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Found 9 results

  1. Hello all, 1 Date of the infringement 20/11/2016 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] 25/11/2016 3 Date received 28/11/2016 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? Yes (see attached) 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? Yes - ANPR. 6 Have you appealed? Yes - standard template to receive POPLA code. In the process of writing POPLA appeal. Not currently attached as standard text used Have you had a response? Yes, their (the parking company) rejection also attached. 7 Who is the parking company? Total Parking Solutions Ltd. 8. Where exactly Heritage Retail Park, Crewe So, I overstayed my welcome. I honestly did not see the signs, not about the length of stay nor about the charge - they are unclear and the writing is tiny. The store where the carpark is was closed at the time. Attached photos of the sign, one zoomed in from my car and the other standing right underneath it trying to read it. My question is about POFA liability and the NTK. I can understand the legislation but from my reading of the NTK, I cannot see whether it is POFA compliant. So how do I use this? They haven't any evidence of who the driver was and the appeal has been from the keeper at all times. No liability has been admitted. Thanks in advance [ATTACH=CONFIG]66694[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]66693[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]66695[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]66696[/ATTACH]
  2. Hi All, I had started a CCA process with Idem servicing with the OL being Citi Financial. I took out the loan in 2007 and have had a minimum payment going out. All payments have been stopped whilst my CCA request is in process. Idem promptly replied within the set time of 12+2 days with many copies of the signed contract with Citi financial, i just want to make sure that what they have sent is enforceable, if so should i resume my payments and send a F&F offer to them. I have uploaded the documents that were sent to me.
  3. Hi Guys After reading lots of useful info on here I have decided to get on top of my debts. Been paying Payplan since 2007. but have decided to take control. I have decided to CCA all my creditors. I have just received this from AMEX. I don't think it complies. However Amex say "these documents for the executed agreement between you and American Express". I'm not so sure? My ultimate aim is to offer one F&F offer to all creditor, If I can prove they haven't got a hope of getting judgement, the offer will be lower. One final point I now live in France and they know this.
  4. Hi, I have a debt to Capquest (owned by them purchased from Vanquis in 2012). I have been trying to sort this out and three weeks ago sent off a CCA because I could not recall signing anything when this was taken out. I spent £500 in total which needs to be paid back but the amount claimed by Capquest is £701, presumably these are credit charges, interest and default fees etc. Because I don't recall signing a CCA what I would like is for the amount owed to be agreed at what I actually spent, which is what I feel comfortable with on moral grounds on repaying. I am still in a financially weak position and the £201 additional fees are more than I am prepared to accept. My "CCA" came yesterday. I expect other people will have had this, it is simply a spreadsheet containing information that was on the web application form. There is no tick box or anything pertaining to being an electronic signature yet the pages are titled "Digital Signature Application details". I happen to know rather a lot about digital signatures, having designed many compliant forms for many organisations in this country and from what I learned is that the burden of proof always lays on the organisation requesting the signature. The purpose of the signature is to provide trust that the document was signed by the intended party and that it has not been altered or tampered with in any way since. While a "tick box" may be all that is legally required to form an electronic and legally binding signature, the person making a judgement on whether it is valid or not has to be assured there is no doubt the correct person ticked that box, and therefore is not really enforceable. Normally you would use a trusted third party such as Echosign or Docusign which would take your document, encrypt it with a unique key and take other supporting information such as IP addresses, the email addresses used, metadata from the browser as well as more advanced forms of ID checking such as automatically dialling your telephone number to provide you with a pin number you need to be able to sign. This provides little doubt that if the telephone number you provided is in fact yours, you more than likely signed the agreement. But nothing like that here, no IP address, no tick box, nothing to rule that I ever agreed to the terms and conditions that are attached. I am confident that if this is all the information they have, that it is completely legally unenforceable. Also the terms and conditions they provided say "The actual interest rate you receive will be communicated to you when we open your account". I am surprised this information is not required in advance to signing a credit agreement. This just leaves me to think that all they have given me is information that would have been presented on-screen at the point of application, prior to credit checking purposes etc. I do remember that I was never asked at any time to go and sign anything after the initial online application process. Capquest are not nice people and will not agree with my point of view, even though I know, based on what has provided, they cannot prove that I have ever agreed to the CCA. The data they provided me is in response to my official and paid for CCA request which therefore I would have thought meant they had to provide everything. If they do happen to have a record of my IP address for example it would weaken my case, especially as the IP address was static at that time, however it still isn't exactly bullet proof on their behalf. What I would like to know is, has anyone got experience in approaching this situation. I will not agree to repay £701 and will not agree to pay anything more than I spent, especially on the basis that I didn't enter a CCA with that company on technical grounds. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks
