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Found 25 results

  1. I naively filled out some PPI claim online Pemberton Associates ages ago, gave all info I had to hand. “Electronically” signed all documents. Was sent something in the post which was lengthy, eventually completed & returned. Cut a long story short but I started getting A LOT of emails from this company. Regarding all sorts of things, claims against pay day loans, claims against all sorts of things, there was that much I lost track. I was only ever really interested in PPI and I assumed everything I filled in was to do with PPI. I got a final response saying once they’ve
  2. I had a credit card in 2002 to 2003 with The Associates and they were later taken over by Citibank but during the Assoicates time, 2002 I had PPI on the card. Can anyone tell me please where I would send my claim for a refund on ppi. I was self employed in 2002 and was mis sold the ppi. With the letter for a refund do I have to send a copy of the financial ombudsmen questionnaire? Also can I send the form to the financial-ombudsmen on line? Appreciate any help you can give me.
  3. After lots of reading and research, I'm going to attempt to claim the PPI for a loan that I took out with The Associates, before they became a part of CitiFinancial Europe.A I was a student at the time with, two young children aged under 3 at the time. It was the first time I'd borrowed money and I took the loan out to help pay for their nursery fees after a mess-up with my Student finance. So glad those days are behind me now! They have recently paid out PPI for a credit card that I had with them. They stated that they couldn't find any details of the loan but would look at it agai
  4. Hi..... Just a quick question. I have just been going through some old bank statements trying to find an old Humber Finance payments as I'm sure I had a loan with them. I have instead come across Associates Capital loan payments....from 2002. Am I to understand that CITI financial is Associates Capital? I have already claimed back PPI from CITI from loans in 2007 but i don't know if the loan from 2002 was part of my claim. Any ideas please. Thanks.
  5. Hi everyone, Please can anyone advise how I might make contact with this firm (which I think has been "taken over") and claim for mis-sold PPI, as I took out a £14,000 loan from them a good few years back and was told I had to pay for PPI or the loan would not be granted (they said they wanted to be sure they would be repaid, whatever happened to me and/or my circumstances). Also, I was self-employed so probably couldn't have claimed, anyway. But I have no paperwork, anymore. Thank you. Jib
  6. My partner took out a associates credit card in 1997 when he was self employed. He has received a refusal letter today saying that whilst we do not accept all of your allegations we do acknowledge that there may have been flaws in our sales process. However, despite this I am not persuaded that any of these sales failings would have affected your decision to take out the PPI policy. This is because taking into account your circumstances at the time of the sale which are disclosed in your questionnaire, it is clear that you had no means at the time of protecting your card r
  7. Hi, Here's one for you. I work as a freelancer. In June last year I agreed to work with a business, the deal was that I would sell my services through their brand and receive 60% on my billings, for months when I did not bill, I would receive a cash payment to tide me over. I signed an acceptance of offer letter with them and started working with them at the beginning of July. All went well and I quickly secured an opportunity to deliver some highly complex services to a large business I know well. I was concerned at my associates capability to support me with delivery and ask
  8. Hi I was wondering if someone can help please. I have been trying to claim PPI refunds for my loans that I have with the Associates (Capital) Jersey Ltd. They date back as far as December 1999. I have 2 original agreements, and the rest are R62 forms on Associates Capital letter head. The R62 forms were requirements for tax returns in Jersey. They quote the associates account number and the amount of interest paid for that year. I have been sending letters for the past 2 years and have had no luck whatsoever. I believe The Asso
  9. Can anyone help me make a claim for PPI or do they like to call it CRP on a old ex Associates Citi card account whats the best thing to do where to start any help would be great i no longer have the account, got rid of the card, shredded the statements but have the 17 digit number i'm even confused about the 17 digit number do i miss the last digit off ? Jay
  10. Hello, Today I checked my credit report with noddle (it's free) and I noticed I have one default account which has been registered with PRA. Concerned I checked Experian and there is same information. Both of them are relating to my old debt with QQ which has been taken over by Mackenzie Hall. I settled this debt in 2011 and I've requested a confirmation letter from MH, which I still have a copy of. I was working really hard over last 3 years to build my credit score once again. Could you please help me what should I do and how should I deal with PRA.
