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  1. If I can explain, Our Saga credit card has run as Normal. Saga used allied Irish bank. Saga sent a letter in January saying as from 28 March 2019 they would no longer be using Allied Irish Bank and that they would no longer be servicing the card. At that time they did not know who they were handing the card over to. After many telephone calls to them we received a letter middle of May 2018 stating it had been sold to a company LRC who use an out sourcing company to collect payment. They said the last payments that SAGA would collect would be 28 May from t
  2. No notice of assignment just a letter saying they were stopping their dealings with allied Irish bank. Took card out about 6 years ago
  3. It has been outsourced to link financial they are a DMC They seemed surprised when I refused income a d expenditure and that the account is not in arrears. Saga just happened to stop dealing 28 th March 2019 day before Brexit. To top it all I they said they would,d collect the last payment to them 29 May 2019, my due date is 5th so I called them 3rd June said I hadn't heard from new company and didn't want to be recorded as missed payment. They refused the payment stated I needed to wait for contact then marked me as overdue payment. That cant be right.
  4. Sorry naive on links etc how would I provide a link
  5. I had credit card with saga,they no longer deal with allied Irish bank so they have sold the card.They are now using a debt management company to collect payment. the information has been appalling.No longer can we pay minimum payment or just above. They treat is as a fixed payment. For example my monthly payment this month 115.00 they suggested 200.00.Also they class this as an arrangement to pay and have sent I and e form. i have never missed a payment or been late but now fee, they think I cannot afford my finances. What are my rights can anyone enligh
  6. DX100uk Thank you for your help. I read somewhere that was the case have you any idea where I could find this to back me
  7. To be honest it is so confusing There was an interim changing order and an application for a charging order also a final charging order. But one had to be taken off as they doubled the amout of the charging order. They have different reference numbers on the same case. So I can see paperwork for all three. Would I be able to take back to court as they are unable to provide any agreement so I don't know how the court awarded this, But it was 2009
  8. Hi This is the second post I have going at the moment but I really need to clarify. Back in 2009 I took a second mortgage. I had a fixed rate for 4 years then went to tracker. After 4 yrs and credit crunch I said to the lender I would like to change my rate to be told I couldn't as it was a secured loan not a mortgage. I stated no its a second mortgage and all my paperwork refers to it as a mortgage. I now also own my own home Mortgage free (still own and selling the property with the second mortg,) in my paperwork it states I can transfer the loan onto the new propert
  9. I own a joint property with husband. We were under a DMC who made payments. These were all made on time at the amount agreed by the companies. The C/O was for an alleged credit card debt in my husbands name. The Credit card company got Eversheds to deal then first revenue , back to Eversheds and a couple more. The reference numbers were all different and to be honest it was a right mess. My husband received court papers stating he hadn't paid. We contacted the DMC who said sign the court paper forward to them they would fill in and do the necessary as they knew
  10. Can a company who placed a charging order on our property stop me from selling please?
  11. Hi, Thank you for the replies , I am happy with the way I have ended the agreement and I have paid the required amount in order to allow me to end it as per CCA. The issue I have is that they refused 50% payment to reduce the payment they only said I could reduce the term which I didn't want I am looking for some knowledge, guidance whether they should have refused this. I understand terms and conditions however they are governed by CCA and that's the bit I am looking for.
  12. HI all, Its a long time since I have been on the forum however can you give me advice please. I have a car loan with Barclays Bank. I have never missed a payment. I was made redundant in July and when I received my redundancy pay I called Barclays and asked if I could pay off a lump sum and then reduce the monthly payment.i.e pay off 50% of the loan and keep the term the same. I was told I could pay lump sum but it would not reduce the payment only the term. I think this is unfair. I have now excercised my right to terminate the agreement and the money I was going to pa
  13. Hi Just to clarify. I still have my original caravan which is a static caravan on a leisure park. I have finance on that which would have cost £14k to settle, I was P Xing that to upgrade to a new 2014 model. In order to do that I needed extra finance so by the time they took in my part x van for £20k hey would then settle the finance and this would give me £5600 over, I had 4200 deposit on top of that and also site was offering £2k incentive off the finance. So to change my van I would have needed £34k loan. They asked for £56k and then revised to £38k so they were applying for far more
  14. Hi, I am not sure which section to ask this but here goes. I applied to Part ex my caravan . I needed to borrow £34120. I hadn't heard if it had gone through I had received a letter from my existing finance company thanking me for request of settlement figure. So far so good however I called the Finance company and they put me through to the new business team, They informed me I had been accepted for the loan and the amount that had been requested was £56720 and they needed a bigger deposit. I informed them I did not need that much and that I only needed £34
  15. I have now had laimform Marlins have stated they have started legal proceedings. Rang the Business Centre to confirm case registered. Rang MArlins to ask what they were talking about still don't recognise the alleged debt. They said (yts worker) That I had a loan from Britannia recoveries in 2005 ended 2006. I said "did I ?" Yes came the reply "well where is the agreement, evidence, accountnumber etc" HAvent got it came the reply. "So how do you know I owe anything because I don't?" Because Cabot have said so he replied.
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