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  1. I've been away from the forum for some years and GOD how things have changed. I've just discovered that my old (premier 50 currant account) was packaged and contained an element for ID protection, which, naturally enough, I would like to claim back. Is there a template or procedural advice that I might be able to use - please?
  2. Thanks Slick, Yes it's a BC account and in the past they've 'rolled over'. Whether they've newer 'fired up' staff I don't know. I am confident that I can beat them I just wanted to avoid the AQ side of things and, having wasted a couple of trees worth of paper on court bundles in the past, I just thought I could do without that for a couple of hundred quid BUT wot the hell...... Ken
  3. Once again Slick very many thanks for your perseverance. The bank is Barclays and, yes, I've done the lba bit and the 'how much' isn't a problem. I was just curious on making a money claim, which I know many did a few years back but I never have. Ken
  4. Slick, VERY many thanks for your input all I would ask is perhaps some elaboration on the following I realise there are more than a few variations from bank to bank but will, in general, use the time honoured 'unlawful' arguments since these were not affected by the supreme court decision.
  5. I'll begin by asking for claims against credit card charges (you'll recall that these are the ones that the OFT did not manage to foul-up). I've been trying to assist a number of people to recover such unlawful charges but I note that card companies are increasingly trying to adhere to their 'belief' that their charges are "wholly justified and fair". I used to just complete an N1 as per 'Small Claims Procedure: A practical guide' - Yes I did purchase one as recommended by this site! I know of no credit card company that has endeavoured to defend its charges or practices in a court of law. I do NOT do this as a business and the folk I've helped in the past would have no chance of a cash refund (the only time someone did receive a cheque we did donate to help CAG) owing to the residual size of out standing balances. I gather we now send our draft N1s to a central clearing house in Manchester but I' ve no idea whether we just send a cheque for the likely fees or what the likely time-line of events will be. Furthermore I would ask whether anyone more knowing than me (not difficult) would recommend the use of the 'money claim' system - if it still exists- and where can I obtain guidance on that? Help please. PS any news on reclaiming of bank charges for other than hardship - any news on those assisted by our friends in Scotland who managed to 'persuade' the banks to settle before being 'gagged'?
  6. Thank you to those who have viewed and/or commented but I would still ask does anyone know whether we already have - or will have- any templates for this particular process?
  7. I realise that there are similarities with other re-claim exercises but do we, or will we, have any templates in the library to cover these later 'mis-sells'?
  8. Hi there, My enquiry at #45 is now a further 18 months down the line - still no developments? Are there ANY details of cases (which one must assume, met with a degree of success) initiated by GLC but had gagging orders attached. Is it not reasonable to surmise that the cases in question will be a matter of public record where we can at least glean some useful background?
  9. Is it not possible that Payment Services Regulations 2009 might be a better vehicle for this activity. After all I cannot be the only person who has had his account abused unilaterally by his bank sufficient to place said account into 'unauthorised' territory. Certainly the section titled 'Authorisation of Payment transactions' including regulations 55-68, and, quite probably, other regs as well, would seem to cover the ground? PSRs would certainly seem relevant to a significant degree. I shall read more tomorrow.
  10. Of course I'll let you know what I find, however if what I wrote is true then there are certainly questions to be asked on the 'pro' side.
  11. I am, as I should already have done, doing my homework on CCA,UTCCR, FSA etc. After all, Lord Philips didn't have the benefit of BCOBs when he gave the OFT the, albeit figurative, clip round the ear and left the breadcrumbs regarding possible lines of approach on the bank charge problem. Given that I am faced with diametrically opposed views on the use of BCOB coupled with the apparent fact that there have, as yet, been no BCOB judgements awarded I also do need to care for my disabled son, which does, on occasion, present its own unique set of problems. I am going to progress this but, if only to avoid annoying more experienced Caggers who might take an interest, I am going to complete my homework. Thanks for asking Ken
  12. Ain't that the truth! They don't even speak with the same tongue within the same division. Even the FOS had some difficulty getting a consistent story and although the person at FOS doesn't know it, she STILL hasn't been given all of the correct facts.
  13. Went to appeal and in 2012 DWP admitted that "it was all their fault". Go to appeal!
  14. Bankfodder, YOU asked me to link you, in open forum, at #10 & #13 above et al then, when I do I'm edited out (so not as much losing it but LOSING out). Sorry CAG doesn't like external site referral but it's all I have and with the degree of uncertainty being expressed I need to look somewhere. Plus, I seem to recall other sites being mentioned in days gone by (GLC springs to mind).
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