from CarCraft Chertsey on 27th April 2014, got it MOT'd by CarCraft on 18th November (as they were unable to do service at the same time), and then serviced after 6 months / 6k miles as per the warranty requirements by CarCraft Chertsey (25th November 2014 earliest appointment that CarCraft had when called in September), and now after 7 months the car has had "catastrophic" engine failure to the point it is unusable on the road, no power, plumes of white smoke pouring out the back
  9. Hi all, I've had a good google around for an answer but seems to be misleading. I purchased a car from the lovely Carcraft and had this drive happy guarantee pushed on me which at the time seemed like the wise thing to do. I've since come to the point where it really isn't cost effective for me to drive from my home in Macclesfield to either Liverpool or Rochdale for a car service, As such I'm yet to get the car serviced at all and have now paid roughly 6/7 payments at £50 a go. Is there a way out of this contract?
  10. Hello guys, I am sorry two questions in one post I feel they are related and can be answered together. Question one. After 9 months and £13,000 of legal expenses. 2 barristers, 3 solicitors, 2 high court visits and 2 tribunal visits, my friend has won against the local council. They wanted him to pay £3600 in council tax and his argument was the tenant was responsible 8 years after the event. All contracts, letters and recorded delivery slips which he used to inform the council were kept. He won the case out right. Now a lot of people are telling him you
  11. We had so much grief with carCraft. We brought a zafira from lakeside CC Jan 2013 and within weeks it developed a fault and because we had paid for the warranty it was taken in for repair on the back of an RAC truck, we paid for a weeks worth of hire car,got the call to come collect the car and I got halfway down the M25 when I had to turn around and take the car back as the fault was still there! CC refused a loan car at first and we had to fight for one but they came good eventually and paid for one for a week and as if by magic my car was fixed! on April 17th
  12. Dear all I have bought a car at Carcraft and it came with 12 months free warranty. VW 5 years old, 35000 mileage so very low. I drove 10000 miles since I bought it. 7 months down the line- there are faults within the gearbox. RAC got the car back to Carcraft and they diagnosed and confirmed gearbox faults. The gearbox got removed from the car and sent back for warranty inspection. They asked an independent inspector to look at it who advised that the faults were due to wear and tear rather than mechanical faults. Carcraft garage though insists that all gearbox
  13. I bought a car from CARCRAFT 14 months ago- I have purchased a @DRIVE HAPPY " warranty and paid £1000 for this! Gear box is knackered in my 3 year old car - that I've owned 14 months! And guess what ... They are not paying out... And guess why .... Wear and tear! I was sold this warranty by being took into a back room by a woman - she told me that she had recently had lots of problems with her car and the warranty covered everything!!! She insisted this warranty was amazing best money could buy for " peace of mind!" I am now told that it doesn't cover the
  14. Hi, my daughter went to car craft lastnight. She looked at a car she liked so decided to put her old car in for part ex, she filled out all the papers for finance and she was accepted she brought the new car home last night. When she told me she was paying £5,000 on top of the cars price which was £8,000 after a night thinking she realised it was a lot of money, I said can you not cancel take the car back, when she phoned carcraft this morning they said she could cancel the finance, and try and get a bank loan
  15. Hello, I'd really appreciate some advice please, I have tried to put it down and learn from my foolishness but I can't. I still feel extremely upset about the whole experience and I don't want other people to feel as conned, upset and be as out of pocket as me. So now I've stopped feeling sad, I'm all like eye of the tiger(ess) and want to do something about it, fight to the death and all that. I just don't know where to actually start and if I even have a decent case that's worth pursuing. I did call call head office but was told to complain in writing, I didn'
  16. Hi all, I am in great need of help. I bought a car from Carcraft in March and since then it stayed more then a month in the garage and it had to be returned 3 times for problems like radio unit faulty, brakes faulty, cam chain distorting the superior part of the engine and now has an oil leak plus is not safe to drive as the engine light is on. In a nut shell I have a car (09) which I can't use but I am still paying the finance. The communication with Carcraft representatives is dreadful as no one wants to speak with us. tHey are passing us to GM then costum
