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  1. I received ANOTHER Ordinary cause action yesterday. ( am in the middle of defending an Ordinary cause from Y+K already) This time from Nolans, on behalf of Cabot who have bought the debt from Opus (haven't heard of them until now) who were assigned this card from Citi. And along this 'chain of command' I've not had any notice of assignment etc... I'll be defending this one too, in the same way, but quick question - it is nearly 5 years since I had dealings with Citi, and Nolans states in their letter/writ that ALL correspondence must go thru them. I will need to SAR and CCA for this card, and I know that the SAR usually goes to the initial lender, but in this case, as they seemed so insistent that all correspondence go thru them, should I just SAR Nolans??
  2. can bes take over a residential property electric supply as they only do commercial electricity I need to no as been miss sold a contract please help the last few days have been hell bes utilities phoned me saying they were acting on behalf of my hopefully soon to be landlord no lease signed I have ended up in a contract some how I have been bullied and feel forced into this contract really not sure wat to do as I don't have a lease yet or permission to change the electricity supplier still they say I cant get out of it they say they are going to take over the electric suppy on the 25th and there is nothing I can do they also said the supplier at the moment cant reject the take over apparently I have no choice but to go with them all I want to do is get out of this contract. also the address on the contract is a residential house helllllppppppp
  3. Can you help me with a ppi claim I have tried to claim. I had a credit card with citibank that was taken out back in around 2000. I had ppi on there which was costing me around £30-£40 per month. I had a CMC who said they could put a claim in for me, this was over 2 yrs ago. After all this time and numerous calls they have now closed the case for the following reasons. Citibank transferred my account to a bank called Opus. This was done without me knowing until I had a statement off them where I called them and found out that my account had been transferred to them for reasons I still don't know. I owed nothing on the card and Opus refused to send me a card as they were not issuing anymore. I can only see my account being transferred because I did't use the card for about 9 months as didn't want to and like I said I owed nothing on it. When the claim was put in and after many months, citi said the account was now with opus and had nothing to with them now, Opus said the account was with citi so the claim is against them. This went backhand forth and nobody would take responsibility over who the claim was against, even though I paid all ppi to citi. CMC sent the claim to the ombudsman and after about another year they replied saying there is nothing they can do and the case is closed with them. Is there anything I can do as I paid all this ppi and cannot get anywhere with it at all. In all the time I had the card I was self employed to and found out lately that even though I was paying ppi I was not covered as I wasn't employed The ombudsman was told this also. Can I get anywhere with this now or is it done and dusted. Please help. Many thanks
  4. Hi As this is now going to the courts, does anyone know the date that CITI card changed over to OPUS? Thanks
  5. I had a Citi card which has been Opus for some time now. I have never had an Opus card but have just been paying of the old Citi balance. Due to an ongoing divorce I wrote to Opus asking for a reduction in my agreed monthly payment from £50 to £25 and they replied agreeing to this request. Since then they have twice threatened to default the account saying that I am not making the minimum monthly payment. However when I spoke to them yesterday they agreed that they have frozen interest and charges but were not able to tell me why I was not making the required payment when it is what they have agreed to in writing. The lady said I was in breach of some agreement I have never heard of. They are threatening a default and to sell the debt. What is the best form of response please.
  6. Me again. Trying to sort out my partners debts. He's got a debt with Opus and is being chased by 1st Credit. Sent off a CCA request on 28 October on 21 November got a standard letter saying that they are aware a dispute/query has been raised and they would contact the original creditor in order to request any information they hold but it may take several weeks for them to gather this information. Can I presume that they haven't got the original CCA? I'm not going to suggest any response to them anyway. The other question is all correspondence goes to his parents house which he only goes to every couple of weeks. Is it safe to request that all correspondence is directed to his new address?
