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  1. in reply to jack: The upgrade was carried out by carphone warehouse. I'm pretty sure that her number was changed. So as you suggest maybe this was processed as a 'new' connection and they didn't tell Orange to stop the previous contract. Is the onus on carphone warehouse to tell Orange? Or should the customer? I'm wondering if the complaint should really be directed at CW instead now... p.s. I should add that the contract in question was stopped a few months ago
  2. Hi My OH got an upgrade with Orange a few years ago (Mar 2008 to be exact) Orange had been taking DD for both old and new contracts since March 2008 until June 2013) My OH got a 'gesture of goodwill' refund from Orange for the last 6 months overpayments (~£200) At the time I thought this was a refund of all overpayments, however now it's come to light this was only the tip of the iceberg! From trawling through statements the actual overpayment was just over £2k. Yes, I know she should have checked statements regularly, but excusing that, it does not give Orange the rig
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