  5. Hi all, can someone please explain what is meant by a compliant default notice?
  6. Hi, New to the site so please bear with me while I find my way around. Having some major issues with Santander cards & would appreciate some advice. My question is this: Can someone advise me as to when a letter of intention to file a default is sent "along with" a formal default notice, should the "actual default notice" still be fully compliant with the consumer credit act & contain all the prescribed terms?
  7. MacDonalds/Lidl/Dreams Oxford Road Reading https://scontent-a-lhr.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/p200x200/1391644_10201729133565606_1186692471_n.jpg
  8. Several weeks ago we put our car into the Galashiels branch for an MOT, new exhaust and shock absorber. Phone call from the supervisor was to inform us that they had broken the windscreen from using the air pressure chisel on the old shock absorber (really?). After discussions between myself and the supervisor the windscreen was replaced by them and a few days later I collected the car. I telephoned the branch the next day as the hand brake and brake pedal were so tight it was ridiculous. (The handbrake had 1 click only). I was told to bring it in when I could and it would be checked. Unfortunately I was taken ill that afternoon and was off work for 3 weeks with Vertigo. As I couldn't drive the car home from work my colleagues husband-who is a garage mechanic of over 15 years experience -drove the car home to me and said the brakes were dreadful. He couldn't believe it had just passed an MOT with the brakes as they were. In his professional opinion the brakes had been adjusted either during the fitting of the exhaust or shock absorber or for the MOT and were far too tight and told me to take it back to them to sort it as it was their negligence/fault. I should also say the same branch had done a brakes examination and said they looked brand new a few weeks before the MOT. I telephoned to raise my concerns about the brakes and handbrake and asked if I could bring the car in that day. The supervisor said I had to book a brakes examination a couple of days hence -even after I explained previous call before my sickness. I was unable to keep that Friday appointment as I became sick again (vertigo so cant drive). On the Monday I was unable to drive the car out of my driveway as the back brake had locked so I phoned RAC and he freed the brake and told me that I would need new brake shoes. I got them fitted the same day at a different branch as I cant do without my car. I have had to pay for new brake shoes because they were overtighted/adjusted by the Galashiels branch to the tune of over £133 through either negligence or bad workmanship and caused me a great deal of inconvenience. I should certainly not be out of pocket for their shortcomings. I have completed the online customer care form but was told by a lady that answers when you phone that these forms are for feedback only, complaints sent on this are ignored-charming! Also tried to email using the address from someone else's post but it came back as unknown address..........
  9. Hi all I have had a claim progress against me for an old CC debt and I have just received the reply to my defence from the Claimants solicitors. In this reply, they have included a DN that is different to the one they sent me back in 2009. This new one looks to be compliant, whereas the original DN had (1) demanded full repayment of debt and (2) did not allow me full time to repay. Also, the original creditor never actually sent me a Termination Notice but they did sell the debt to another DCA prior to the date on their DN and that DCA then contacted me (again prior to the date on the DN) to arrange payment. So my question is: how does the fact they are producing a different DN in court work? What does this mean to their Claim and my Defence? Thanks JG
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