  7. Hi, Back in Nov 2016 I agreed a business contract with Opus to be my gas supplier in March 2016. I have since found out that Opus had abandoned this contract in December 2015. However they have failed to inform me of this resulting in my supplier at the time "Extra Energy" to move me to a high out of contract tariff. Opus are currently investigating why this contract was abandoned as there seems to be is no clear reason. Is there any action I can take against Opus for not upholding the contract and then failing to inform me of that i no longer had a contract with them? Thank you for your time.
  8. As the title says, here goes. First a little background. I've recently started my own business and opened up my own shop. I'm quite young to have done such a thing but I felt the time was right. I'd had the premises for a month and was waiting for a letter from whoever supplied the previous tenants electricity, so I could look into energy contracts etc. which never arrived (which only made me anxious anyway). Fast forward to a couple of days ago, on the day before the shop opening, tensions were running high, stress at getting the finishing touches done when I get a phone call out of the blue from 'Jake'. He stated that he worked with APR Energy and was in charge of handling my energy contracts alongside the estate agent and demanded to know why I hadn't responded to any of their correspondence. Caught offguard, I said that I had been waiting for it and hadn't received anything. His tone immediately changed. He said that I was currently with NPower and I was on some astronomically high out-of-contract rate and that he had called to get me on a better deal. Foolishly, I believed him and he rattled off that he had searched through deals and the cheapest he could find was with 'Opus Energy' and had I heard of them. I replied no. He continued on with his spiel and managed to extract my details out of me and then recorded me verbally agreeing to a 3-year energy contract with Opus Energy before I even knew what was going on. Towards the end of the call, he pushed that if anyone else called, to hang up and not talk to them. He was so pushy that it was THEN I realised that something was wrong. When the phone call ended, I googled Opus Energy and pages upon pages have come up recounting the exact same scenario that I've just explained. I called back on the number he called me on a couple of hours later to cancel, but strangely another man 'Jonathan' (who sounded an awful lot like Jake) denied any knowledge of Jake, or third-party energy brokers. He did say, that he would look at any paperwork that came onto his desk and if my name came up he would put a note on it and he would get back to me on Monday. (I took out the contract on Friday). Needless to say he never called, so I called him again today and he told me to call Opus and get it sorted. Now Opus Energy are giving me the run-around and are 'going to check the recording', when I know that all that has been recorded is the verbal contract and not the start of the call in which Jake told a torrent of lies. I know that I was totally mis-sold this contract by 'fraudulent misrepresentation' under the Misrepresentation Act 1967. He stated I was with NPower. After calling Power Distribution, they informed me that no, the previous owners were with Scottish Power. He stated that he worked alongside my estate agent. They have also confirmed this is false. And because of what he claimed, I was induced into taking out a contract. I have no idea, what else I can do. It's my first business and this whole farce is worrying me sick. I never wanted to go with Opus in the first place and I feel completely cheated. I admit, I should never have been so stupid and gullible to have fallen for his charade and I certainly won't ever be as stupid again. Is there anything else I can do to cancel this contract? Thanks.
