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Found 24 results

  1. Hi Guys In November, I applied for a post office credit card and was declined despite having near perfect scores with Experian and Equifax. I used an eligibility checker first and it showed that I had a 95% chance of being approved so I felt confident to apply. However, while filling out the application form I did notice that there were no fields to enter information as a self-employed person but I proceeded anyway by entering info about my self-employed status so it may be that they only approve those that are employed. I received a letter from them confirming the declin
  2. Hi I would be very grateful fo some help regarding a declined application for DLA. I need some legal advice, I have posted in Beneits/HMRC but not sure if here would be a better place. Please advise wheres best to post, regarding requesting help on a decision. I will need a list of reasons for mandatory reconsideration that will include relevant decision makers guidance, possibly case law and regulations involving past presence, EU regulations etc. This is for my 7 year old sons DLA application which has been declined based upon not meeting the 'past presence test'. Thank you
  3. Hi, Just wondering if anyone can help, my claim for income protection has been declined. I have appealed but couldn't see any reason for the insurers to decline the first place I have been diagnosed with depression. Please see the reasons below: 1) They rejected claim without seeking any medical evidence from my doctor 2) They applied a deferred period even though they state it is a linked claim 3) During Rehabilitation Sessions (which turned out to be Claim Assessment Sessions) the specialist was more interested in gathering information to build a predefined conclusion to my abs
  4. Good morning HOPE THIS IS THE CORRECT FORUM, i have an issue and need some advice hopefully there some bank account/visa debit card experts here? On friday 13th i went as usual to buy my weekly bus ticket on the First Bus M-tickets app ( i have never had this problem before) but when i clicked checkout i selected my card and instantly the screen came back with "transaction declined", i thought this is strange because i had the money in account ready. I left it half an hour confused to try again but before i did i went to check my banking app to check my balance and low and behold th
  5. Hi guys I searched the forum but couldn't find any info on the situation I'm in. I was on JSA from October to mid November 2017. I got a part-time job which guaranteed me 12 hours a week. I started that on 14th November. They gave me a contract until 31st December. However, they cut that short as work had diminished. i left my job on 14th December. In the four weeks I worked there, I worked 24 hours in weeks 1 and 2, and 12 hours in weeks 3 and 4. After week 3 had finished, I called JSA to see if I could get extra benefit money as I had only worked
  6. I recently applied for an Amex card to help spread the cost of a large house repair bill. Amex declined my application and specifically cited adverse information in the specific credit reference report. I have applied direct to the credit reference agency and my credit score is 98% and there are no negatives on the credit file. Has anyone come across this before? (apologies if this is posted in the wrong place but I couldnt see an American Express sub forum in the Banks, finance and credit forum. ) I thought it might be linked to my partner so we applied for her credit rep
  7. This is going to be a very long drawn out case, unless someone can offer some element of hope for us. We completed renovations to a derelict property about 2 ½ years ago. Our porch needed a new roof which was done with a trocol membrane. In a storm back in January 2016 we returned from a trip to find a metal pole on the flat roof which had a covering of gravel. My immediate suspicion was that it was the remnants of an old tv aerial, but as it was only the pole, I have since found it to be referred to as the mast, not the aerial itself. This is important as it was referred to as an aerial
  8. Some time ago on renewing buildings insurance, when asked about state of repair, I mentioned to my insurer (and another company I had asked to quote) a long standing crack in a detached outbuilding (not the house) which I said was stable and showing no movement. They said they wanted more information before quoting for the renewal/cover, and that they would refer to their underwriters. Before either made a decision I actually obtained a better quote elsewhere (with full disclosure, obviously). I wrote to the two companies saying that was the case, and that I di
  9. I had been with Orange for approx 4 years (2 X Contracts) converted to EE, then another T Mobile Contract taken out fom2 years, ending in September 2015. I had requested a contract/phone upgrade towards end of contract, but was declined as EE claimed I owed them for a Sim a only contract I had taken out for my son - for which the contract had ended, approx August 2014? This had been owing to the SIM becoming faulty and several requests made for a replacement had taken considerable time to arrive. Furthermore, the sim only contract, was a £9.99 per month tariff/deal; for which they stated as
  10. Hi I wonder if anyone could help. I had been parking at a Premier Park in Southampton from time to time during the summer whilst on a residential course. Unfortunately my car failed the MOT durng this time and I borrowed a car from a relative. The first time I parked this car in the car park I received a ticket as I mistakenly entered the reg number of my old car (you needed to enter the reg number into the machine when buying the ticket). I appealed to Premier explaining the circumstances (it happened on the day of my final exam when I was also packin
  11. Hi All, I am in dire need of assistance! I have recently been applying for a Mortgage which has been declined last week due to a default being placed onto our credit files (Me & my wife) by Halifax for an old basic current account which we have not used since 2009. A brief timeline of the events so far.... 17/07/2015 - Applied for mortgage via broker, lender credit checked and issued DIP the same day. 31/07/2015 - Unknown to us until yesterday a new entry for "Halifax" added to both my Wife's and my credit files. 17/08/2015 - Formal mortgage application sent to lender.
