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Found 15 results

  1. Hello, I'd be very grateful for any advice on how I resolve the following: - I noticed a card payment for 143.66 to Lending Stream going through my account. Realised it was fraudulent and got my card stopped etc - later that day I checked my account more thoroughly and saw that another exact same debit had gone out the month before, but I'd not noticed it - I called lending stream who confirmed they have no account in my name, or at my address and agrees the charges were fraudulent - I have now called multiple times and emailed many more but I've had no further response fr
  2. Hi. my balance and available balance on my HSBC account is a difference of £42 and i have no idea what this £42 is. My overdraft limit is £600. My account at the minute reads £364.74 and my available balance reads £922.74. it looks as though £42 is coming out of my account. But i have no idea what this £42 is. And i haven't bought/ordered anything for that amount. And when i go into standing orders or direct debits it doesn't list anything worth £42. Just my phone contract and car insurance which is £50/£54. Any ideas? Thanks.
  3. Hi all You guys have helped me immensely over the past few years to send packing a number of DCA's that were treating me as a cash cow and I'm immensely grateful. I now need some advice about how to deal with a number of debts belonging to my niece that she's been paying £5 or so per month for a number of years since she was a student. She's been paying a called Debt Managers LTD based in Rotherham the £5 by DD with no contact with them for quite a while. She seems to recall receiving a notice of assignment from Lowlife a while ago about it and her current
  4. Yesterday I got a 'new' car. After taxing it, it was unclear whether the existing Direct Debit would simply increase, or whether I had to set up a new one. So every one knows, you set up a new one but YOU must cancel your old direct debit or you will get charged for two lots of road tax (your new vehicle and your old vehicle). As this is still fairly new, I thought it worth mentioning in case anyone else has the same confusion.
  5. Evening and a Happy New Year from a Newbie! It amazes me that the amount of people / consumers who use, but know nothing about how Direct Debits (DD's) work, or should work, is amazing. How many times does a creditor take a different amount to the one agreed with yourselves or how many times does your Direct Debit claim date change? Are you even remotely aware that any Service User (Creditor) who uses the Direct Debit scheme within the UK has to agree to and follow (supposedly) strict regulations imposed by BACS who govern the DD scheme within GB? A few tips for you. When
  6. Hi I have found myself in a situation where all my direct debits come out of my current account on the 1st of September but I will not be paid by my employer till the 2nd. I am already using the full extent of my overdraft and have maxed my credit card. The way I see it I have the choices below - 1, Take out a loan which I don't want to do. 2, Cancel the direct debits and pay the direct debits once the money comes by debit card and then re-instate the direct debits. 3, Contact my mortage company and tell them to wait but if I do and they say NO then they might
  7. Hi My OH got an upgrade with Orange a few years ago (Mar 2008 to be exact) Orange had been taking DD for both old and new contracts since March 2008 until June 2013) My OH got a 'gesture of goodwill' refund from Orange for the last 6 months overpayments (~£200) At the time I thought this was a refund of all overpayments, however now it's come to light this was only the tip of the iceberg! From trawling through statements the actual overpayment was just over £2k. Yes, I know she should have checked statements regularly, but excusing that, it does not give Orange the rig
  8. Can anybody advise what figure might be considered reasonable for a declined direct debit. I believe that £25 is massively excessive when the only action required of them is to inform the recipient that the dd has been declined, but it's difficult to identify a benchmark as to what might be a more appropriate figure. Does anybody know of anything that can be used as a measure of this?
  9. Hi I have a £1500 overdraft but I have gone over this amount a few times which resulted in some direct debits returned unpaid. This of course has meant I have been charged bank charges. Today I received a letter from my bank stating they are going to cancel all my direct debits and have given me 2 months to arrange alternative payment methods for these. Can someone advise me please as I am worried sick.
  10. Hi I'm looking for some help with a bit of a sticky situation I am in. I'll try to be as brief as possible. I'm looking to get a mortgage, and have an excellent credit report apart from this one blip from Santander which is resulting in me being rejected. I originally opened an account with Alliance & Leicester in 2010 which was sold to Santander. It was an account I didnt use much, just to pay a few direct debits. 2 or 3 direct debits returned unpaid, so Santander hit me with around £100 worth of charges. I was a bit annoyed by this so decided to just stop using the ac
  11. On 12th September 2012 two unauthorised direct debits came out of our Lloyds business account for £183.60 each (total £367.20) going to a company with which we have no agreement. We found out about this in December when completing our vat return and phoned Lloyds on 12th of December to notify them. We were informed on the phone that the payments would be recredited to our account and the direct debit cancelled and that this was being actioned immediately. Job done. We phoned back, just to be on the safe side, spoke to another member staff who confirmed that action was being t
  12. Consumers can now control and organise their direct debit payments via a new mobile phone app. The app, developed by Bacs, the body that oversees payment services, allows users to view all their direct debit payments on one screen. Currently, 72pc of household bills are paid by direct debit and the app, the Direct Debit Control Centre, has been developed to make sure bill payers can stay on top of these regular automated bill payments. The app, which is free to download, allows users to list all their direct debits together along with payment dates, amounts and details of what they’re fo
  13. Hi, I was hoping someone in a similar situation can give me some advice or point me in the right direction. Basically I had some student loan when I was in the US and when I moved to the UK I was unable to continue the payments. I did talk to the loan company and try to work something but it wasn't helpful in the end. The loan was sent to a DCA and they called me in the UK a few times and sent me letters that was a few years ago. They stopped calling me after a while but I had also moved and changed my number not because of them but it just happened that way, so thats why they might h
  14. Our account was debited twice for all VISA transactions on the 24th July. First transaction was on 24th and another took place on the 25th July. This caused us to go overdrawn. On contacting the bank they knew exactly which transactions I was disputing and told us that it was a glitch by VISA and was being resolved by the bank. Although we should have money in the bank, technically we haven't and it may have been embarrassing doing shopping only to find your card is rejected! Be aware!
  15. I've been caught out a couple of times by direct debits and standing orders leaving my account when there have been insufficient funds (mainly to Barclaycard). Because of this, they have then been returned as unpaid. However, on each occasion I have realised and immediately made a deposit into my account the same day by faster payments (usually first thing in the morning on the day concerned, and the deposit shows almost instantly in online banking). But it seems that this is too late and the payment is still returned. I have phoned up each time, again on the day, and asked if they can re
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