  9. Only for £80 which is nothing compared to some on this forum, but just wanted to share my personal *win* with knowledge and foresight provided by this site For some time i had a Citi/Opus credit card and kept it in a manageable level. At around May 2012 I left my family home at the start of a very bitter divorce proceedings. The details are unimportant other than at the same time to this I thought I had paid off the Credit Card completely and even destroyed it. Unfortunately due to the bitter divorce, letters that Opus had been sending me were not passed on (destroyed?) by my wife. My first hint of a problem was that I received a letter from Lowell informing me that I now owned them over £80. I immediately asked them for details , not a formal Prove it letter as I wanted to seem a bit naive . This resulted in a copy of statements from Opus going back to about October 2012. The problem was that every statement consisted only of late payments and interest adding up to about £50 of the £80 demanded. Not a single mention of the original debt There then followed many rounds of politely asking for statements going back to the original debt, with a response of either 'pay us' letters, copies of the part statements or even the original agreement at one point ( even though I hadn't even asked for it) This came to a head when they managed to find my telephone number and called. They made the mistake of saying that if I wanted the original debt statement that it would be my responsibility to to submit a SAR to Opus and 'its not their problem' I then sent them a heavy hitting letter, pointing out their statuary responsibilities, their onus of proof, revoking any contact by telephone etc and refusing to respond any further unless they provided either original debt proof, or started court action. They caved immediately and i received a No Further Action in the post today And that original debt? I still don't have the faintest clue what it was for. But extrapolating back it must have been for less than £5 Thats a 1600% overcharge fail for Opus/Lowell in the bag
  10. Hello all, I apologise in advance if this is not the correct forum for this problem and hope that someone can point me in the right direction. The problem is I am being harrassed for an energy bill that I do not own. In June of last year (2015) due to my husbands ill health, we closed our business down. The energy was supplied by Opus Energy and up until we closed, the bills were paid monthly by DD. To cut a very long story shorter, Opus were advised, the meter readings were given and I forgot about them a few months later they started calling saying that there was an outstanding debt and my bills were not being paid (I had cancelled the DD when I closed the business) I explained to them again that I was no longer trading and sent them the readings again. It all went quiet again for a few weeks then they started again phoning me saying the bill was getting bigger and I needed to pay it or they would disconnect the supply. In the end I just ignored the calls as it was starting to get me down and I was extremely frustrated they didnt seem to get it that I did not owe them anything, there was in fact a new tenant in the premises. over the past 9 months they have continued to phone me most days, usually 3 or 4 times a day from different phone numbers leaving messages saying they were going to disconnect the services. i just ignored them all. I then got a letter saying that they were instructing advanced collection systems to collect the money and I started getting phone calls from them. I explained the whole story to this woman and I told her that I was seeking legal advice against them for harrassment . I then at her request got a letter from my ex landlord confirming when I vacated the premises and I gave her the meter reading I had. I also told her to pass on the message to her client to leave me alone and that if I heard from either of them again I would sue them. I have heard nothing from her I have today had a phone call from a Bluestone Credit Management regarding the debt which apparently is now £3,500. I havent spoken to them but they left a message. I am at my wits end with this. I really just dont know how to deal with it. My ex land lord confirmed that there had been 2 tenants in the premises since I had left and neither of them had registered for energy. Any help would be so appreciated.
  11. Hello everyone, it's my first time posting so thank you in advance for any advice that you can give. About 6 weeks ago we had a phone call out of the blue from an Opus rep 'Tom' to say that we had a large bill and he needed to speak to us. We are very rural and we had an actual reading just previous to the bill. Prior to the phone call the direct debit was set up, everything paid on time, never a late or missed payment. I thought it was a [problem] call at first? I couldn't believe it when we were told it was for £7000. We own a building which is a small ex pub/hotel which we've run as a small tea room which incidently has been closed since end of sept 2015, and 3 b&b rooms which we've only had let out around 6 times so far since opening. We live in an apartment at the property. This is not our main job by the way After speaking to Tom we were told that they didn't have any actual readings and that they were guessing at the amount. We were told that the usage for the bill went back to when we were with Scottish Power and the estimated bills we were paying had been too low. But the difference from the initial reading in 2013 to the one now showed a £7000 bill. I asked why were we being asked for money by Opus for a bill that went back to when we were with Scottish Power. He couldn't quite answer. We've only been in the property since Sept 2013. And with Opus since March 2015. We've since spoken to Scottish power who have said that they are fully paid and we have no outstanding bills. They are to send the readings and our bills from when we we with them. It was also mentioned by Tom that he believed that the initial reading in 2013 when we moved in could have been misread and that there's a possibility, from looking at the previous owners consumption it's out by 2500 units. And it's a dial unit and not easy to read? Tom also cancelled our direct debit on the day as he said that it would complicate things if we were paying additional money by DD. Which we went with. We've been down the road of turning everything off and reading the meter over the week taking photos of the dials etc. But to be honest, I don't think they have a clue what they are looking at. The account has now gone to collections, even though we in the process of trying to sort this out. And they are now threatening to cut us off if we don't pay. There is no way we could afford this bill. Surely we can't be responsible for this bill, or in fact used £7000 of electricity. No way! The collector contradicted Tom and said that the bill had been generated since March 2015, when we changed over to Opus and is 15 months of extra consumption to what we pay. They're starting to get a bit heavy now, so I'm in need of some advise. I don't know whether to contact the ombudsman or ofgem. Thank you so much.
