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  1. Hi Dx100uk I have done a sar on Barclays and natwest. I am unsure what I am meant to do with all the information sent to me really. Neither sent me the original default notices that they have listed as part of the letters sent but not the letter itself. Regarding pra they are saying in the letter they are acting on behalf of their client and the account with Barclays. I will upload the letter from them if it helps. I am unsure where I can go with this now, after sar and cca I was hoping to either find out if they are unenforceable or have some power to nego
  2. Hi Lookinforinfo, Thank you for your kind advice, the CCA is for a bank overdraft, I am now reading around further about this and it seems that banks do not have to comply with a CCA request if it is related to an overdraft. Whilst Natwest have not written to inform me of this, i am in a similar situation with Barclays they have had PRA group who are their DCA and who i had sent the CCA request to with a letter stating the above fact. I am now in a dilema how to handle this. I am writing with a letter to Allied and NAtwest as suggested however any id
  3. Hi All, I had another post on here where i had started my CCA requests for several debts, one of which was Natwest. The result has been interesting: 1: Natwest have sent across paperwork, a list of what letters were sent out to me and dates but no actual letters! There was a direct email address for the case worker who was dealing with my CCA request, i emailed stating that there was no hard copy of the 'default' notice stated in the paper work simply a date and that i require a copy of the original default notice letter, as my SARS request stated i require ALL
  4. Hi DX yes the transactions and agreement remains the same, I sent a SARS to Citi with no acknowledgement or reply yet, my concern is with their letter i have also posted, they state they will not hold the account and that sending across a SARS to Citi has in short nothing to do with them, they also state the agreement is true and enforceable. Unsure what my response or next step should be really
  5. Hi Dx, I have uploaded a word document but i cannot convert it to a PDF as my computer wont allow it, i hope this is ok. The contract they have sent looks like the original one i had signed so I am kind of leaning to accepting that this one is legit? return.pdf
  6. Any advice is really appreciated!! I am thinking of accepting their CCA and setting up a payment plans again and then offer a full and final settlement? HI All, A quick update and hopefully someone can shed some light on whether I have lost this case and continue making payment or if i should take things forward to the FOC? If so i have no clue what the next steps would be. if you look at the posts before this, i had sent a CCA Request and based on advice i sent another letter stating that the t&c sent were not compliant and informed them that I am waiting on
  7. Hi Everyone, i have requested a SAR on Natwest Bank and also Barclays, so far Natwest have replied back with their first letter. The objective of my SARS is to attain my old statement, fees, transactions and charges to claim back on and also for PPI. I know I have had a lot of bank charges as I used my Natwest account when i was a student and really bad with my money! I have attached the letter which Natwest have sent back, i was hoping someone could shed some light on what I could reply via email with? They have mentioned statements now can i say I just
  8. Hi Everyone, Just a quick update on one of the accounts I have been discussing and getting help for here! I sent PRA Group (for Barclay account) they sent me a letter confirming receipt and that they will get in touch, I stopped payments once I received acknowledgement, they sent a letter for a broken agreement. In reply i sent a reply letter stating that the account was in dispute and unenforceable as it had been over 6 weeks and I had not received the relevant documents. They have sent me a letter which I am uploading, is this a general letter
  9. dx you truly are an amazing adviser! thank you for your time on this matter. I feel there is a clear pathway to take this down now. I will give this a go and of course come back to this thread with any update or outcome
  10. Hi dx, I had taken an initial loan out with citi financial and then increased the amount I borrowed at a later date to pay off money I owed to family, and some credit cards. I believe you are correct it was sold to Idem in 2013. If I was to try and reclaim back the admin fee charges how would this process work? My account went from Citi Financial to Ardent then to Idem. I don't believe I had any letters from Citi but I think I had a letter from Idem when they took on the account unfortunately in my recent move I lost a lot of the paper work. If I was to try and rec
  11. So just to confirm what they have sent over is non compliant? Best thing to do is not send out any letters and NOT set up payments again?
  12. Hi CitizenB, Thank you for your insight, Regarding the Admin fees, I believe they may have been for late payments or when they had to send a letter out to me , I can't really remember what they are for to be honest. I thought the list of payment breakdown was a statement of the account, as I am unsure what else a statement of account would be? THey haven't said they will claim against me i voluntarily sent a CCA request to see whether IDem have the right documents and agreements for me to be paying them after they took it over from Citi Financial. The ultimate goal was to
  13. Hi dx, I have created a multipage word doc with all the same letters provided but all the figures have been left in place. I am unsure at this stage what these documents reflect, enforceable or unenforceable. Hopefully you can shed a bit more light, someone else here believes these docs are not sufficient just after another opinion. I have deleted all the previous uploads to help save on confusion. Thank you for your help. docs1.pdf
  14. Thank you for your kind help converting it into a PDF and also removing several info bits that I had missed out! I can upload it again with the figures once again it won't be in a pdf format but I will leave the figures in tact.
  15. Hi DX100uk, I have tried to do what you have asked, but unfortunately my computer doesn't save anything as a PDF doc, I will continue to try doing the multipage thing but so far it has not been working. Is there any other format I can provide for you all to see it? I have tried to upload a multipage word doc but it is still saved as word. attachment.pdf
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