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Found 14 results

  1. Hi All, On 4-Aug-2017 I test drove VW EOS 2.0 FSI(2006) convertible which has done 67500 from a car dealer in Birmingham. Paid the deposit of 300£ to confirm the same day. Asked him to fix minor things like Covering cigarette holes from seats at a couple of location, changing wheel caps, under bonnet insulation and full valet. Dealer verbally agreed to get this fixed and said he will get the 12 months MOT done as advertised on Autotrader within a couple of days and asked me to transfer remaining amount 3450£ asap. On 5-Aug-2017 I transferred the remaining amount 3450£ (Total = 3750£) on 11-Aug-2017 I got the car from the dealer with the receipt (Offical date of owning the car) saying he couldn't get hold of valet guys so will get it done when I visit him next time. he didn't do anything except MOT (10-Aug-2017). As I was eager to drive the convertible, I accepted foolishly. While driving back home to Coventry, I realised the left wing mirror is loose and cannot be operated properly via driver side button. Called dealer on 12-Aug-2017 and mentioned about the issue. Dealer said he will look into it and asked me to bring the car the following week. Having doubts over the car, I properly checked the car only to find big single line crack on the windshield at the bottom edge. This was covered by wiper blades. Wiper washer pressure was too low. Blamed myself for not looking carefully before buying. Also found out the roof was leaking. Texted the dealer about this issues on 14-Aug-2017. Took the car to the dealer on 16-Aug-2017 (As he was only available on that day) and asked him to fix the issues. 23-Aug-2017 the dealer gave the car back saying he fixed some issues like Wiper washer pressure, insulator, valet (half), roof leak (still persists), attempt to fix seat holes. But did not repair wing mirror or windshield. As I thought I didn't hold any right to reject on wear and tear parts accepted 125£ cheque towards fixing the wing mirror and windshield myself as travelling back and forth and leaving the car for weeks time was tiring. My doubts regarding the condition of the car grew as no reputed dealer would do this took the car to local VW specialist garage for inspection on 25-Aug-2017. Got the report that CV Gators split and Console (wishbone) bushes separated (replacement cost 360£) and they mentioned that MOT shouldn't have passed as bushes don't get separated within 100 miles drive. Mentioned the same to the dealer who replied back saying MOT had passed and it might have broken any time afterwards and I am expecting a brand new car performance from a 11-year-old car and should accept this as wear and tears. But at the end said he will have a look if I get the car to his shop. Next day driver side door card came off. Looked like it was glued before. Booked a 15 point safety check from Halfords on 3-Sept-2017 as it was free. They reported CV Gaitor starting to split, front coil spring broken and rear disc badly corded and worn close to legal limits. Had enough and sent a rejecting letter to the dealer along with the reports on 4-Sep-2017 asked him to fully refund as I was within 30 days and as per consumer rights act, the car is faulty. Today 6-Sep-2017 got a call from the dealer saying he will fix CV gaitor, Console bushes and spring but won't repair anything else and there is no way he is going to take the car back. Asked me why Halford reports didn't pick up Console bushes problem and local garage report did not pick coil spring issues. I shot him back saying I am ready to get a full AA inspection done as he is AA approved dealer. Also, he mildly threatened saying he pays solicitor 1000s of pounds every month for this business and more than welcome to take the matter to court. I have had this car for less than 20 days now and it been driven for 250 miles of which 120 miles just going back and forth to car dealers place in Birmingham. Should I accept the fixes offered by the dealer and move on or should I take him to the court and get a full refund? Your thoughts are much appreciated. Regards, Mike
  2. Hello, Please can somebody help me. I am new to this forum and feeling rather desperate and anxious. I have received a 2nd (and final) debt recovery letter from Eos Solutions who are collecting a debt for EDF Energy for a supply address that I have never ever lived at. The supply dates for the supply address are from May 2014- May 2016. My address that I've lived in for over 10 years is very similar to the debt/ supply address except I live in a street, the debt supply address was in a block of flats. I called Edf Energy last week to explain the situation and also that the supply adress for which they are owed the debt from no longer exists. The block of flats went into demolition last summer, so it baffles me who they supplied energy to after the summer as there was no flat in existance. They seem very reluctant to help me; 1. I don't have a customer reference number to quote them (I've never been a customer of them), 2. The only way they can help me is if I give them my name and other details which I was not willing to do so. They have the necaessary information to find out who lived at their supply address and pass on the correct details to Eos Solutions but it seems that they don't care as long as they get their money back. So in short, I'm being chased for money for a supply address that I've never lived in nor ever been supplied energy by Edf. How do I tell Eos Solutions that the addressee and address do not match the supply address and that they need to stop hassling me for money? I do not owe anyone any money, never even owned a credit card in my life . Any help would be gratefully appreciated. I'm really scared that they will now come knocking on my door demanding money or removing things from my house. Should I call them or is it better to write to them? Thank you