  12. Hi all Got a letter from OPUS saying they were increasing my rate by 6% and using the reason "Pass Through Amounts" increase (PTI). Havent got a problem with that as we already pay the CCL etc so figured it was another one of those, however upon checking the bill there is no separate PTI stated, its just a set 6% increase on rates. I have checked the T&Cs and it states they can increase 2 ways. First, they can increase if the cost of the supply is more than the contracted rate. However this doesnt apply. Second, they can increase if due to a rise in the PT Amounts. However shouldnt PTA be separated on the invoice, ie like the CCL? To me it just looks like a rise for nothing? I have queried this again with them as my first dispute re this was before I got the invoice and then I was told it would be listed separately. Now I have the invoice I want proof this is a PTI. Anyone else had similar issues and am I right in challenging this? They have a clause stating that I can cancel my contract if they rise in breach of clause 8.1, ie if the cost of supply is more than the contract rate. Thx
  13. I was recently tricked into agreeing to a new three year energy contract with Opus Energy by a broker who led me to believe they were calling on behalf of my energy supplier, e.On UK Energy Services Ltd. When someone called and identified themselves as calling from UK Energy Services Ltd (note the similar name; my hearing isn't good), told me I was on a residential contract (true) and should be on a business one (true), I went along with them and agreed to switch to the business contractor, Opus Energy, thinking they were still part of e.On. I was wrong. Unfortunately, this misunderstanding persisted long enough for me to agree to the switch; by the end of the call I had realised something was wrong and started to protest so they put me through to their manager who informed me there was no cooling off period whatsoever and nothing I could do. I emailed them the moment I received their confirmation email stating I wasn't happy. No response; they had their recording of the moment I accepted the contract and as far as they were concerned I was now going to be with Opus Energy for the next three years. I was well and truly tricked. After doing some research online, the next thing I did was call Opus Energy that afternoon, who spent a long time arguing that 'their lawyers' knew that this method of selling was completely airtight, fair, and reasonable, and there was nothing I could do. They were extremely pushy and unreasonable, but in the end I spoke to someone who said that there was one possible solution: I could call my current supplier and object to the transfer. Since it was scheduled for 8th August (the date of this sorry business was 27th July) I would have enough time to raise an objection before they tried to take over my supply - but it would be best to call them that week because they would make their first request in August. I did not know at this time that the transfer request had already been made. Opus vindictively wasted my time by telling me a lie and letting me think I was able to stop the transfer, when they knew that it was already going to go through. This is disgusting behaviour. I consequently called e.On - at 17:15 the same day I spoke to the broker - and made a formal complaint saying I had been tricked into a new contract by a broker with a similar name. I also asked to be moved to a business contract with them, because I was advised that this would help support my complaint. Fine, they were less pushy than Opus so I'd be happy to be in a contract with them (especially as I thought that was what I was agreeing in the first place). I called them again the day after (28th July) to follow up and confirm the contract. This would give me plenty of time, I thought, before Opus requested the transfer of my supply. A few days later an engineer came unannounced to our premises from Opus Energy to fit a new meter. No need, I told him, we were staying with e.On. He left after making a note following the visit. Flash forward to today - we received an invoice from Opus. Surprised, I called e.On only to be told that we were no longer their customer; they had tried to protest the switch but because it was requested before I called them on 27th July the objection failed and Opus were allowed to take over our energy supply. Their records say the loss notice was received on 0:00 that morning before the broker even called me, Opus says their records put it as mid-afternoon (not sure