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  1. Thank you for all you help will let you know the outcome .
  2. Hiya I rang 0800 00 55 00 they said threat all personal cards had been transferred to opus they gave me a number but it doesn’t work 0207 872 0464 . I have checked my bank statement cans there are no payments showing they go back to 2011. I was out of the country from Oct 2010 so I know I don’t pay anything and it’s not on my credit file. Shall I send a statute barred letter?
  3. Hi rang citi bank who have no record of any credit cards, they say these were sold to a company called Opus?. I wasn’t aware this was the case should I now call opus? Please advise thank you in advance l x
  4. hi no, same address, heard nothing since march 2013 there are no ccj on my credit report and the account is not showing either, will try and ring citi card tomorrow, not too sure what to say to them though, any ideas please, thanks
  5. ok update, looking through my paper work i received a letter from Cabot about this debt in oct 2012, i went through the process of asking for a CAA, Notice of assignment. they sent me a letter saying they didnt have it but would provide it within 40 days? this was in march 2013, i have not heard anything since, until last week sept 2018, do you think they are testing the water thanks again in advance.
  6. thank you, i no longer have the account details, would they give me this info with just my name and address? thanks
  7. Hi i have received a letter from cabot about an old credit card, how can i tell if this is statute barred, i dont think i have made a payment since 2010 as i moved abroad, i came back in 2012 but was not in a financial position to make any payments. Please advise thanks
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