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  1. I visited car craft on friday 21st nov at 10am. We were greeted by a lovely sales assistant who explained who and what car craft was. After narrowing down our choice of cars we took a few for a test drive. Finally decided on 207 gt. After having decided we talked with sale rep in more detail about the car. At this point I informed him of my job as a care assistant. My job involves a lot of driving from client to client so the mpg on the car was by far the most important thing. He advised us that I was looking at 35-40mpg. Which compared to current car was amazing as I was lucky to get 22mpg. So we signed on the dotted line an drove away happy at 6pm. I put £20 petrol in on way home and a further £20 on the Sunday afternoon. So to say I was surprised when my fuel light came on on Monday night 4pm. is an understatement when I had only done 80 miles. Having talked with my husband we decided it was the way I was driving it. Bit heavy footed he said. So on did a test. I went to the garage and put £42 super unleaded in. My range when up to 250 miles. Following day went to work as normal drove 14 miles in total keeping revs below 2 and my mpg between 35-45. Most the time a lot more 79 at one point. But my range had dropped to 184!! I immediately phoned car craft and the lad said service is closed now call back tomorrow but it sounds like a petrol leek. 10 mins later car craft phone me back asking how I'm getting on with the car. But of a coincidence I think. I then explained again the problems I was having an he told he this is normal for a gt. I said if that's the case ive been sold a car that doesn't suit my needs and I would be bringing the car back to exchange. He said not all finance companies allow the 7 day exchange policy. At no point was I told this. Could anybody please advise me on any of this please
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