of the exact timing of all the calls I made that day), but either way the result is the same. e.On apologised and listened to my complaint but because they were no longer the supplier it was impossible for them to take us back without Opus Energy's approval. So I called Opus again, pretty annoyed at this point. The amount of time I have wasted on this problem had already been significant. This time, I ignored their sales team and said I wanted to make a formal complaint. I was put through to the customer care team who seemed very pushy (a trait I am rapidly coming to associate with the brand) and assured me that a full investigation would take place and I would hear from them over the next five days. A delaying tactic, no doubt, when they already know how upset I am and I have never disputed that the original call recording of the agreement exists. I know I was tricked. That's not the point. I still believe that the contract was mis-sold and wish to stay with my original supplier, all the more now that I know their sales team lied to me about preventing the transfer in order to shut me up. They protest every time I refer to UK Energy Services Ltd as 'their broker' but the actions of the actual Opus staff have been little better; as long as they have this recording of me blearily accepting this contract they insist that there's nothing I can do and feed me time-wasting lies to try to discourage me from complaining. The customer care rep was forceful and 'reassuring' but her words were calculatedly chosen to promise nothing, and I fully expect to wait the requisite five days only to hear that actually, 'the lawyers' say the contract is solid and there's nothing I can do but wait out the three year contract and grind my teeth. Nothing they have done so far has led me to believe otherwise. I do not deny that I was stupid for agreeing to the deal and not checking who Opus Energy were (Monday mornings aren't my most alert times), but the way I'm being treated by Opus has been manipulative and calculated to break my spirit so I'll stop protesting and stay with them. Forcing customers to stay with you is a terrible way to do business and I am at the end of my tether after wasting so much time already trying to get them to exercise basic common sense. The stupid thing is that I would have been perfectly happy to have moved my contract to them if they had treated me better from the start. As it is, whether I have to stay in the prison of this mis-sold contract for three years or not you can bet I'm never going back afterwards. A terrible, terrible experience with a terrible, terrible supplier. And don't get me started on the broker who caused this sorry chain of events in the first place. I shall of course be escalating this complaint as far as I can in the next three years, but I implore Opus to step in and set things right as soon as possible. Since their internal system is designed to stifle complaints, I'm airing mine here instead.
  14. I've an ongoing saga with CABOT regarding an OPUS card which they say was my CITI card. Shouldn't I have had some notification of some sort from CITI when this change occurred? I've been waiting years for a CCA for my CITI card, but none has been forthcoming.
  15. Hi Guys I use to run a pub (left over a year ago) under Ltd Company. I wrote to creditors and told them that I ceased trading and closed down at Companies house. There were no objections from any of the creditors. I now have a letter addressed to my home saying they are going to send someone round and take legal action for the debt on the Ltd company. The house is not in my name and I have no assets. Any help would be appreciated. Pauline
  16. Citi-Opus-Cabot Court claim issued Acknowledged to Court and solicitors CPR 31.14 submitted to solicitor Agreed extension with solicitor Have had no further contact from Solicitor Would like help with submitting defence without any info
  17. Hey all i posted on here around a year ago originally when i had problems with mini credit and other payday loans since then i have got my back on track with repayment plans and my debts have come down considerably and by summer 2015 i shall be debt free! Now i had a loan with mini credit and that got passed onto opos i have been paying opos via standing order and only have £148 left to go! but what happens now minicredit has ceased trading? do i still have to make the repayments? i cant access my account on opos website or anything as the website has been down for the last couple of days appreciate any advice!
