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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all Just looking for a bit of information really. I took my first student loan in my first year of uni - 1997. and another loan each year after that so 1998 and 1999 - all the 'old 'style' loans. I have been deferring to Erudio since they bought them. However as for when these loans run out is it 25 years from the first one - 1997, or 25 years from when the last one was issued 1999? thanks all.
  2. Hi all, I've been reading through a quite a few threads on the site (there are quite a lot now!) for the last couple of weeks and they've really helped me understand whats going on. Not everytihng in the others threads is entirely relavent to me. I've tried compiling a few bits of advice but I'm worried I'm still missing some info. (In fact it would be really cool if somebody could compile all the links and main points on Erudio) Some basic background on me. I'm currently living and working in France. My first loans was in 1997 (mortgage style loans) I've deferred for at least 7 years (prior to that I made some payments for 2 years) I can legally still defer (I earn a pittance) [*]I have around 5500 GBP to pay back Like everyone else, I recently had the pleasure of being contacted by Erudio, telling me that they had bought my loan and that they would send me a deferral form. I recieved their deferral form and was not a big fan of the changes they've made, particularly that they "require" more information than the old deferral forms. . From reading the other threads what I get is: (but I'd appreciate it if somebody could confirm or deny what I'm saying) They're trying to changes the TC's of the original loan - though they don't have the right (as they're not the original lender), unless maybe I sign the new deferral form and send it back ? I can delay them by askig for a CCA, but not sure how this will really help me in the end? I'm guessing that since I've consistently deferred my loan over the last 7+ years I can't claim statute barred, as effectively I've acknowledged the debt by deferring? I could potentially ignore their requests and hope they don't find me for 6 years, but They would say I defaulted ? (On my CR?) And demand I repay in full? Could they actually enforce this and how ? [*]They could potentially send agents after me to recover the money? Would they actually do this? [*]They could screw with my credit rating and generally make life difficult for me if I return to the UK. What happens if I stay in France? Frankly I'm trying to decide what to do... I could legally just defer.. but I'm annoyed by the changes in the T&C's. And I'm tempted just to tell them where they can stick their forms. I've seen on other threads that people have said I don't have to use their forms or provide all the information they're requesting? So what I'd like to know is, can anyone tell me exactly what information I am legally obliged to give them? Does anyone have a copy of the original mortage style T&C's I could look at ? or a scan of the origial deferral forms? For that matter if anyone could scan a blank copy of the new deferral forms that could be useful, as I started scrawling on mine before I realised what I was doing! What happens when I send back the deferral form/ information that I'm legally required to, and they then refuse my deferal, because I haven't given them all the information they asked for? What can they do and what can I do to stop them ? Any advice would be welcome!
  3. My partner took out a associates credit card in 1997 when he was self employed. He has received a refusal letter today saying that whilst we do not accept all of your allegations we do acknowledge that there may have been flaws in our sales process. However, despite this I am not persuaded that any of these sales failings would have affected your decision to take out the PPI policy. This is because taking into account your circumstances at the time of the sale which are disclosed in your questionnaire, it is clear that you had no means at the time of protecting your card repayments. You also stated that you did not have any other means of making your repayments if you were unable to work through sickness, accident or unemployment, as a result I am not in a position to uphold your complaint and it has now been closed. Anybody any ideas where i go from here? Any thoughts would be appreciated
  4. Hi I have just found some old paperwork for a car loan i took out with Midland Bank in 1997 (now HSBC).. As you can see from the photo - They charged me £959.29 for this "credit protection insurance loan". Now seeing as the loan for the car was only £6000 - They charged me a sixth of the value of the loan for this insurance.. Credit protection insurance loan was £780 - and on top of that they charged £179.29 interest (total charge for credit). Can someone tell me if this is part of the PPI story - and am i entitled to claim this back? Should i goto HSBC direct - and save myself the fee PPI companies charge - or would i need to goto a PPI refund company to claim it back properly. Any assistance would be appreciated! Thanks Steve (p.s. I covered up my name and address in photo as advised by my friend - just in case!!)
