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  1. Send them an email on the 16th June telling them how disappointed I was with their decision and have received a letter today saying they have reviewed my complaint and have now upheld it, and they will send me a cheque for £1740 RESULT Thank you everyone
  2. Well I sent an email on the 16th June to citi letting them how disappointed I was with their refusal and have received a letter today saying they have upheld the complaint and will send out a cheque for £1739 Result Thank you for your help
  3. Hi, I have received my calculations for redress on PPI for 2 loans and a credit card from Lloyds. It shows on there the amount deducted for tax, I am a non UK tax payer as I live in France, can I claim this back?
  4. £2500 received from Lloyds credit card taken out in 1998 result Thank you again
  5. Mine dates from 1997 as well, they refused mine on the grounds that I never had any other means of covering the repayments in the event of redundancy, illness ets, even though I was self employed. it does seem a waste of time following it up.
  6. I am in the same situation as you with Citifinancial, did you get anywhere writing to the CEO?
  7. Thats why I surprised that they rejected it. I put on the questionnaire that I was self employed and was not made aware of the specific exclusions relating to unemployment cover, and I was led to believe my application would be rejected if I did not take out PPI
  8. Good luck, with your claims. Lloyds paid out easy enough on the loans & credit card my partner had when he was self employed, citicards are the ones who won't pay
  9. My partner took out a associates credit card in 1997 when he was self employed. He has received a refusal letter today saying that whilst we do not accept all of your allegations we do acknowledge that there may have been flaws in our sales process. However, despite this I am not persuaded that any of these sales failings would have affected your decision to take out the PPI policy. This is because taking into account your circumstances at the time of the sale which are disclosed in your questionnaire, it is clear that you had no means at the time of protecting your card r
  10. It was a loan my partner took out in 1992 before he went self employed, they said there was not enough evidence to show that he had ermployee benefits that meant he didn't have need for PPI policy
  11. Lloyds upheld my claim on 2 of the 3 loans, one going back to 1998 received a cheque for £1900, have also received an email this morning to say they are upholding my credit card claim and are in the process of calculating the redress. Thank you for your help.
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