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  1. I received ANOTHER Ordinary cause action yesterday. ( am in the middle of defending an Ordinary cause from Y+K already) This time from Nolans, on behalf of Cabot who have bought the debt from Opus (haven't heard of them until now) who were assigned this card from Citi. And along this 'chain of command' I've not had any notice of assignment etc... I'll be defending this one too, in the same way, but quick question - it is nearly 5 years since I had dealings with Citi, and Nolans states in their letter/writ that ALL correspondence must go thru them. I will need to SAR and CCA for this
  2. I have a debt with citi financial going back to about 2008, for around £3k on a credit card, i have been paying £1pm stopped when i moved house, the debt company Cabot have instructed Restons to issue court proceedings against me in order to get a charge put on my house which i now own outright. I have asked if they will accept payments of £40pm to prevent court action but they have replied saying that unless i repay the full amount before the 8th December they will issue proceedings. Is it worth getting a CCA request asking for a copy of the agreement to see i
  3. Hello all, My very first post ever on here. Please can I bend ears, pick brains as I'm confused about the letters I've had today. Letters in my maiden name, I was married in 2003. Debt amount 943.43 I understand the letters are stating they are a statement from year 2012 right through to 2018. Stating they haven't applied interest or sent statements and I do understand this with an apology. Original debt citi financial Then it's saying passed or changed to arrow and now cap quest have got the debt. I do recall cap quest contacting me on my mobile a few weeks ago
  4. Hi i have received a letter from cabot about an old credit card, how can i tell if this is statute barred, i dont think i have made a payment since 2010 as i moved abroad, i came back in 2012 but was not in a financial position to make any payments. Please advise thanks
  5. Hi everyone, Please can anyone advise how I might make contact with this firm (which I think has been "taken over") and claim for mis-sold PPI, as I took out a £14,000 loan from them a good few years back and was told I had to pay for PPI or the loan would not be granted (they said they wanted to be sure they would be repaid, whatever happened to me and/or my circumstances). Also, I was self-employed so probably couldn't have claimed, anyway. But I have no paperwork, anymore. Thank you. Jib
  6. Over the weekend my hubby went up into our loft to try and find some paperwork in relation to another PPI claim I have but found an agreement for a car we bought back in 1994 from a Ford Dealership and its with Associate Capital. I remember at the time we had a really bad credit record and the sales man said that if we added the PPI it would help our application for credit. I remember being so desperate to buy the car as we needed one for work that we even took out the mechanical breakdown cover. We would of done anything in order to get the finance. At the time we were manager
  7. Hello, I wonder if anyone may be able to help me please. I bought a flight in Dec 16 from Citi Flights, flying from London to Thailand. I flew out on the outbound flight but the airline cancelled my flight home. They left me stranded in Thailand with no other option but to purchase a new ticket home. I have been battling with them ever since and they have said that Citi Flights had no authorisation to sell me the ticket in the first place and it was a fraudulent transaction. Citi Flights have said that the issue is with Turkish Airlines and not them and if they weren't allowe
  8. Hi As this is now going to the courts, does anyone know the date that CITI card changed over to OPUS? Thanks
  9. I had a Citi card which has been Opus for some time now. I have never had an Opus card but have just been paying of the old Citi balance. Due to an ongoing divorce I wrote to Opus asking for a reduction in my agreed monthly payment from £50 to £25 and they replied agreeing to this request. Since then they have twice threatened to default the account saying that I am not making the minimum monthly payment. However when I spoke to them yesterday they agreed that they have frozen interest and charges but were not able to tell me why I was not making the required p
  10. I have finally heard back from CapQuest regarding the CCA Request issued in January, they have provided a signed copy of the CCA together with a statement of account from prior to taking over, which causes some questions, primarily the balance has not reduced from the time I went on to the DMP. They have also failed to send any further documentation (such as a deed of assignment) which I requesting in my letter. Please would someone advise what my next steps should be? I am able to post a copy of the CCA & statement on here if that will help?
  11. Only for £80 which is nothing compared to some on this forum, but just wanted to share my personal *win* with knowledge and foresight provided by this site For some time i had a Citi/Opus credit card and kept it in a manageable level. At around May 2012 I left my family home at the start of a very bitter divorce proceedings. The details are unimportant other than at the same time to this I thought I had paid off the Credit Card completely and even destroyed it. Unfortunately due to the bitter divorce, letters that Opus had been sending me were not passed on (destroyed?) b
  12. Sending sar off tomorrow, not sure if there are many charges on this one, I have been pretty good with Citcards even though I dont have the card anymore............
  13. Hi All, I had started a CCA process with Idem servicing with the OL being Citi Financial. I took out the loan in 2007 and have had a minimum payment going out. All payments have been stopped whilst my CCA request is in process. Idem promptly replied within the set time of 12+2 days with many copies of the signed contract with Citi financial, i just want to make sure that what they have sent is enforceable, if so should i resume my payments and send a F&F offer to them. I have uploaded the documents that were sent to me.