  18. Hi all Please could I get some advice regarding an issue with opus energy. My father who owns a takeaway was visited by 2 British has guys on behalf of opus energy to check the meter (something which they did on all the shops on the parade) . After a quick check they advised my father the meter is over 20 years old so would therefore need to be replaced. They phoned back after a few days and made an appointment to visit and exchange it. On the day of the visit, 4 guys turned up (not sure why it required 4 of them) and went about their work about 15 mins later they produced a seal and told my father this wasn't the correct seal. My father simply said oh ok, as he wouldn't have a clue about it. They then went to leave and before doing so told my father the meter reading had been written down on a piece of pAper and left by the phone. Having only read the letter 2 days later (as my father assumed it was just a meter reading as advised) it's from revenue protection services for opus energy stating 'we have reason to believe the gas meter may have been prevented from registering all the gas used. We have therefore removed the meter and placed it in a sealed box which will remain sealed until the meter is removed for testing' It then says to call a number if we wish to witness the test being carried out or have any queries. This has come as a huge shock to my father who's not sure what to do as it appears he's being accused (pending tests) of energy theft. The gas men seem to have taken all the above action yet not once mentioned to my father, the meter wasn't even sealed infront of him either. Does anyone have any experience in dealing with such an issue and have any advise they could please share, Please advise Midlands bloke
  19. Hi, I'm a small landlord of a shop. The shop tenant returned the keys to me Sat 5th July and told me the elec was up to date. Shop had a clear 'To Let' notice on it with my phone number. I've received no letters or any other clue something was amiss. Today, I missed a call, picked up the voicemail after work, a guy purporting to be from Opus saying they have a Warrant of Entry and they will breaking in in the next 5-10mins. I frantically called back thinking they have caused damage to my shop. They used a locksmith to get in and replace the meter with a smart meter - without my consent or knowledge. They now say I'm liable and their standing charge is a down right criminal 95p a day!!! The shop is empty and I'm advertising for new tenants. Can they just break in like that now that the shop is back with me and not the previous tenant. They have left no paperwork. They could clearly see the shop was now empty (was a sandwich shop with displays/fridge etc). I've a witness who tried to call me several times to alert me to someone trying to break into the shop. She was yelling at them to call me - she pointed them to the sign saying the shop is for 'To Let' and previous owner has ceased trading last week. She said they didn't care and only after her yelling at them did they bother to call me. Any help with this. Thanks,
  20. Hi There, I recently called Opus to terminate the business electricity account and they accepted with reading as we were moving out and our 2 year contract was finished 6 months ago. after one month to this they sent another bill for whole month with the reading of full month after I cancelled with them. I called them to find out whats going on and why they send me bill for whole month rather than 15 days (when I gave them notice) they said we can not take your word for it. after your notice we called your business number and we were told you are still there secondly your landlord name did not appear in land registry. so your contract is still in place and not cancelled. I was shocked to hear that and told them that how its possible that some one says we are there when we are not !! I offered them to send someone onsite to meet me. and secondly I don't know who is the freeholder of the property as I was having a sublet from some someone. few days after this I received a letter demanding last month's rent as I cancelled the direct debit after giving notice and now they have put on an extra 7.5% on supply rate plus an administration charge which is unknown. Very soon I will start receiving red letters with amounts piling up. I cannot understand why they are so super glue. Leaving them should be as simple as joining them. They say, they investigate all customers before terminating the contracts. Do they have authority to investigate ??? I need some advice as what shall I do ?? I'm ready to go through solicitors to end it and report them to regulating authorities as its making me panic now. Thanks in advance.
  21. Our company switched to Opus Energy in Nov 2012 for a 12-month contract. The tariff was good at (something like 9 pence/kWh). In August 2013 we received a letter telling us the fixed contract was ending in Nov 2013, and if we didn't respond within 30 days, the contract would be automatically for another 12 months. I was away from teh office at the time. We were told the new contract details were overleaf. This was followed by paragraphs about where does your electricity come from? renewable sources, £10 off for ebilling, smartmeters, etc. The last line on page 2, stated the unit price of 17.69 p per kWh. No mention of the previous unit price, no mention of the percentage increase (ca 80%). Yes, we were too trusting, yes, we should have checked, but we felt we were dealing with a reputable company (like us) who would treat their customers fairly. Opus Energy appear to be deliberately attracting new custom, then sneaking out punitive increases on the unwary. Opus refused to justify their increase and are currently trying to hold us to the 2nd year contract providing which will end providing we give 90 days’ notice. The government's policy of opening up the utilities market to make it more competitive is to be applauded, but at the same time it has to prevent unscrupulous companies like Opus Energy from taking advantage of consumers. A search on Google reveals this company has many, many dissatisfied customers, so buyer beware.