  11. Portfolio Recovery Associates contact me by telephone every few days. Most days it's an abandoned call with up to 45 seconds of silence before the recorded message kicks in (that's been reported to OFCOM) but today I spoke to an actual person, something that happens maybe once a week. Every time I talk to someone there, I do the usual refusal to go through the security questions and advise them to put it in writing. I have as yet, received nothing in the post from them. I asked the caller to have a look at my file on her screen and tell me how many times they've writte
  12. I had a loan with Wonga, which as far as I am concerned,it is paid off.I have the receipts of payments made. But last November,I made my payment into Wonga's HSBC account, only to find out at a later date, they had changed to Barclays. After numerous emails to them (not replied to) and phone calls, they could not find the payment. So I sent them the computer print out of the transaction in the beginning of May, which HSBC gave me. My last payment to them was in February. I have just checked my Wonga account out of curiosity,to find this ........ IM
  13. Hello all, I recently paid for my girlfriend to go on a counselling course starting this September with Karen Grant Assosiates Ltd of Brighton. After paying the money a month or so ago and recieving a receipt, my girlfriend recently decided the course wasn't for her and decided to cancel and asked for her money back. Her email went unanswered for a week or so, and so she phoned. She spoke to Karen Grant herself and Karen brushed her off by saying she had read the email and merely forgot and that she would refund the money. So we waited another week and still no refund. My girlfriend then
  14. Hi, I am trying to help a family member to sort out old PPI on AVCO (associates) loan. I did send for SAR and they say there is nothing (the loan was paid in 2000). I have all the bank statements showing payments to AVCO and closing account statement with a small PPI rebate. I need to figure out what was the ppi amount on the agreement. I believe that the amount of PPI was pretty much a standard percentage of the loan amount. May be someone had the loan at the same time and have an agreement with figures? The APR interest at the time (loan taken in 19
  15. Hi in 1999 i needed a new car not having a brill credit rating we went to associates capital after producing reams of paperwork and waiting ages we got a car apparently within our budget we were there for hours and totally fleeced into signing for an agreement with associates agreement in joint names with ppi ( in one name only) and mechanical breakdown. The agreement ran for 30 payments roughly £180 per month about £70 a month was just the insurances plus the interest we eventually voluntarily terminated the agreement. I have the account number, details off credit rep
  16. Both my husband and I had old Associates card's which were later taken over by CitiFinancial in April 2003. Both accounts have Unfair charges applied to them throughout the duration of the accounts and both accounts are over 6 years old. FOS have accepted there is no case to answer to due to the time limit but I have decided to take them to court for them having had success with our PPI claim with them at the end of last year. I have gone through the website with fine tooth comb to locate an upto date version of PoC suitable for the purpose but cannot find one. Would someone kindly poi
  17. Hi guys I took a loan out with Wonga last year and then came out of work after i paid at least 40% of the loan back as that's all i could afford after i got my redundancy pay with other commitments. So they referred my debt to Mckenzie Hall DCA and they did nothing but hassle me with letters and bombard me with phone calls until i downloaded an app and blocked there calls full stop. Then i started receiving about 3 or 4 letters a fortnight with court action blah blah. So i emailed McKenzie Hall and told them im out of work here is a copy of my JSA Agreement all your getting
  18. Hi guys, Following various advice gained on here I have recently received Statements and as far as I can tell other useful details of PPI payments to the above account (prior to cancelling in 2003) and also details of all charges ranging from £25 down to £12. These I understand can now be reclaimed for payment to me as the defaulted debt was sold to Cabot some time ago. There is a reasonable amount of about £1500 for both PPI payments and charges and I understand that I can claim interest on both PPi payments and charges but not sure a which rate to claim.
  19. Can anybody tell me who is 'Associates Capital Corporation and if possible the address please. Thanks
  20. Would anyone have an uptodate address for the Associates Credit Card please.
  21. This is a weird one. Some years ago I applied for a ACC credit card. I sent off the info and months later I had a cheque book land on my doorstep addressed to me at some address in North London. But strangely it had had my address at the time written on the envelope. I telephoned ACC who told me that the card had also gone to this address. I was very concerned and asked them to cancel the card as I had never received it and had never lived in North London. They said they would cancel the card. This was way before I had dealings with CAG. I have never had a statement nor a letter from
  22. Hi all, Can anyone help with this one? I had an old Ass card which I squared up in January 2003. I have contacted Citi, Opus, Citi, Opus, Citi, Opus.... you get my drift yeah... I am sure there were penalty charges on the account. How do I get the information back that far???? If it is a SAR... who and where do I address it???? Do I include any case law to force them to provide the information??? Thanks in advance Vaz.
  23. Hi there Does anybody know anything about these jokers. They called me today and stated that they had "confidential mail" for me and wanted to confirm my address. I told them to go forth and multiply. There is very little known about this so called firm on the web, they are supposedly based in Kettering but there is no info for them on Companies House, they have no Consumer Credit Licence or registered with OFT. There is another firm called Clear Associates Limited based in Slough, this is an auditing firm, so will probably have nothing to do with this outfit.
  24. Looking for people who had these fees. please post here; http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/forumdisplay.php?356-CPP-Group-Plc
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