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  1. I asked for my hours to be reduced and the manager and his manager were fine with this.
  2. I've looked at their terms of notice under the contract that I signed, I find the wording a little confusing: 1) There is no clause 13.1 anywhere on the contract. 2) I left out 12.4-12.5 because they cover garden leave and the employer making you take annual leave-if it's left. I've e-mail Payroll and have asked them for a repayment plan, so shall have to wait and see what happens.
  3. The thing is I'll still owe my current company the annual leave etc, and I don't think I'd get any of the hours I've worked back in my final pay, as they'll take it all off, plus I'll still owe them. Is there nothing I can do regarding the current company? If I leave early I'll lose a lot of money, which is where the problem lies.
  4. Thanks fkofilee, Did you mean ask the new company to bring the start of employment date forward? But just in case things don't go to plan, can I ask the current company to pay back after I leave? I don't trust the current company a single bit, they've gone downhill in the past 2-3 years, high staff turnover, difficulty retaining staff etc.
  5. I'm not too sure, the company I want to work for are still waiting for one of my references-I have gotten my DBS, and all my other documents are fine. But if I leave earlier would the current company not make a big deal out of it? The other issue is that my partner works for the same company, and if I leave early, they probably would ask him questions about what I'm doing, where I am etc.
  6. Hello all, I wrote to my employer around a week ago to hand in my one months notice. They were fine but here is where issues arise: I reduced my hours from 28 to 18 in June, they've overpaid me, and want me to pay it back-by the 6th of September, this is when my notice period ends. I've paid them half, and they'll deduct the rest from my final pay. I was only told on Friday the 9th of August that I owe them 44 hours of annual leave, as since April 2019 I had an entitlement of 123 hours of annual leave, out of which I've used up 95 hours, but
  7. Thanks folks, I've written to Barbor or Barbon requesting a SAR, asking them for relevant details, and have told them that they have 1 month to get back to me. So I'll wait and see what happens now. Thanks again for helping me out here
  8. Thanks for your replies folks, dx100uk, I'm sorry for using swear words, I didn't intend to offend anybody. stu007 the problem is that when I told them about the harrassing flatmate, they appeared to understand, they didn't say anything about it. The problem is that I have no documents as stupidly I got rid of them-as I thought they were fine with what I had told them. I've just got an e-mail from them, now it's gone up to £7058: 1. What type of Tenancy Agreement did you have? If I can remember it was a joint tenancy an
  9. Hello all, Today I receive a letter from barbon insurance group asking me to pay them £5919 for an overdue balance for a place I stayed at for about 2 months. This on behalf of Homelet I rented for around 1-2 months and then had to leave, this was due to the flatmate I lived with harassed me. I lived there I think around 3 years ago. I contacted the agency that rented out the flat, and told them that I didn't feel safe living there. I sent them copies of the text messages the flatmate sent me, they were threatening, and told me that
  10. Yeah debit card-but this card I've registered to my Paypal account, Thanks dx100uk
  11. I paid via Paypal via a registered bank card
  12. As said before, here is their reply: What imbeciles
  13. Hello dx 100uk, yes I paid them by Paypal. I did copy & paste CRA rules-let's hope that they are able to read & understand them, the person I've been hearing from, is honestly a bit dim. Thanks for all of your advice. I'll probably need to post here again-as well sometimes when you deal with people...who are not the brightest
  14. Yes I've contacted them online, as I bought the boots from them online. They're sticking to the fact that I damaged the item-something they weren't saying before. Nowhere would I have worn them if they were faulty-I'm not stupid, I'm fully aware that if I wear a faulty item-I'm accepting that it is fine. So now the words are changing slightly, now the boots have suffered from immense wear, whereas before it was wear & tear, and also now brought up that I've chosen to take on the fact that they were faulty. They're completely forgetting that the contract is between
  15. dx100uk, Sorry I'm not sure what you mean, do you mean the retailer, as in where I purchased the shoes from online, or the brands company as in Reiker? I'm sorry if I come across as not knowing what you mean, but the whole thing has been quite a pain. It's been Bells Shoes-where I purchased the boots that I've been in contact with.
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