  12. Please could you help as I am aware that this type of company has big legal jargon that I could easily trip up on. I have been declined cover as AXA PPP deem my condition to be pre exisiting despite my GP and consultant confirming that it is is not. Furthermore AXA PPP state that previously experienced symptoms are not covered. This effectively means if any ailment symptomatically produced cold-like symptoms for example, (and many do), they can get out of paying on a subsequent claim because you went to the docs for a sore throat! Whilst researching my appeal, I attem
  13. Bit of background story first, I have had back problems going back to 2005 when I slipped 2 discs in a industrial injury at work. I have since been on ESA(before it was called ESA) then JSA and then back to ESA in Jan 2014. On Wednesday this week I attended my appeal tribunal hearing for my ESA claim I made back in January 2014. I didn't see the DWP appointed 'doctor' until November 2014 and after getting the decision, zero points awarded, I appealed the decision as I believed it was wrong. Since seeing the DWP 'doctor' in November my condition has worsened to the point that I can now b
  14. Last month I received a notice of a claim against me for £850. I immediately sent off the included form admitting to the full amount and offering £40/m which would have seen it paid off in under two years. The next contact I've received is today, stating that the claimant has objected to rate of payment offered and has issued a judgement against me demanding £1025 (including interest and costs) by instalments of £100. £100/m is going to be a huge stretch for me at the moment. The other factor is that I've just taken a new job that starts in three weeks and I was going to
  15. Hi - I'm posting this on behalf of a friend: He's just been made redundant from a 90K job in the UK. He is Dutch but has a NI number. He lived in the UK 1992-2010, but returned to Holland to work for 3 years in 2010. He returned to the UK in February 2013 to work (the 90K job) and was made redundant last month. He lives in the UK with his British partner and their 7 month old son - she has no NI number (yet) as she always lived and worked in the Netherlands. He was told to apply for 'Contribution Based Jobseekers' but has been declined because​ he worked in the Netherlands du
  16. Can anybody advise what figure might be considered reasonable for a declined direct debit. I believe that £25 is massively excessive when the only action required of them is to inform the recipient that the dd has been declined, but it's difficult to identify a benchmark as to what might be a more appropriate figure. Does anybody know of anything that can be used as a measure of this?
  17. I recently applied for income protection and life insurance. The company declined the income protection on medical reasons, being that 2 years ago I was off sick from work with depression for 4 months and the type of job I do does not allow me to take anti-depressants. They have offered me life insurance but have bumped up the premiums which of course I understand but I'm now worried if this is going to affect any other insurance policy I make such as car insurance, house insurance etc as you are often asked if you have been declined any insurance policy on application. Any info greatly
  18. Hi everybody, I wonder if I could get some advice on my situation as I am not sure what to do next. I had an AIP approved with HSBC but then they declined the mortgage application due to a default on my credit. It was registered by Capital One in October 2008. In 2005 I had a credit card with them for £400. Unfortunately my financial circumstances became difficult after a bitter divorce and a move to another town. I started to pay only small amounts of money towards the balance and did not inform capital one of the change in address thus I never received a default
  19. Hi All I am a 34yo male who suffers from daily debilitating headaches, this i have suffered from for some 8 years now. My condition is covered under the scope of the equality act. The employer referred me to an occupational health who suggested home working, as the office environment is a likely trigger factor. His recommendation was a 50/50 split between the office and home office extension. If this were put into place the o/h doctor expected that i could resume my role in its entirety. I subsequently submitted a flexible working application, stating the o/h report, they s
  20. hi guys i am looking for a little advice, the issue is less with the insurance company and more with my previous vet. my dog has recently been diagnosed with renal disease, which due to a legnthy diognosis it amounted to a large bill. fortunately i have insurance, which is why i agreed to the tests and treatments. i have now had confirmation that my claim has been declined due to information provided by my previous vet, when my dog was a puppy, stating that she showed signs of renal/liver failure then, two years ago. i was never informed of this from the vet as i would have pr
  21. I've just received a letter stating my tribunal appeal has been declined, what can I do now. I have longstanding health problems with my back, knee and also depression. They scored me 0 points, how did they decide on this. Also the doctor attending used to be a locum for my own doctor, my wife saw her a couple of times, she diagnosed my wife with ectopic pregnancy but sent her home, she was incompetant and my wife made an informal complaint to our doctors secretary. Does this have any bearing on the appeal, the fact that we have had contact with this doctor before and she was negligent to my w
  22. Hi There Just a little note about me for 3 years have suffered with Chronic Pain of the lower back and neck heading into my wrists, i am on high quantities of morphine to balance the pain, I am under a pain clinic which i go regularly , and awaiting operations on my wrists. I worked up until a year ago @ at £20,000 a year job, i gave it up due to ill health this was accepted with myself and employer. After a year of being on ESA assessment phase and having my ATOS medical which proved me healthy, on then appealing which again proved me healthy I now have to go to Tribunal, i understa
  23. My car insurance cancelled my renewal yesterday. I was working delivering pizzas from my local pizza shop and when i started working for them i phoned my insurer up to make them aware of what i was going to do to have the right level of cover when i called them last october to arrange this they told me that all i needed was buisness insurance and to tell them i had a part time job delivering pizza of which i did all off. But when i was on the phone to them yesterday (28/09/2011) They told me i was to high a risk and they could no longer insure me i said to them if i dont do deliverys tryi
  24. HELP!!! Hi all, Nationwide accepted in principle my girlfriends loan application for £8,500. She signed the agreement and posted them back wage slips etc as was requested. However, they have now declined the loan because they say she doesn't have enough disposable income. The repayment was £407.99 a month over 24 months. She earns £1,285 a month but after rent, council tax etc they've said no - based on disposable income. Now, they've said she can appeal if she comes up with some more supporting information. We have thought about about a joint application but I have 3x defaults on my
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