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Found 8 results

  1. As the title says really, i've been asked if i'd provide a reference, which i'm willing to do as former employer really took advantage of this guy for several years and then sacked him the day after he finds out his wife was pregnant. He was a good guy, hard working, gave it 110%, but used to get a lot of hassle/blame he did not deserve, mostly because of his age and inexperience in dealing with work politics.. I'm wondering what sort of reference is this, obviously it can't be personal, but how much can I say about the way I feel he was treated?
  2. A work colleague received a pcn from ukpc ltd for parking on a kerb on private land where he lives. I drafted a letter of appeal for him to ukpc ltd, as if it was the colleague drafting it, stating that ,I have a parking permit and so am entitled to park up on the premises. The fact that all the parking bays were taken on a first come first served basis has no relevance. The fact that I live in an apartment ,on the land, allows me to park , and ukpc do not have sole rights to change the contract, lease, or covenant on the land. Needless to say, ukpc declined the ap
  3. She was stopped in a public place having dropped a butt outside of a shop before going back in. After she came out the shop, 2 men approached her asking to see her immigration documents (shes European and has every right to be here). They both were apparently very aggressive to her. Anyway she gave them a fake name, and an address she lived at many years ago. What could happen now? or is she in the clear?
  4. Hi All, Posting on behalf of a colleague. Col, as we'll call him, was removed from a club for being over-intoxicated. Unable to contact the friends with whom he had gone, in a city away from home, he entered a casino, clearly worse for wear, and proceeded to use his debit card to gamble away £400. He has no recollection of most of these events, only becoming clear after checking his statement. He intends to ask his bank to make a chargeback to reclaim the funds (each transaction over £100) - however, I am concerned that by doing so this might be considered fraud (if the ba
  5. Hi Guys, Some guidance would be hugely appreciated please. I've been working in a frontline NHS department for three years, and previously another three years in another department. A new Dr started working here approx' two years ago and made his strong religious beliefs widely known. He's made a few comments here and there regarding his disapproval at my same-sex relationship amongst other things, albeit always polite (and slightly condescending) He has also made comments to nursing staff regarding his disapproval at their being pregnant whilst unmarried etc. Several members of staff
  6. Hi can anyone help me before I get myself into trouble? I have a young colleague (21) that keeps snitching on me to our boss. I am finding this very irritating and would like to put in a complaint against her. For instance I recently called in sick due to a stomache upset that I had been sent home from work for. That morning I drove my son to school and she passed me in her car but did not acknowledge that she had seen me. By the time I got back home I had received a text from my boss requesting to know why I had called in sick if I could drive my son to school as this person had inf
  7. Hello. I have worked with the NHS for 9months. Sometime during October 2012 I began working alongside a colleague (NC), we were discussing some workplace issues they were having regards their team leader. In particular, this colleague didn't get on with their team leader and proceeded to tell me how they would have preferred to be offered my job (we were hired during the same recruitment drive). At the time I said that if they were really unhappy with their base of employment I would be willing to swap as I got on well with all staff. They said they would think about it. Around the same
  8. Hello, I returned from holiday just over 2 weeks ago and on Monday I found out, by accident, that I have been demoted and my job has been given to my colleague (all this having happened when I was actually on holiday). When I challenged my boss he said that it was just a breakdown in communication! When I asked what grounds he had for demoting me he told me that I hadn't been doing my job properly. When i asked him why I hadn't been approached regarding my performance he couldn't give me an answer. I work for a large national opticians and following the conversation yesterday with my direct
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