  17. Hi all, My husband bought a car from Carcraft just over 2 years ago and had the 5 year warranty tagged on, despite the garage being a good hour's drive away, we have dutifully taken it there for each service. It was last services around a month ago and we were informed there were some minor things such as a tyre etc. Two weeks after the service, the "exhaust fault" light flashes up on the dashboard and the car judders when the brake is applied. Being too worried to drive the car over the dartford crossing in case it konked out halfway, we asked Carcraft if we could use o
  18. Hi We have a problem with Carcraft and their Drive Happy warranty. We bought a vehicle from Carcraft at Trafford around 18 months go. We were sold a 5 year Drive Happy warranty, partly because we were told we could take the car to Trafford if there were any problems. We had the 6 month service and were told they did not accept cars for servicing at Trafford and we would have to go to either Liverpool or Rochdale. In this event Carcraft allowed us to take the car to Trafford and they took it to the service centre, however we were told this was to be a one off and i
  19. where to start we bought a fiesta eco 1.6tdi based on advice given by carcraft, initially my wife didnt like the car too much as its a bit barren and obviously a very low spec but she was swayed by promises of 75 mpg and nil road tax. after almost a week of driving and shockingly seeing 50 mpg at most she decided she wasnt going to put up with the lack of goodies and get less mpg than my 2.0 diesel so she returned and advised she wanted to exchange, that was 3 weeks ago, since then we have had lies promises excuses more lies and now have 2 credit agreem
  20. Hello, I foolishly bought a large car yesterday from Carcraft, so today I went back to do the 7 day exchange, however they have told me they have to wait for Black Horse finance to return the money (or something along those lines) and that it could take 2 or 3 days. Now, it's the bank holiday weekend and this puts it at potentially Tuesday or Wednesday next week, i.e. right at the end of my exchange window. I'm wondering whether this "2 or 3 days" to get the finance resorted with Black Horse is normal or whether they are trying to screw me around so that I can't swap cars.
  21. I bought a car from CarCraft on 29th April 2014. Im happy with the car but i now noticed ive been signed up for a Guarantee package costing over £3500.. The document says i can cancel in 30 days but the fiance document says if i cancel i must pay the full cost of loan back to finance company if cancelled within 14 days! What should i do? I want out of this policy!
  22. Hi all I am asking for a bit of advice. I am currently on a Debt Management Plan (DMP). My credit rating is, non-existent. I needed a car to get to and from work. I went to Carcraft to get a car on finance. The staff at Carcraft appeared to be friendly but put obstacles in the way of every car I wanted. Excuses like, the finance company will not give you finance on that car because of its reliability. The finance will only allow you to have that car over 3 years, etc etc. In the end I was ‘directed’ to a VW MK5 golf estate. This was not my fir
  23. I have had far too many problems with carcraft.. the email below is sent to the cheif executive customer service and my finance company. (ignore grammar or spelling mistakes lol) Dear Noel and any other contact to have received this email. I am going to keep this email short but straight to the point. I will give you as much information for you to get the relevant information. I purchased an Alfa Romeo Mito from you in May 2012, registration of YE09 PXP, to which the tracking was not corrected when promises was made. The car had to come back to you pretty soon, for a week for
  24. Hi all, Purchased a car from Carshaft on the 21st Nov this year and looking at my online bank statement I seen a payment thats gone out to Premium First. On further checking with my bank its associated to Creation Consumer Finance Ltd and Carshaft sorry Carcraft. At the point of sale at Carshaft the sales guy stated that due to my finacial history they could not get the full cost of the car so a 2nd agreement has been taken out to cover the shortfall, this we accepted and signed for and at the point of sales the sales guy said to me and the misses that all warrenties are free et
  25. Purchased a 2010 vw passat cc on 17/01/14 from carcraft west midlands, Pushy salesmen left right and centre! On arrival was asked my budget, to which i said "£250 a month maximum" Found the car i liked and the salesman said "this could be in budget" Sat down and went threw the figures and total to pay each month as £285 which i could stretch to as i love the car. 1 hour later a different salesman ( im guessing was the finance guy) told me that there was a condition of getting finance which was they want the car serviced for the duration of the finance so there fore i need the "dri
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