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  1. Hello Thank you for your reply. Yes, the property is jointly owned by my partner who is also a joint director of the dissolved business. Regards Barry
  2. Hello Try to be brief. had a ltd company back in 2005 with an overdraft linked with a personal guarantee. The company is now dissolved and Lloyds obtained a CCJ against me for the bank overdraft of £7900. I did not know about this until I searched Land Registry and saw a charging order on the property. The charging order was dated 2009 I contacted Lloyds who inform me that they no longer have the debt as they sold it and passed liability first to Hillsden and then to Cabot and lloyds. I have requested from lloyds all the copies of the original loan details, Ts&C
  3. Hello Does anyone have a date that CITI Cards changed customers to OPUS cards? Thanks
  4. Hi As this is now going to the courts, does anyone know the date that CITI card changed over to OPUS? Thanks
  5. Do not use bank smrt at any cost. Wolf in sheeps clothing>>>>> they will bite
  6. Hi Resolver have now added BANK SMART amongst their rogues gallery. If anyone is having issues with this EVIL Bank Smart company, then log your complaint through RESOLVER. Bank Smart snare you into there net by offering "free" PPI claim etc. There real aim is to make YOU pay. They have sent me an invoice for £1200 for not returning a form!!!!! Of course, they have a big fight on there hands DO NOT USE
  7. Hi Do you remember signing a personal guarantee? If not then as you are a ltd company, they can only go for the assets within the company. As the company is dissolved, they need to pay to get the company out of dissolvement to then try to get the outstanding money . (never worth it for a small sum
  8. Hi, I feel very sorry for you. I have been selling on Ebay for over 10 yrs and I can tell you that EBAY nearly ALWAYS falls in favour of the buyer. I too have lost goods to dodgy buyers blatently telling lies re damaged goods, or goods not arriving despite proving 100% delivery success etc etc. I used to list over 3000 products with Ebay, now I list just 100. The buyers leave you bad feedback for no reason and your selling rating goes down.; There appeal system is corrupt and useless. Ebay COULD if challenged be subject to online fraud by letting these crooks steal your goods. As you have p
  9. Hi I had the same thing with Egg - Barclaycard issue. Marlin tried and tried . I think I am correct that its "unenforceable" due to the Egg Ts&Cs I just ignored the letters and I have heard nothing since.
  10. Hello I too had a visit from Marstons who levied on a car in our car park that did not belong to our ltd company. They charged £500 to levy on a wrong asset. Is this legal?
  11. I also had MARSTON banging on my door and levied a car on our car park which dosent even belong to to my company.. Marston sent an enforcement officer. He was the most arrogant animal I have ever come across and simply would not listen when i explained that the car on the car park was not part of the company. I sent proof of ownership to Marston. The rewarded me with a £500 fee. They simply do not listen and treat people like animals. WHEN IS THE GOVERNMENT GOINT TO INTERVENE WITH THESE PRACTISES.
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