  22. Hi Folks, Virgin poster here so please be gentle with me! I’ve been looking around the site and am really impressed with the wealth of knowledge and help that is available on here. It feels (like other posters have said) that I am not alone anymore! I’ve had a Citi card for quite a number of years now which was then changed to an Opus card. Being self employed and the economic climate what it is nowadays, I think it’s fair to say that I have got into a few financial difficulties. I think the last payment I made was around December 2010. Here’s a timeline of what’s happened up to now and what I need help with is where do I go from here? 13/04/2012 :- Letter from 1st Credit introducingt hemselves as the owner of the debt that was assigned from CC Asset Management on 23/03/2012. (First I knew about it). 23/04/2012 :- 1st Credit letter saying that Bankruptcy proceedings being considered. 30/04/2012 :- 1st Credit letter saying that Bankruptcy proceedings being considered and might pass to Connaught collections to consider an issue of a statutory demand. 08/05/2012 :- 1St Credit letter saying Bankruptcy proceedings being considered but they will give me a one off discount of 5%. 24/05/2012 :- Connaught collections letter to say that they have been instructed by Opus to recover the debt. If they don’t hear from me they will pass it onto their Bankruptcy Department for the immediate issue of a Statutory Demand. June 2012 :- Letter sent to Connaught collections stating “I never received any notification that Citicard were transferring my account to Opus, a copy of which I requested in order to verify that my Citicard account was in fact transferred to Opus and that I owe Opus this amount of money.” 30/07/2012 :- Letter from Connaught saying please find information as requested. Enclosed were photocopies of statements from 25/11/10 to 25/04/12, a photocopy of what I think are terms and conditions and a photocopy of Credit Agreement regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Not exactly what I asked for but hey ho! 02/08/2012 :- Letter sent to them asking for the information that I had previously requested. 20/12/2012 :- Letter from Connaught saying that enclosed is 1 - Notice of assignment sent to you by the original creditor on 13/04/2012, in accordance with section 136 Law of Property act 1925. (didn’t get this from the original creditor or in the first lot of photocopied stuff they sent me). 2 – Notice of assignment sent to you by 1stCredit (Finance) 3 Limited on 13 April 2012, in accordance with section 136 Law of Property act 1925 3 – True copy of the credit agreement at the time the account was opened and at the point of default. 4 – Statements. 17/01/2013 :- Letter from Connaught saying that they are“disappointed with me” and have forwarded the account to their solicitors MoonBeever. 21/01/2013 :- Letter from Moon Beever solicitors saying that they are instructed by 1st Credit (Finance) 3 Limited that I entered into a written agreement with CC Asset Management Ltd (nothing in any of the paperwork that they have sent has my signature on it or anywhere to sign for that matter)! Moon Beever have said in the letter that I have 16 days from the letter date to pay them or they may issue court proceedings. As I said at the beginning, what I would like is some help and advice as to where I go from here? Sorry for such a long post. Suss
  23. opus energy, i have never come across this company but was duped and misled into signing a contract, the prices i was charged a unrealistic and the way i was disconnected to a building with my new born and parents living above the commercial premises. they have no regard after paying them 2500pounds and then being disconnected with a demand of a bond of 5000pounds or risk of not being swithed on??? surely this is criminal, they came for electricity bill which i have said cannot be correct after spending 1500pound on led lights to reduce a 50w to 2w. now they want the gas paying or will not turn my supply on????? can anyone help and how can i get out of this contract, this has nearly driven me to seriously think about suicide, to have no hot water and heating as the boiler wont run without the supply after paying 2500pounds, i only agreed to pay this if they kept me on.
