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  1. Progress, sort of. I've now had a reply from the ICO, below is their decision. RBS has confirmed that they responded late to your Subject Access Request.This was due to a high level of requests received at the time and an inadequate ID check conducted. In repect to the inaccurate information held, RBS has explained that additional "Customer Identification Numbers" (CINs) were assigned to you in error.This resulted in you being linked to multiple accounts. RBS explained that only one account actually related to you, and that full information relating to this account was destroyed in 2004, in line with their retention policy. RBS has confirmed that arrangements are being made to close the three accounts erroneously linked with you. RBS also confirmed that the staff responsible for these errors has been identified and the appropriate manager contacted to address the matter appropriately. Furthermore, RBS confirmed that they are reviewing their Subject Access Request procedures in light of your complaint. On the basis of all the information provided by you and RBS, we have decided that it is unlikey that RBS has complied with the requirements of the DPA in this case. This is because it appears RBS did not comply with your request within the statutory time scale. It also appears that RBS were holding innacurate account informatin in respect of you. However, the Information Commisioner has decided that further regulatory action is not required at this time. When deciding whether regulatory action is appropriate, we take into account the organisations record of compliance with the DPA (including any previous assessments made) and any other information that is in our possession. Having carefully considered all the information we hold about RBS, we are satisfied that it takes its obligations under the DPA seriously and that we need take no further regulatory action at this point. I've also just had a phone call from the FOS, RBS has basically admitted all of the above and the way they want to "put things right" are as follows. They have said that because I had been paying someone elses debt for 6 years they will transfer all the money that I have paid, into my loan account. All the interest added to my loan account during these 6 years will be removed. They will also give me some compensation for my inconvenience and stress, this amount will be, £300. The FOS assessor has told me that this is normally what would be paid in these circumstances. I asked what the end figures would be but the assessor said she didn't know and that it would take RBS several weeks to get these figures together. I've told her that I won't make a decision to accept the offer until I see the final figures from RBS. To say I'm dissappointed with £300 compensation is an understatement. RBS have totally ignored me and gave me the run around. I've written many letters, had to drive a 35 mile round trip to get my passport photocopied and paid for a SAR (which still has not bee fulfilled or refunded the money as they told me they would). I've had many letters from debt collection agencies and solicitors. RBS has tried conning me out of several thousand pounds, they've been found out and offer me £300 to "put things right" What are your thoughts? After this is sorted, the next step is to reclaim the £1050 they charged me for PPI. The fight goes on.
  2. Just thought I'd update the thread. I had a phone call from an adjudicator from the FOS asking for some more details. Rbs had sent her the same incorrect personal details as they sent me and she wanted a copy of my passport. She then said she was going back to RBS for more information. This was on the 8th March, I'm still waiting to hear from them. On another note, RBS hold all incorrect personal information for me, date of birth and such but they asked me to supply "proof of identity" by taking my passport into a branch to be verified. Now if my DOB is different to the one they hold on file, surely they shouldn't of sent out part of the SAR I requested. I still have'nt recieved the full SAR and the ICO have never been in contact since sending me a letter saying they will be in contact soon, which was sent 20th December Valk97
  3. Just updating I've had a letter from the FOS saying that they will be in contact shortly but have not heard from the ICO as yet. Yesterday, I had 3 seperate letters from RBS telling me that all of these accounts have now been passed to Westcot and they will be in contact soon. Somehow I don't think that the left hand of RBS know what the right hands doing. When Westcot do get in contact they'll get the "accounts in dispute" letter. Valk
  4. Just thought I'd update the thread. I had a reply from the ICO on the 20th December saying that they will be in contact as soon as possible, I'm still waiting tho.I've still not had any information regarding my loan account or the other one they attached to me. I also had a letter from RBS regarding my complaint about the "extra" accounts they have for me. They said they would have a final response by 31st December, that didn't happen. The letter from the FOS said if it had not been resolved in 8 weeks to forward the FOS complaint form on. This will be done today. I had another 3 letters from RBS telling me that these 3 accounts that don't belong to me are being passed to the Freddies, again ! I'll include these letters with the FOS complaint form. I really don't understand what they think they will gain by prolonging the issue. Would it be worth me contacting a solicitor. All the best Valk
  5. Posted a letter today to Joyce Tudor , as well as one to the Freddies. The letter I had from Carter was just to tell me to contact the Freddies to pay up.Told the Freddies that the account was in dispute,,again. Also phoned the FOS who have forwarded a complaint onto RBS. I'll have to wait and see what happens now.
