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  1. no harm in trying now is there
  2. my misses wants to agree but i dont i want to punish these idiots as best as i can. any ideas on what i can claim for
  3. that is from wescot not had anything from the court yet
  4. heres the consent form with terms [ATTACH=CONFIG]38510[/ATTACH]
  5. thats not very good heres another [ATTACH=CONFIG]38509[/ATTACH]
  6. put in n244 on grounds that we recieved no paper work. also stated that we didnt know anything about the debt no defaults on credit files or anything. we recieved a letter from wescot today and they wish to consent to set aside and withdraw because tthey carnt find original agreement. but every case is different i will update my thread later when i get home from work
  7. yeah thats what i figured its a waiting game now
  8. the dj did order that wescot must send me a copy of the original agreement for inspection by 4pm 1st october then i could file and serve my defence
  9. anyone know what will happen if wescot fail to provide the copy within 14days as instructed by dj
  10. not yet we did phone today and they are behind in typing if we dont hear from them next week to call again
  11. yeah the sars drops in before the next court date. just an update 7 days passed nothing from wescot as of yet
  12. my misses is in a similar position. she didnt recieve any claim form we did listen to these guys on here put in a n244 on grounds no paper work was recieved was granted a set aside hearing which was last week in our favour the dj did order wescot to send me a copy of original agreement. listen to these guys they have good solid advice
  13. yeah will wait and see what happens. im hoping they dont find a copy of the agreement which from what ive read on here they tend to struggle with. any paper work ive sent to them so far has a typed sig on it so they wont be able to copy it
  14. dont worry im watching and i will carry on with i aint letting these people off the hook the judge didnt grant the set aside but on the 22nd oct he is goin to deal with set aside and hear the case completely so once i get the copy of the agreement and had a look at it i need to get the def filed and served
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