  14. I have just received a third letter from Citi financial stating they can not find any details on the loans which I took out with the Associates Capital around 2002 possibly before. I have sent all the relevant information I had on this matter to CitiFinancial including a bank statement from the time. As i do not have the credit agreement any longer. On the bank statement you could clearly see the loan agreement number and dates and my address at the time. Regular payments where made to this loan I have also filled in our questionnaire to the best of my ability.
  15. Hello, My ex hubby and I took out a loan in 2003 with Citi financial, it was never paid off due to running into difficulties. It is now been paid through the courts. After reading the paperwork from Reston solicitors we noticed we had paid ppi on the loan of £2373.53. I want to claim it back if possible but I have to much going on in my life to do it myself so want someone to recommend a company who don't charge the earth to claim it back for me. Thanks in advance, Debbie
  16. Hi I received a claim form this morning and was looking for advice on the best way to follow this up. Heres the details Claimant Cabot Financial UK Limited Date of issue – 04 June 2015 What is the claim for – 1.Defendant entered into a credit agreement described by the original creditor as CITIFINANCIAL-CREDIT CARD and having account number ********** 2. The claimant, a uk limited company with company number 3757424, is the assignee and legal owner of all rights previously enjoyed by the original creditor in respect of the Account. 3. The defendant is indebted t
  17. Hi all I had a credit Card with The Associates back in 1996 and during the lifetime was bought by CitiCards Limited. Loads of PPI on there but who do I send the SAR to and once received who do I send my claim to as I believe that The Associates are no more. Many thanks
  18. Hello all, I've been watching the whole PPI thing and laughing as I would never be so stupid (don't take this literally) as to pay for it, being self employed... Then I realised after a chance meeting with a friend I worked with way back then that back in 1998 I did pay it - on a Peoples Bank of Connecticut credit card, whilst I was still in full time education and earning the odd part time bean. So very much a misselling (I'd guess). However, I don't have any info from back then. Am I correct there is very little point doing a SAR for such old material, I wasn't using a st
  19. I've an ongoing saga with CABOT regarding an OPUS card which they say was my CITI card. Shouldn't I have had some notification of some sort from CITI when this change occurred? I've been waiting years for a CCA for my CITI card, but none has been forthcoming.
  20. My partner took out a associates credit card in 1997 when he was self employed. He has received a refusal letter today saying that whilst we do not accept all of your allegations we do acknowledge that there may have been flaws in our sales process. However, despite this I am not persuaded that any of these sales failings would have affected your decision to take out the PPI policy. This is because taking into account your circumstances at the time of the sale which are disclosed in your questionnaire, it is clear that you had no means at the time of protecting your card r
  21. Hi Everyone, It's a while since I posted a thread here. I'm very happy to say that I've been successful in all my PPI claims so far against Barclays, Marks and Spencer and others. However, the PPI claim above against Citicard is my last one and has been with the FOS for 2 years! I had a phone call yesterday from the FOS to say that they could probably not deal with this complaint because the PPI was added to my card outside of the FOS's jurisdiction ie before 2005. I am just astounded that Citicard who I believe are part of Citi Bank can get away with this.
  22. Citi-Opus-Cabot Court claim issued Acknowledged to Court and solicitors CPR 31.14 submitted to solicitor Agreed extension with solicitor Have had no further contact from Solicitor Would like help with submitting defence without any info
  23. Hi Guys I'm really after some advice... I purchase a secured loan from Citi in July 2006 to consolidate. (Stupid as I borrow 16K over 180 months/15yrs which payback means I pay back £49K in total) However the issue is as follows.... I haven't paid anything since sometime 2013... and no chasing was done by Citi Then.. 10 June 2014 - Informed they were transferring this loan to Arrow on 29th June 2014 - no mention of my arrears of payment just informing me this debt was being transferred 11 June 2014 received letter from Arrow saying taken over debt again no a
  24. Name of the Claimant ? Cabot Financial (UK) Limited Date of issue – 12th August 2014 Date of issue 12.08.14 + 19 days ( 5 day for service + 14 days to acknowledge) = 30.08.14 + 14 days to submit defence = 13.09.14 (33 days in total) - What is the claim for – the reason they have issued the claim? By an agreement between CitiFinancial ("CFE") & the Defendant on or around 24/02/2005 ("the Agreement") CFE agreed to issue the Defendant with a credit card upon the terms and conditions set out therin. In breach of the Agreement the Defendant failed to make the minimum pay
  25. In dealing with my financial affairs, my solicitor advises of a second mortgage registered by Citi Financial. The first one is Nat West which we are close to paying up. The Citi one relates to a secured loan taken out in 1996 and which was paid up 2004/2005 but is still showing up as a mortgage against the property. Unfortunately we have lost supporting paperwork - so how easy is it to get this removed as it is important for us to move forward. This was originally on my credit file and has since dropped off. Can anyone help.
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