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  1. Just an update. I sent another letter to Canada Square Operations PO Box 4903 Worthing BN99 3AR They returned the same generic letter they are unable to find any records of me or the loan. only difference was the heading at the top of letter Canada Square Operations instead of Citifinancial . I sent them the bank statement with the direct debit to the associate's on and my address at the time. my change of name documents also. still they cannot find me I'm at loss what to do now the have sent the same letter 4 times.
  2. that address is it for loans I'm confused now. there's quite a few addresses I have citi cards which my original letter went to pobox 4904 in Worthing bn99 3as not sure between these other addresses now 33 Canada square London e14 5lb or complaints handerling team citi financial Europe po box 49944 London se5 7yg
  3. yes dx I started the claim with a sar and I filled in the fos they sent back a few weeks ago. Ill think ill try the other address maybe get more joy that way. just done a quick google there on the address and its actually a ppi complaints for the credit cards. but surely they handle loans as well. ???
  4. I have been dealing with citi financial po box 4904 Worthing bn99 3as
  5. I have just received a third letter from Citi financial stating they can not find any details on the loans which I took out with the Associates Capital around 2002 possibly before. I have sent all the relevant information I had on this matter to CitiFinancial including a bank statement from the time. As i do not have the credit agreement any longer. On the bank statement you could clearly see the loan agreement number and dates and my address at the time. Regular payments where made to this loan I have also filled in our questionnaire to the best of my ability.
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