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  1. Hi Can anyone give me advice on the best independent group for helping to look at my mortgage account, im in arrears atm and trying to pay extra each week along with my monthly mortgage, but the amounts are not adding up right, my head is “frying”over this. thanks
  2. Thanks dk between your link and spoke to FOS office, know now that IPT is only included on personal loan when Insurance policy has been added. But how can I work out a SOC charges if I don't have the insurance premium amount? Halifax still not telling me policy added. thanks lizzy
  3. Hi all Can anyone tell me about Insurance Premium Tax? My Loan with Halifax states that it is included at 5%, am I right that it is tax that is added to insurance premium Requested and received paperwork under SAR, but Halifax didn't included the "annual statement" that I have a original copy of where it tells me that this IPT is included, but they did send a "loan report" dated within the 40 days, that tells me that IPT is nil any information on why this tax was added would be great thanks lizzy
  4. hi Has anyone dealing with ulster bank, been told this. Spoke to ryan in ulster bank asking how I can obtain statements from 2003/2004.....he informed me that Ulster bank can only go back 7 years,, and that I would need to get a court order with a judges signature to request more than 7 years... Is he right in saying this, what does a SAR letter enforce ?? thanks all
  5. just a thought, but because under "self service" site, when I was paying the £30 pound late DD, it did not at anytime inform me that the actually amount would be more that would come out of my bank account, Has Dial direct "breeched" any act, not probably informing customer of the accurate amount???
  6. hi all furious with dial direct, missed a car insurance payment of £30 on 19th, they charged me £25 late fee on Monday, So went online to pay DD for car with other card, now my bank tells me that the payment that pending actually includes another £25, I have a email to confirm this....But the girl in call centre insists that it hasn't be charged twice.... I want now to request refund of all fees applied, is there a template letter I can use so angry
  7. hello I have just found(searched the house) the actual agreement of Halifax personal loan wondering if someone could help me work out how much I can reclaim ? Taken May 2005 Credit: £6500 Arrangement fee:£65 total charge for credit 1799.68 48 monthly repayment of 172.91 APR 12.1% monthly Interest rate 0.928% Insurance premium Tax included, insurance premium at 5% with this information can I send letter requesting refund, I need a spreadsheet but can't open any of the spreadsheet links on here, can open spread sheet relating to bankcharges from 2007, is the spread sheet the same
  8. is that statements from the credit card?, Do I need to fill out a spread sheet showing the insurance amount charged to send with my complaint,? ( I remember doing it for credit card int years ago)
  9. Hello all Would appreciate any advise Am looking to claim back ppi on loans, credit cards and have a few questions 1. On Halifax loan took out 2005 to may 2009 ( only by luck I have still got a annual statement, orginal agreement was online) where the Loan amount is it has ** beside, bottom of page states **Inclusive of loan insurance, This means I did pay ppi ?? plus would a few months over the 6 years make a difference to letter type 2 I have had car finance with black horse but on the agreement the "Insurance side/Other financial information" is blank does that mean ppi hasn't been added in?? 3 is there a template letter form I can use thanks
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