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  1. Hi Do I just send a letter of complaint asking for..... to be refunded back to me due to unlawfully charged. Do I then say I look forward to your response within 14 days from date of letter? People talk about spread sheet. I have a statement I received when they transferred the debt to Kensington do I send copy on this with it and highlight items claiming for. I've read I think too much as I know do not know where to start Regards Vickie
  2. Hi I'm after help step by step. I was with Ge for several years until over 12months ago it was passed to Kensington. It's been irritating me the fact all these feed Ge charged me for and interest on last communication received from.them and wondered if I could still attempt to claim them back (also annoying is letter fees which we never even received letters). Firstly. What do I do? Do I do a SAR? If so can you point me to the form. Or do I write a letter of complaint? I'm not good at this type of thing but want to see if I can claim anything back. Thank you for anyone's help
  3. Hi Guys I'm really after some advice... I purchase a secured loan from Citi in July 2006 to consolidate. (Stupid as I borrow 16K over 180 months/15yrs which payback means I pay back £49K in total) However the issue is as follows.... I haven't paid anything since sometime 2013... and no chasing was done by Citi Then.. 10 June 2014 - Informed they were transferring this loan to Arrow on 29th June 2014 - no mention of my arrears of payment just informing me this debt was being transferred 11 June 2014 received letter from Arrow saying taken over debt again no a
  4. MrMarmite When you say they can try and take me to court as last resort - do you mean just to issue a CCJ? I have got a expenditure sheet worked out and since starting making payments have had an extra addition to the family and changed jobs to a lower paid one as was made redundant. (no redundance money to mention as was not in previous employment for long) The Debt Agency is Connaught. A friend said that she thought with the debt being £6,000 they could put a possention order on my house but I said its Unsecured so how can they do that? What is this debt recovery agency like? Tha
  5. Hiya Wondered if anyone can help me? I took out a unsecured loan with 'Citi Finance' and got into difficulty affording the payments. Therefore I stopped paying and they passed it on the a debt recovery who said by phone they could accept on the £6,000 owing was £75.00 a month and I have paid this for approx 12months but Im now struggling to pay this and have written and asked if I can reduce my payment by half and they have said no. Im wondering what is the worst that could happen if I did just pay half the payment to them - what would the worst could they do? I have CCJ's from years
  6. Hiya Due to a few problems I am going to be 2 payments behind after this month on my mortgage and going to write and offer them £100.00 a month to clear these arrears. In the meantime I have not heard from them and wondered with me having just 2 months in arrears at the end of this month could they try to reposses my home? Thanking you for your advice
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