  3. Hi, We have been looking at cleaning up my girlfriends credit record there where 2 entries from Freemans and one from Atlantik. One Freemans account stated it had been settled and closed in 2010 with the last record update in 2010. The other Freemans entry defaulted in 2011 and although not stated on the record, it was settled in 2013 through debt collection. We wrote to Freemans and they say they will update the record to reflect that it was eventually settled. The matter we have issue with, is a record for Atlantik that shows a default in 2010 for £357 and they last updated the record in 2015. They claim this is another Freemans debt which my gf doesn't recall. We're not wanting to get out of paying this, I would pay it today if I have to. Our worry is the fact that if we settle this today it will still be other credit record for the next 6 years, whereas if it was in fact settled year ago then it shouldn't be in this state. We wrote to EOS which is the company listed on the credit record for Atlantik, asking for more information. They simply responded with a bill for the £357. So a couple of days later we responded with the following letter: We heard nothing back, so later sent the following: They responded a few days later, acknowledging the complaint saying they have passed it to Atlantik F.GmbH (Freemans Oli) and that they have put the account on hold. 4 weeks later we received another letter from them saying: Now the credit agreement they sent has not been signed or even completed with any contact details. It is simply a photocopy of an Oli.co.uk credit agreement. It says in big letters at the bottom IMPORTANT: THE RETURNS SECTION OF THIS AGREEMENT MUST BE SIGNED AND SENT BACK TO US AT... So why can they not supply us a copy of the signed agreement? 9 days later, they sent a letter to my girlfriends fathers very old address (Luckily after 2 moves, he now lives next door to where he used to live, so he got passed the mail) saying they are trying to contact the addressee on the letter regarding a personal matter etc. . I think it's a standard fishing letter when trying to find someone. 2 days after that, they sent another letter to her fathers old address (Please bare in mind, all previous letters were received at our current address) saying: Before we were passed these letters from her fathers neighbour, we had already responded with the following: And finally, this week received a response, again to her fathers old address: With this letter, was many pages of computer screenshots showing monthly statements of purchases, payments, and many Dolt Reminder Fee's. For completeness, her is the letter we received from Freemans.com: Both account numbers mentioned by EOS end with A701, so is it possible it is in fact the same account? What should my response to this now be? They can't supply a signed credit agreement, and can't even get our address right. Like I said to begin with, we haven't got a problem paying it, but this only came to light when my gf checked her credit records and noticed it, so it's been lingering on her record all this time, and if we settle it it will linger for another 6 years. Thanks for any input.
  4. I owe just over £1500, which I was paying up until I was off work with a illness and then diagnosed with anxiety back in December. I wrote to grattan asking to make reduced payments and freeze interest, they wanted doctors letter which I sent and they reduced and froze interest for a few months but now they want the account paid in full. I've asked to keep reduced amounts as there is no difference with my medical condition but they've said no they want me to get a debt charity involved and another doctors letter before they will think about freezing interest and looking at a reduced amount. I'm going to cca them but I think I opened this account in 2008 but could have been slightly longer than that. As they already have on record a doctors letter do I need to send them another one? not sure I should have sent them one in the first place! I've been paying £10 a month which I know isn't much but my electric was in arrears and have been clearing that as its a priority debt.
  5. Hi folks New to the site, this being my first post I have received what looks to be a "trace letter" of sorts from a company called EOS Solutions. The letter claims they are attempting to contact me regarding a "personal matter" after carrying out trace activity provided by the credit bureaus. I do have a few debts, a failed business venture saw to that, so it could very well be a legitimate claim. My concern is that I have never heard of these people before and nowhere in the letter does it say who they are chasing for. I do have 3 repayment plans in place but none of them are with this company. Can anyone recommend a course of action or provide guidance/advice? I appreciate your time and any advice you good people can provide Thank you.
