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  1. wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong
  2. i wasnt cutting anyone out the letter they sent me clearly states that there is an outstanding balence that is owed to the council and needs to be paid, i paid it to the council. it does not say who i have to pay it to only who i owe it to. and as for the abuse, dx does my head in as i was only looking for advice not 1 part was i tried to be old school. how do i close my account on here ....... has got better advice and higher success
  3. The old dodge, what are you on about, you might be site team, i was mearly asking for advice, and you start saying im old school, all my other posts that i have put on here in the past where you have popped up on, i havnt followed any of your advice, and guess what this is the only out standing debt i have. and why? because i got the right advice of the right people. so you can stick your site and advice right up your corn hole. you clearly are on the side of the system
  4. Its for council tax. There is no more debt to pay, I have paid it all off in full to the council. There was no fees to pay. I don't know the bailiffs name as the letter was sent from their office and signed 'Bailiff enforcement' I payed the council direct because it was them who I owed not Equita. I have proof of payment e.g receipt and bank statement which I have emailed to their office
  5. Hi Caggers Just need a bit of advice, I defaulted on a repayment plan with a bailiff July 2014, they recently sent me a letter saying that there was an outstanding amount of £163.86 that I needed to pay straight away or a bailiff was coming to my house at the weekend. I phoned the council and paid them directly and wiped the debt. When I called the bailiff to tell them that I have paid the balance of in full the lad on the phone said that I have made things worse for myself as I had to pay Equita not the council and that they would not stop the bailiff coming round. Since the call I emailed Equita with proof of payment. If a bailiff came to my property at the weekend, can he charge me their extortionate rate still even thou I have paid and informed them? TIA
  6. dx100uk my new supplier didnt get it of me either nor did anyone come out and get it from the meter, so how whould the new supplier have it? no one has asked for it, and i havnt got a clue how they work correct me if im wrong but if they needed it, then wouldnt they of asked for it in the first place. or are they trying to steal money out of me like energy companies normally do
  7. Hi Caggers The misses has just phoned me to say that we had post and one was from SIGMA DEBT COLLECTORS, Now i'll start saying that debt collector do not worry me in the least, but heres my problem... I was with the energy supplier scottish power, then we changed a few years later to a different company. A couple of months ago scottish power sent me a letter saying that I owe £79.00 for unpaid bill. I called them and stated, how do I owe it when I'm on a pre payment meter. His reply was, when you changed supplier did you give us the meter reading? I said no, because no body asked for it, I wasnt to know thats what I had to do and I wasnt told? My credit ran out on my phone before I could finish the conversation. Now I have a letter of Sigma, but where do I stand, like I said nobody asked me for a meter reading also I wouldnt even know how to get it up on the meter. Advice please Thanks
  8. I havnt sent the letter yet, but just to let you know, the hire company have not phoned me back, so i am prusuming that it is the end of the matter
  9. There were a few that myself and the hirer spotted, I said to him on the phone that we both could of missed it. My inlaw has canceled his card so I'm sure that they cant take the money from his account, but now a bit worried they will come for me for it.
  10. Hi Caggers On the 12th of this month I hired a van online from Flexi hire Burton on Trent, it was to help my brother inlaw move house, so he paid online using his card. On the day I went to collect it and went through the paper work and went over the vehicle to spot all the dents and scratches etc. The weather wasnt to great so some of the smallest chips of paint could of been coverd by rain drops. When I returned it they spotted a chip and said that I must of done it as its not on the paperwork, I know 100% whilst that van was in my possession it did not get hit or knocked etc. The guy said he will be in touch with a quote. When I got home I spoke to my inlaw and I told him to cancel his debit card and told him why. Today the car hire people have called me saying I owe £115 for it, to be honest the damage is the size of a ant. So I'm thinking hes trying it on. Im waiting for him to call me back because I told him about the weather on that day and was going to check. Like I said there is no way I did the damage. So if there is any advice what to do next?
  11. Hi Caggers Just a quick question.. ...I am with payplan which are paying my debts to the original creditors and have been over a year and a half now, i have just had a debt collector letter through my post saying a debt collector is coming round my house tomorrow afternoon to speak about it. i phoned the water company and they stated that payplan have been paying even though they have been told that the offer of payment is not accepted. Is this deemed as harrasment if so what can i do? P.s if the debt collector comes round i will be armed with my camera and a notice of his implies access has been revoked
  12. Hey caggers, heres a update......................they canceled the PCN I wonder why lol
  13. Ok so its been 45 days now, I phoned them and said that they would responed in 35 days they said someone is dealing with the case and will hear something by the end of the week, but i have it in writing that they will responed within 35 days. They defo aint getting a penny from me
  14. has anyone got a template that i could send them staing all this
  15. Thank you very much ericsbrother, I will let you know in due course what happens next mate
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