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  1. I think I may not have been clear in my first post. I am au fait with the exchange process and where to advertise and the frustrations which abound. What I want to know is - in this age of bedroom tax - is there any point making an application for a 2 bed property from a 1 bed or will it incur automatic refusal. Thanks, hope that is clearer now.
  2. Can anyone advise please. Does any possibility exist now to exchange from a one bed council property to a 2 bed if the rent is cheaper? Thank you for your help.
  3. a2o


    I paid by credit card, is there any recourse for this amount?
  4. a2o


    Thank you silverfox, I am so worried about being out of pocket here.
  5. a2o


    Hello, I paid £36.99 plus postage which I'd not expected to get back. I don't know about chargebacks, I'm still well within the 30 day return and it's unused but I'm very worried about this lack of communication.
  6. a2o


    Would anyone be able to advise me on this? Thinking to save money on a lot of dental wok I bought the full kit from this company based on many pleased customers reviews. When it arrived and I read the instructions I was unable to use it (this information was not available on the website prior to purchase). They have a 30 day money back guarantee and say you can use it and still return it. There are no instructions about this on any paperwork, website and I tried the phone number which was an answering machine and now says I can't leave a message. I called the customer service number also which I cannot get an answer from now, the first time he said to call 'them', yet I thought this was a one man band and on the customer service number he said he only took orders so I am confused. I have sent 2 emails in the course of a week which they claim to respond to within 24 hours and have heard nothing back. I am worried about being able to get a refund as I don't like this lack of communication. Can anyone advise please. Thank you.
  7. Hello again Tobyjugg2, Thanks for your response. I didn't know one could lose rights using a cc through paypal. They never give me choice but I always guest check out there as well so will look into that. Thanks for the information. Yes, I did know about the exempt items for obtaining refund, I never order that kind of thing online or if I should ever want to will expect not to get money back if there is an issue. I thought I'd explained it but I'll clarify. 2 x items, 1 item £3.25 postage. 2nd item £1.00 Total £4.25 postage. But that's really not important as that was resolved. It's the return of the 2 items I'm struggling with. I feel I'm getting a little away from the issue here. This seller is not one who only communicates through ebay messages, I do not use those sellers. This seller has own website with business details. How did I get a refund? 2 emails, 2 phone messages, dropped in there about paypal could deal with it and heard back like lightening. Have had to try that again with this. They require access to their return form which is only accessible through ebay. My extensive research prior to posting here showed me the new consumer regulations say some sellers have this form to make cancelling easier but it is not necessary for a buyer to use it. There is still the 14 day cooling off period. What I'm concerned with is getting the money refunded. I'm being very cordial with them but it is a concern. Hope that helps.
  8. Hello Tobyjugg2, Thank you for your questions. Yes a UK seller. Selling through ebay as a business seller. Each item £3.25 signed for postage except 2nd item should have been £1.00 for second purchase. That was finally resolved. The consumer contract regulations which replaced distance selling regulations last year state that sellers can ask a return form be filled in but it is not essential to return items as there is still a cooling off period. Paid with cc through paypal guest checkout on ebay. Difficulty getting seller to respond. Cannot open any issues through ebay as no account there. Hope that helps, any further clarity you need please ask.
  9. Hello, I wonder if anyone can help me. I bought 2 items from an ebay seller listed as a business seller. Firstly there was a problem with postage, 2nd item was supposed to be £1.00 postage and was charged full. Wrote a friendly email, no reply, left a friendly phone message and asked if I should go through paypal or if they could sort it. It was sorted the next day. OK, the items are not suitable, I collected from the post office last saturday, seller has a 14 day return policy and insists on a form being filled out via access to an ebay account. No ebay account. Have written 3 polite emails requesting the return, left 2 polite phone messages indicitating said emails are awaiting response. Meanwhile checked the new rules for distance selling, Consumer Contract Regulations. This says that the form requested is to make cancelling easier but does not affect the return of goods. As I used ebay as a guest I can't access the form the seller insists on and have made a request by email 3 times now and twice by phone. So as I understand it I have fulfilled my obligation to alert the seller within the 14 days (day 1 actually) that I want to return the items for a refund. No word from the seller. Any idea how I might proceed with this now to ensure the seller gives me a refund. I am trying to keep things cordial but I am anxious to get the items back and have the money returned to my account. Help much appreciated.
  10. Thank you to both respondents. A further confusion for me is do the same rules apply to dla and esa support as jsa? I find it all so confusing.
  11. Thank you for your response. Yes, more confused now. Say, for example in the case of fletch70 above, a regular amount paid into the bank account from a non resident friend or relative. Does that help clarify the rules? As to your last paragraph I personally find the information provided by those who are in the front lines most helpful, I did not read any negatives into the comments regarding the presence of dwp staff at all. I understand that there are those who blame the messenger but have seen many posts on here welcoming the help from those also affected in implementing the changes. If the first paragraph helps you to clarify an answer I'd be interested in the response.
  12. Thank you for your response, sorry to hear about that. Any of the multiple dwp employees have any further information?
  13. What if someone helps out due to low income? Tax has already been paid and it is a gift? If someone is helping you out.
  14. Thank you Invalidation. I had one many years ago as well, it was fair and understanding. Things have changed so much now I was wondering how the actual experience is currently. I'm not having much luck with personal accounts and I wanted to be prepared for tomorrow as well as I could be so I'm still looking. Thanks for your help everyone.
  15. Yes, I would also like to hear some personal stories if anyone would like to tell me.
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