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Found 5 results

  1. I have a spare old Dell Vostro 200 (Mid 2007) that i need to update on the cheap. (Nephew) Itunes states the current manufactured installed Graphics card it is not powerful enough for video playback. Currently installed is a PCI Express x16 Graphics card The memory has been upgraded to 2 Gig from 1 Gig I have been told the ASUS AMD 6450 Graphics Card will do the job It has to be a low profile Graphics Card Can anyone give any help as to compatibility. I have been looking at this? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ASUS-AMD-6450-Graphics-Card-/391176520116?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item5b13f001b4
  2. Hi to all i own a Msi gtx 970 graphics card and over last weekend it has been confirmed by NVIDIA’s Senior VP of GPU Engineering Mr J Alben in a online article (tried to link article would not let me) that nvidia have made an error (or lied:?::? in the spec sheet given to review websites last year and intern has led to consumers being misled with false specification. It has taken nvidia two weeks to come clean about this since consumers first noticed something might be wrong with the card it has also taken them another 3 days to decide they will give a refund to anyone who wants one but the way they have gone about it is a joke the card i have is no longer fit for the intended purpose that i got it for. What i would like to know is have nvidia broken any UK or EU consumer laws and should they be offering more than a refund like compensation or free upgrade to a card that closer matches the original advertized spec. the only option i am open to is the free upgrade as that is the only one that dose not put me out of pocket Any advice or help is greatly appreciated col adlington
  3. The company that I bought a prebuilt computer from last summer have determined after much back and forward correspondence that the graphics card is faulty and should be replaced under warranty. I have enquired about having it replaced with a different card from the same manufacturer. Now, this is a card that is both newer and superior to the one I currently have. It is however, at worst, of equal value to my current card as of today and I know for a fact it is of considerably lesser monetary value than my card was at the time of purchase. They currently include it as standard in computers several hundred pounds cheaper than mine was. Despite this, they describe it as "an upgrade they will need to discuss". This to me implies they will want money for it to make up a difference in price that doesn't exist. Am I entitled to have this as my replacement item? If anything it is technically me who will be out of pocket, not them.
  4. Hi everyone, I bought an Asus gtx 670 graphics card in May 2012. Asus has a 3 year warranty on most of its electronics AFAIK and I bought it from Dabs.com. Now, Ive never been in a situation where its been so long after a component has failed but they do have a 3 year policy. I contacted asus (and I know they have a poor customer service rep) but fair dos to them, they got back quite quickly and this is what they sent me: But on Dabs website (they havent replied yet) it automatically instructs me to go contact the manufacturer. I can see a potential run around going on which I want to avoid so please advise.
  5. Hi, Around 2 years ago I purchased a Zotac GPU, it came with warranty that would have ended on the 31st of December 2011. I believe on the 23 or 24th of that month (before the Christmas holidays) I contacted them to ask when my warranty runs/ran out on this particular product. I did not mention at this stage that it had gone faulty. I received a reply after the new year asking for more information, part numbers, purchase invoice, etc. We exchanged a few emails and all was going well until out of the blue they told me the warranty has expired and the card will not be replaced. I stated that I had contacted them within the warranty period but they said that I did not mention at the time that the card was faulty, and that I only asked about the warranty itself. I argued for a while going back and forth but then I eventually gave up. This was around 3 months ago. I was clearing out a few things today when I found the GPU and thought I'd try one last time to see if there is any hope in this case, as I belive there is. If a conversion begins at a certain point in time, it should be considered the same conversion. Not separate ones. At the end of the day, this is an email service which could take up to 3 days for a simple reply. I asked a question within the warrenty period, I received a reply outside of it. Thanks!
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