  24. My husband has bought and taken over a business about 7 weeks ago and changed gas contract into his name. A week later he received a phone call saying it was the "SERVICE DEPARTMENT" from his gas supplier and said that they were calling to Check if all his details were up to date when in fact it was OPUS ENERGY. Unknowingly to my husband, he gave them his bank details and meter readings and there was no mention of a contract. A couple of days later we had a contract through the door saying thank you for choosing us as your energy supplier. I immediately rang opus up saying WTH!! Is going on? The lad on the phone just said that if my husbands current energy supplier objects to opus taking over 3 times then the contract will be abandoned. So I rang up husband current supplier and stated that under no circumstances transfer the energy to OPUS. They said not to worry as they have had similar calls from other business owners saying that have been duped by OPUS!! So that's sorted. NOW a week later after the incident a women named "SADIA FROM OPUS" phoned my husband again saying that she was from "the service department". I challenged her and asked which company she was from. She didn't reply and when I mentioned OPUS she said yes. I said I don't want anything to do with the company and requested her to remove my husbands number from the system. She just told me to hold the line and the line was mute for a good 5 minutes. I ended the call. Now a couple of days after her phone call my husband got a CONTRACT FOR HOS ELECTRICTY through the door in his name. My husband has a submeter in his shop but the ELECTRICTY is not in his name. The shop next door receives the bill and we pay half. The shop owner next door has been receiving contracts in his name when he hasn't ever spoken to them and he's been with his current supplier for over 5 years. Iv reported them to trading standards and will do to the FO. The reviews on opus are disgraceful and my husband can't believe he's been duped like this. Surely it's illegal! Sorry for the long post guys but Any help would be grateful
  25. Hi, I ran into a problem recently. My dad took over the business 2 months ago which he renewed his contract with British Gas at a good price ( i think) but because he doesnt speak good English i was speaking on his behalf and dealt with most of the stuff. 5 days ago, Tuesday night. I received a phone call from "Someone" calimed they were calling on from British gas ( which i asked again because the first them they said it i didnt hear it properly) and they said that my dad's energy account wasnt complete when we signed the contract so they are looking for info to completely set up the account. Then they give me so many info such as the meter number, the business register number, price i was charging at etc which gave the impression they were actually British gas since i only passed that kind of info to british gas before and not to any brokers or companies. THEY KNEW I HAVE A CONTRACT When i told my dad "who" is calling and asking for "info", he said i can deal with it since i singed the contract on his behalf with british gas and i know most of the stuff. some details given to "her they asked for bank details which i hesitated and i asked for what reason, they said "just to make sure you hold a vaild bank account" which i translated back to my Dad and he thought its fine to give them it. Then i got transfer to another guy where he just talked about the terms and condition in a fast pace which i thought i am just comfiring the terms and conditions with British gas again (at that moment, i still belived i was talking to british gas) After all that, he ened with "do you have any questions" I replied "no" He went "ok, you have a good day sir" then hang up the phone. THEN, i recevied a letter from Opus energy yesterday ( Saturday) saying my dad is in contract with them now for 3 years. Which we thought we never spoke to Opus before and never heard of them which left us stare blankly at the contract thinking WHAT IS GOING ON??? then the moment clicked, it must be the phone call on tuesdat night. now we are left with 2 gas contracts and dont know what to do. Opus doesnt open for the weekend so we have to wait until monday. Can someone give me advice of what to do? I read the fourm and there were a couple of people were in the exact in position as me right now. I would like to know how can i cancelled my contract with Opus because they are charging a MUCH higher price than british gas. How many people were successful in cancelling their contract? and if i cant, what would happen? PANICKING!!
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