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  1. Hi I have four different debts which have been with me for a very long time. I intent to deal with them now, and any help would be greatly appreciated. Firstly I have 2 separate debts with 1st Credit a company based in Riegate. the first of these two debts with 1st Credit is for a Barclaycard I took out on 3rd of March 1999. The default date for this debt listed on my credit report is 30th December 2008, however I think I stopped paying or contacting barclaycard a lot sooner than this date. I am not sure exactly of the last date when I made a payment or co
  2. Hi I havent posted for a few years now on this forum, but recently I have been unfortunate enough to have experienced some of the worst customer service ever by me. I have had vehicle business insurance with an insurance company named DIAL DIRECT for a number of years now. I use them to provide insurance for my van, and I have 1 family member and my self on the policy insured to drive. Now neither of us have ever been involved in an accident or made a claim on this policy, which is all fine and DIAL DIRECT confirm this over the phone according to their record that they log and keep.
  3. hi guys, back again. i have now recieved some info back. I have recieved some statements from barclaycard, but they only go back 6 years, im guessing this is because of some law, regarding only keeping the last 6 years data, but not sure... anyhow all the statements are blank as no activity during this period. so im unable to establish the last payment date because it was before this period. in relation to barclaycard they sent me a letter one day saying that they cannot complete my request as i have not provided them with the address which they have on their system, and also no postal orde
  4. hi guys done the letter of complaint and also the cca, went to post but the post office is closed so will post tommorow. the complaint letter is below, plz have a read and let me know what you think any suggestions would be welcome... thanks Complaint and I Acknowledge No Debt to Your Company This letter is in response your letter to me dated 19 April 2011. In this letter your first sentence states: “I have attempted to contact you several times recently” This is a false statement and a lie, as you have not tried to contact me several times, if however you still insis
  5. shall i refute their statements about contacting me withiun the cca or in a seperate letter.
  6. HI I recived another letter from HFO this morning, its states that they have tried to contact me several times, which is false as ive only ever recieved one letter from them befpore this one. furthermore it states i have 3 days to intiate payment as the debt is now due for immediate payment. after 3 days the account will be escalated to legal desk for legal action against me for the total balance and court costs and solicitor fees. further more it states my dossier indicates that i can make contributions towards this debt, how do they know this and what do they mean by dossier. al
  7. Can someone please post the links to where I can get templates for the CCA and SAR. Also which address do I need to post the SAR for Barclaycard? Thanks Alf
  8. ok cheers guys, Shadow, im assuming the s77/s78 is whats reffered to a CCA in the prevcious post by you guys?
  9. ok thanks guys will do a sar to barclaycard and just sit tight in regards to the bar-stewards HFO. once again thank you guys i love you.
  10. and when i recieve the 72 hour letter then i should send the CCA request?
  11. Ok Guys, getting confused now as to what i should do? shall I send it or wait? im will ing to wait a few months, but do you think i should do nothing and just wait or send a cca reuest, im worried if i send that=, and what if they provide the documents i request, would i be stuffed then?
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