  6. Had to go into the loft today, so had a look around and found a box of old paperwork. I came across the original loan agreement and a few other bits. There was a letter in there from the CCCS which was asking about another £5k that RBS had added. Also I found a copy of a letter I sent to RBS in 2003 asking what they were playing at. But as everything was going through CCCS I never followed it up. CCCS are certainly did not mixed up clients. RBS have saddled me with someone elses debt. And to top it all, I had a letter from Brian Carter today. Still, give them enough rope and all that.
  7. I just came across an old CRA report from 2006. Funnily enough, there is a record of the loan default on it, nothing about any other account with RBS. The two bank accounts that I've had for the past 20 years are on there too.
  8. Just had a look on 192.com. There's someone with the same initial and surname in the area of the phone number. I then cross checked the limited details I had with the phone book, I found the same name and address but the phone number was different.I suppose they could have moved. I'll probably go into the bank on Monday and see what I can dig up.
  9. I did think about giving it a call but thought better of it. If someone contacted me about a long lost bank account I would tell them to sling their hook. I might go into the local branch of RBS and see if I can get some address info on these accounts.
  10. Things just get better with RBS. I've now sent off my complaint to the ICO regarding the failed SAR. Today, I had a letter from RBS giving me statements from two of the four accounts they reckon I had with them. These "statements" are just a single A4 sheet with some transactions on them. One is for a savings account and the other is for a "Royalties Gold Account" (current account), which was £350 overdrawn. The monies that I paid through the DMP has been paid into this account and when it was £360 in credit, the balance was sent to another account. The thing is, I have NEVER had a savings, or current account with RBS. Anyone got any suggestions as to what action I should take now. Valk97
  11. I've just had some of the SAR from RBS. I don't quite understand whats going on, I'll have to write to them again. They've sent a sheet with all my personal details on, this has so many errors, it's unbelievable. Name; this is correct Address; correct Residence; Living with parents. I have not lived with my parents since 1984, 16 years before I took the loan out.Both my parents have now passed away. Date of Birth, Day, Month and Year incorrect Sex, At least they got that right. Marital Status, Single,, I've been cohabiting for the past 20 years. Home Phone Number, incorrect They also have me listed as having four account numbers. A loan, a savings and a current account. I've only had a loan account with them, never a savings or currents account. Do you think they've added someone elses debt onto mine. They also said that more information will be sent soon. We'll see.
  12. The loan was over 5 years and was for £5000 plus £1050 for PPi. I'm wondering if they re-newed the PPI policy in 2005 and 2010. I'll find out when they pull their finger out and send me the information.
  13. Just checked the statement and NO interest has been shown. Valk97
  14. Today I have recieved a letter from RBS, I'm just gobsmacked, lost for words. The letter reads,, We are in receipt of your recent written request for your personal details held by the Royal Bank of Scotland and have also waivered the relevent fee. In line with the 1998 Data Protection Act, we are allowed up to 40 days,from the date of receipt of the request and payment, to produce the information required.Once collated, this data will be forwarded directly to you. Please be aware that it is not our practice to provide further copies of standard documents that you would have recieved as part of our normal course of business.This would include providing you with further copy statements. However, if you do wish us to include copy statements, please advise us at your earliest convenience. Please also confirm the statement period you wish this to cover. This has gone on long enough, it's now been 162 days and I still have nothing. I thought copy statements were part of a SAR. I am just sorting a complaint to the ICO, this is ridiculous. I wonder why they are delaying sending me this info. I've had two letters now saying they are waivering the fee but I havent got my £10 back yet. Valk97
  15. Just updating the thread. I've had several letters from the Freddies so I sent them the account in dispute letter which they replied saying that because I have asked for a SAR the account in NOT in dispute and that I should write to them with my reasons.They also passed the letter onto RBS, who wrote to me today. The letter said,, We refer to your letter dated 10th September 2012 initially sent to Fredrickson International Ltd regarding your request for data. No correspondence with regards to a Subject Access Request has been recieved at this office.If you wish to proceed with this request, please provide a signed letter detailing which information you require. In line with the 1998 Data Protection Act, we are entitled to request a £10 fee for the information, which will then be provided within 40 days from the date of reciept of payment at this office. Please make your cheque or Postal Order payable to Royal Bank of Scotland. To enable us to progress matters, please sumbit your request as detailed above to the above address, together with the required fee. We look forward to hearing from you in this respect. We remind you that a Subject Access Request does not prevent recovery action and Fredrickson International will continue to seek repayment proposals for your outstanding liability. I've replied to this letter with 7 other pages of correspendence.It's now 148 days since my request was signed for and it seems to me that the staff at RBS don't know what they are doing. Still, as long as they keep digging the hole the more difficult it will be for them to climb out. I will be making a complaint to the ICO, is there any other people I should be taking this up with. The next step is court action.I need to find out how I go about this. Valk97
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