  5. I have just received a letter from the DWP stating they will be taking £6.35 per week from my ESA over three social fund payment from 1997. I had this out with the DWP months ago when i first got the demand. I sent the DWP a Data Subject Access Request as for the life of me i had no idea if i had taken out these three loans. They were unable to offer any proof of my liability, no applications, signatures, nothing. I told them to contact me again when they had the documentation. How can they take this money now out of my ESA when they have no proof of my liability? Just spoke with the DWP and i cannot even talk with an individual. They say someone from the recoveries team will contact me in three hours as they are only a call centre ANY TIPS PEOPLE
  6. Hello good people of the CAG My first post I've spent a while in here looking through the numerous threads and articles. I wish I had found you sooner. What a truly amazing community. It's also good to know I'm not alone... It's also great to see there really are some amazingly generous individuals giving their time and effort to resolve other peoples problems! OVERVIEW MBNA Credit card with PPI for many years from at least 1997 to 200x when the account was closed and paid off in full. I had heard over the years about the mis selling of PPI, I knew I used to pay it, but was told "down the pub"a few years ago that if its more than 6 years its no good, so I put it down to experience, not so keen to dredge up the past and moved on with life. This was particularly galling, as when I actually tried to make a claim on the PPI policy some months after being made redundant in 2002, I was told that I had left it too late to make any claim. Looking back, I must have been in a pretty bad place. I would not normally have left something like that unresolved. Back to the present Several weeks ago, I read an article which said there was no time limit on reclaiming PPI, it was simply a question of getting the proof together and it could go back as far records allow. i decided to investigate, so, off to the attic I went, where amazingly I found evidence of previously paying PPI on an MBNA credit card. I was none to keen to pass this over to a "no win, no fee" outfit to reclam the PPI on my behalf, so I (naively perhaps) simply wrote to MBNA on impulse. I pointed out I believe I have a strong case for mis selling, highlighted their refusal to help when I was made redundant, provided evidence of losing my job, provided 2 monthly statements showing PPI paid, one statement from 1999 and another in 2002 and questioned if the salesperson was even qualified to give advice in the first place and certainly did not remember signing anything regarding PPI. - All before I found the CAG.... I have some but not all statements dating back from May 1998 to Dec 2002 The PPI amounts i can prove vary from £26.95 in Nov 1999 to £52.94 in Dec 2002 The ineterest rate applied appears to be 18.9% If I use the spreadsheets on here, this equates to a tidy sum, especially if I extrapolate the missing months from the statements I do have. Does £52.92 paid in 4/10/02 @18.9% really = £235.61 ..... £26.95 paid in 04/11/99 @18.9% really = £216.55 ?! Having now found this group and having just recieved a letter saying MBNA will give me a "Final Response" in 28 days I wonder if I can do anything to strenghten my case with them and demonstrate my determination to take this further if need be, ideally forcing their hand without having to go through the need for SAR etc. I'm inlcined to send off the following letter to supplement my initial letter in the hope that it makes them think I have no intention of fading away again and better to pay now and not drag it out. Comments or thoughts welcome. Thanks in advance. Donation to follow - no question - others need the invaluable resource this site and its members provide. DRAFT Ref:Account Number:xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Your Ref:xxxxx 2x July 2012 Dear X Thank you for your letter of 1 July 2012. Since sending you my initial claim for mis-sold PPI, I have been looking into the subject in greater detail. Having joined a number of consumer action groups, researched numerous threads and articles on the subject of mis-sold PPI and MBNAEurope in particular, I now feel much better placed to pursue this cliam to its conclusion and ensure i reclaim the full PPI amount due and look forward to receiving your "Final Response" within the 28 day timescale you refer to. For the avoidance of doubt, my expectation is for your "Final Response" to include a cheque for the refund of the enitire amount of PPI I have paid, taking into account compound interest at the rate applied by MBNA on each monthly statement and relating to all PPI activity on the above account from its inception. In addition to demanding full payment, I also expect full disclosure and a monthly breakdown of PPI amounts paid, the dates and the interest rate applied for any and all PPI activity on the above account. The enclosed spreadsheet highlights the formulae I expect to be used in calculating the total amount owed and the minimum 18.9% rate shown on my statements. The Consumer Groups have proved a hugely informative resource with regards to mis-sold PPI and MBNA in particular. I believe it to be in your best interests to settle this immediately and in full. I am not going to go away or be fobbed off any more! There is no time limitation to PPI claims. In that regard, if you decide to implement delaying tactics or decide to make an offer of payment that does not truly reflect the amounts due, I will have no hesitation in taking whatever steps are required to reach a satisactory conclusion - including looking to the courts if need be, where I may ask them to consider "restitution" adding perhaps a further 8% interest to the total amount owed. Your records will show that I cleared my debt to you in full including interest accrued. I demand that you now do the same. I look forward to your "Final Response". Yours sincerely, Further background for those interested I had a good job and had a DD to make monthly payments - a then near perfect credit rating I would imagine. In Mar 2002 I was made redundant. My then partner had an affair (not related to losing my job) but what with everything I kind of gave up on life for a while (a long while) and with no income, payments went unpaid and it all became a bit of a mess. Long story short - I moved house and the MBNA debt spiralled but they couldnt get hold of me. 3 years or so later I looked to clean up the mess, made contact with MBNA and was immediately pounced on with some quite intimidating demands for payment. I did so, in full, nearly 7k from memory. I did owe them money after all. There is no longer any mark on my credit file to reflect this and life in general is much better. Took a while but its coming together..... Thanks for reading.
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