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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all - Hoping to get some help here with what to claim from Lloyds Bank. In a nutshell, I have been paying service charges as a Standing Order for via Lloyds, for £88.96 per month. This was set up since 2010. According to the beneficiary, my SO's were being made but not hitting my service charges account because payment reference was removed - that's what the beneficiary use to allocate the SC monies. It was found to have been going through but placed in beneficiary's suspense account on investigation. However, according to Lloyds, I cancelled my original SO, set up a new one in Aug 2016, but without a reference. I only went into the bank early Jan 2018 to put the payment reference back on. I have complained to Lloyds, who have admitted liability because they should have asked for a payment reference, but they didn't. And offered £500 compensation to which I declined. During this time, I have also made a DSAR to provide me with copies of the change in SO because I've never gone in or made any changes to my SO set up in 2010. The DSAR reply was that these documents cease to exist. I have since complained to FoS. The CCJ was made in June 2017, and I only found out in early Jan 2018. Ofcourse, if the bank did not remove the payment reference, I would not have got a CCJ issued against me. As a result, I lost a house in the process. What can I do from this point on wards? Many thanks to you all in advance for your help. Jay --------------------------------------------- this thread is a split of a larger thread involving a number of issues. For the history and context see http://cag.tw/273m
  2. Hi We started renting a beautiful home in December. We pay £1,800 a month for the house which is a hell of a lot of money. We have had a letter saying building works begin on a patch of land next to our garden next week and the foundations mean they will have to take down our fence and work in our garden! We both work from home which will be impossible with the noise. We also have a dog who will go berserk at the builders in the garden and she wont be able to go outside. We are absolutely gutted that our dream home has become such a nightmare and we will not be able to use the garden for over 2 months! Well, we can, but not privately! Any advice on if we can refuse to pay rent? or at least get a reduction? The landlord knew about this and did not tell us before we moved in. My other concern is that our garden will now be completely overlooked by the new house. Any advice please?
  3. Hello! This site has proven of great help. I am posting here on behalf of my nephew. to cut it short, nephew was supposedly parked in an Ibis hotel car park and was not a guest. Received a ticket from Civil Enforcement Limited . He ignored it because it was not his vehicle having repeatedly told them. As a result, they took nephew to court. He was able to set aside the judgment because the claim form didn't specify what the amount being claimed for was and also, it was not signed by a 'person", but by a company. I accompanied him to court and the judge set aside the judgment. Nephew received a letter following on from court hearing where it said: 1. The judgment against AU dated 27th Nov be and hereby set aside. 2. Claimant to file and serve a fully particulated Particulars of Claim by the 5th March 3. Defendant to file and serve a defence by the 19th March 4. Direction Questionnaires by the 9th April. Nephew spoke to court and they advised C's have not filed a particulars of claim. Question is - should nephew still file his defence? AND Can he counter claim for compensation? Many thanks, Jay
  4. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2815718/Delayed-passengers-set-receive-compensation-worth-4BILLION-Supreme-Court-rejects-airline-appeals-against-two-landmark-cases.html
  5. so back in august i had an appointment for a meter change,sat in and no one bothered to turn up. called them to be told that someone had cancelled the appointment the day after it was booked even though i had a letter confirming date/time etc dated 4 days after the day i booked the appointment. anyway,they said i'd get £22 cheque because no one turned up...okay great i thought. i was dealing with the CEO's office for something else at the end of september,and i just happened to mention the cheque as it hadn't turned up to be told that the person who said they'd issue it on the phone hadn't bothered. The person from the CEO's office put it through to be sent out at that point. receive a letter on the 16th october saying i'll receive the cheque within 10 working days,nothing had turned up so called them. issued another cheque to me,told to wait 7 days if its not arrived call back. again nothing so phoned back,cheque issued again last monday and was told if it didn't arrive by friday to call,friday comes and nothing to another phonecall. person said oh wait til tuesday,yesterday nothing came. gave them an extra day and nothing arrived so called them to be told the cheque will be issued for the fourth time. im getting sick of this,its been going on since august. its always me chasing it up. where can i go from here? it may only be £22 but thats a lot for me and it was going straight on to the gas considering its getting freezing these days. so frustrated. sorry for going on a bit.
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