  6. Good evening, I received a letter today from EOS which I think relates to an unpaid EDF bill from 2 years ago. When I moved into the previous propety I informed EDF that the account holder had changed over to my name. For the 18 months that I lived there I never received a letter addressed to me from EDF only letters to the previous occupier. About 18months ago I gave EDF my new address and said that I would pay the amount outstanding. This was all over the phone and I was told that as it was an old style account it may take up to 6 weeks to receive the bill. A bill never appeared at my new address either. EOS are now sending letters and making numerous phone calls to my mobile number. I've not answered any calls but in concerned I'll have one of their representatives turn up on my doorstep. As no contract was ever signed and when last speaking to EDF on the phone I was willing to pay the bill where do I stand? Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Hi Guys I have just received a letter (redirected from an old UK address of mine) from EOS debt collection agency stating they are chasing a debt on behalf of a Swiss client of theirs. My questions are 1. Should I ignore it? 2. Can I be pursued in the UK by a UK debt collection agency for a foriegn (Swiss) debt? Cheers
  8. Hi all, This morning I received a letter from EOS Solutions UK PLC quoting a previous address trying to track me down. The letter requires me to phone them to discuss a personal matter. A google of the company has highlighted several people with issues with this company trying to extort money from them. Ive read they are a debt collection company so I signed up for Experian and checked whether I owe anything but my credit score is 999 with nothing owed. Should I ring them as asked or just ignore the letter and wait? Could they be phishing for details? Thanks for any advice.
  9. Hi all, I'm new here so it's all a bit green to me Any help or advice would be great! I've recieved a letter from EOS on behalf of southern water I googled EOS and a lot of threads came up from this site. I'm confused as to what to do, a lot of replies said ignore the letter from them. Should I ignore it or not??
  10. Hi, EOS solutions have been writing to me regarding a debt they say I owe for a Witt catalogue from 2008. From the statements they have sent me the last movement on the account was June 2008 when they sold the debt. I asked for a copy of the CCA and received this back Is this enforceable?
  11. Hi Guys I have a query regarding EOS. I signed off JSA over 9 months ago after referral to the WP, since then they are continually trying to contact me asking me where I am working. They never found me employment and I therefore do not feel obliged to provide them with any information. In any event it is my private info. I have ignored their calls and they have now started contacting my parents asking them for details. Why are they so persistent ? Any advice welcome. Thanks
  12. Any help on this matter will be gratefully appreciated. I had a letter from EOS back in Nov 2010 - I sent a CCA to which I never received a reply in the specified amount of time (12 working days). Around Xmas 2010 I then received a statement of account from EOS showing the balance I owe. Again I send them a CCA and I hear absolutely nothing. Then on 2nd March 2013 I receive another letter from EOS stating that I have not replied to their previous correspondence, and how I should contact them immediately etc. So on 5th March 2013 another CCA is sent to them, it is delivered on 6th March 2013 giving a reply date of 21st March 2013 (12 working days). I receive nothing until today (9th April 2013 - which I make 11 working days over the date I expected to receive a reply from them). Anyway, the letter today reads: I am writing in response to your recent request for a copy of your credit agreement. We are unable to provide a signed copy of your agreement so will not be taking legal action to enforce recovery of the outstanding balance. Please find enclosed, however a reconstituted copy of your current credit agreement with our client. This approach is consistent with the requirements of the Consumer Credit Act 1974, as amended. As you will be aware the reconstituted credit agreement as supplied complies with all legal requirements. As such it is our intentions to recommence collections activities on this account. Please be advised that the account has been placed on a 2 week hold to allow you time to receive this information. So what is my next move?
  13. I had a catalogue account last year, my last item was purchasd and paid for in July. They then added interest to a balance of nil which i then complained about, they apologised and closed my account as requested by myself. I have an email from the company to prove this, also I have a bank statement clearly showing my last payments made to them. I then started getting letters saying I owe them £75 plus £12 late payment fee. So I wrote to them with copies of bank statement and email to prove my account was closed and that I owed nothing. Many letters and emails later with them completely ignoring my request for an explanation I get a letter from EOS debt collectors threatening me to cough up or else. Oh and they are now demading £149 I am getting sick and tired of trying to explain myself to complete inept morons who refuse to accept the fault is with them. My account is still live as they have failed to actually close it and according to my account the last order I made was in May 2012, when in fact it was july. 2012. My point being they do not actually know what they are doing as no one has corrected my account. Any advice would be appreciated as what to do next. Do I ignore them? Do I reply and continue going grey with worry trying to explain the situation? Thanks Alex
  14. Hello everyone, I joined the forum for some help and advice from people that have been in the same situation, if not worse. I really don't know what to do! I opened a catalogue account when I was 13 years old, faking my age. I spent 1-2 years ordering a lot from the catalogue (paying off monthly with pocket money/paper round wages) but it got to a point where I just couldn't meet the payments and eventually forcing me to stop paying. I sent the catalogue company an email, stating that I was 13-14 years old at the time and that I couldn't afford to pay any of it. I didn't hear from them again until recently, when EOS Solutions UK sent me 10+ letters; each with an outstanding amount. I'm 20 years old now so it has been 6-7 years and a debt I just want to forget. What can I do in this situation?
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