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Found 14 results

  1. Hello hope someone can offer some advice. I brought a bike using a e voucher with halfords. I brought it for my son, but he doesn't like the one I have brought, It is brand new and boxed, as I thought he would enjoy putting together himself too. I took it back to halfords and asked for a credit note/voucher so he can come in when he was ready to choose for himself, I should just add he is autistic and does not like to be rushed and likes to take he's own time on things. But It is under a week old too. They said I couldn't, as there is nothing wrong with it, I understand, but it is still
  2. H My car is not very well, struggling at low speed but if you can get it up to 40 and it goes well enough, anyway took it into Halfords to put the diagnostic machine on it and they said it was plugs and somthing to do with co2. they quoted 274 pounds for the repair. Had a phone call saying that when they were taking one of the plugs out and it shatterd all over the engine and to strip it down further it would cost another 500 pounds on top of this making it around 800 pounds. So told them the car is to old to spend all that money on it and they say that they want 279 pounds to release
  3. Hi, Everyone, first off, apologies if this is in the 'wrong' place, but was really unsure where to post this. step son purchased a bike from Halford back in Feb this year (2017) for £750, not a small sum, he has experienced a few issues, but more recently, he has been having issues with 'loose' pedal arm/spindle, I am not sure what the technical term is, the bits that go through the frame and the pedals are attached to! Well this part has become loose, he has been in a couple of times to have it tightened up, again today he had to take it in, the guy tha
  4. I’m looking for some advice on a recent issue I have had with Halfords with regards to a road bike. This had started with a dispute over the quality of work done as part of a service plan, eventually resolved by taking to an independent bike repair shop. Ultimately, I accepted a refund of the cost of the additional work required, but informed them that I was still unhappy with various other issues they were unwilling to resolve. I was informed that a manager would call 4 times, which never transpired, though I believe the whole issue would have been resolved if th
  5. I don't want to go into a 1000 word essay so I've tried to summarise this down into valid points and be as brief but detailed as possible. On 24th December 2014, I visited Halfords and purchased engine oil 5L bottle and engine oil top up service. When the gentlemen from the 'we fit' team came to my car he just had a orange pouring beaker and nothing else. On pouring the engine oil into the vehicle and inspecting the dipstick I was slightly alarmed that the staff member wasn't using any measuring device and was seeming freely pouring at his hearts content, I decided to take a
  6. I have everything with the aa, roadside relay onward travel and breakdown. Car is serviced regularly too. The car is adapted to carry a ventilated child, thus the reason for the over the top cover. We had to call them on Saturday as we traveled to pick our son up from the hospital, we also had another disabled child in the car. Response time 24 minutes. - Bike AA rider. Nice guy took 3 trips to the shop for parts to fix, Sadly not resolved. 1.5 hours now sat on main dual carriageway with no pavement. Relay arranged and AA gave choice, pay up front with a VAT registered
  7. I have a 2012 Chrysler 300C which developed a rumbling in the front brakes in September last year. I took it into Halfords Auto Centre Nottingham whom diagnosed warped rotors. The car at this time had done 25K miles. They changed the rotors and pads, my warranty covered the cost bar the first £100. My outlay was circa £100. Roll forward to last week, the issue raised its head again. I took it back to Halfords asserting that although the replacement was 1 month outside their warranty, the car had only done 9K miles since the new rotors were fitted and asked that they replace them FO
  8. Hi, I bought a 4 year old Citroen C4 Grand Picasso mid June 2014 with 19k on the clock from a reputable dealer with an up to date MOT certificate (June 2014). Mid July 2014 a small Halfords near where I work fitted a Sony stereo that they sold me, and on the way home I noticed some of my peripheral electrics (air con, fans) were not working. I rang the store and they gave me the run around, so I rang another local store (nearer home) that is bigger (with more helpful staff), and they agreed to repair it for me, using the Autocentre attached. I had the car back, with the factory issue o
  9. Hi Caggers Heres my problem, I got a bike last weekend from Halfords on the cycle to work scheme, I got my bike and it seemed fine, but when i rode it only down my road, i niticed the suspension seemed to be alot softer than it was (should). So my question is, am I entitled to an exchange for another bike? I have searched forums and I cant seem to find a answer. Please Help
  10. hi folks, purchased a battery from halfords about 2.5 yrs ago, a maintenance free starter power with 3 yr warranty on it, for my van which i have owned less than 3 yrs, the battery it replaced was the original battery from when the van was registered on the road, however it's not holding a charge and customer services said it's not a problem i dont have receipt, just bring it along to my nearest store, on getting there i was informed that it was not covered by the warranty as the machine said that it was either undercharged or overcharged, which i can figure
  11. I am so disappointed with the service I had from your Auto Centre in Leckwith, Cardiff and the management team at Halfords head office. I was advised that to take action against your Company would be a waste of time as it would cost me a fair bit of money in the end. Halfords Auto Centre has it customer over a barrel. So in the interest of the general public, I intend to communicate my situation to as many people as possible, along with the service you Company give me and the lack of customer care you provided. To this end I do intend to be fair, giving all the information and Halfords res
  12. Hi, I have a Halfords battery that I bought brand new in late 2009. I remember I paid cash for it and put the receipt aside in what I thought was a safe place. I now can't seem to find the receipt as I need it to return the battery as it is completely DEAD. It came with a 5 year warrenty as it says so on the side of the battery. I have two cars, one a Golf TDI which I use for daily commute and the other a Volvo for which this battery was in. I would only use the Volvo a few times a month but I wouldn't have expected the battery to die after a year or so of using it on and off.
  13. We took Halfords to SCC regarding a faulty sat nav purchased 18months ago which they refuse to budge on offering repair/replacement. Halfords PLC issued an acknowledgment of service on 13/12/2011. They still haven't responded as of today which is over the 28days stipulated. I was just wondering, is it OK to request judgement or do I have to wait 28 working days? This has been really dragging on & just want to get it sorted - hence the question. Any advice appreciated. M
  14. Hello, my son bought a bike from halfords, he reserved it online and asked them to assemble it in store. After he had paid for it and he had begun riding home the handle bars came loose and he lost control of the bike, he was close to the road and crashed then a car nearly hit him. The bike now has several scratches and my son has a scraped knee which could have been alot worse. The person who assembled the bike obviously did a poor job of it and i want to know what i can do about this.
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