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  1. The plane was a 777-ER300. I'm not sure what relevance that has? if the seat was advertised as 'premium' and attracted an upgrade cost, surely there should have been a benefit for the extra cost, otherwise it would be a simple case of just choosing a seat. I hadn't paid to pick my seat, I had paid for an 'upgrade' to a premium seat.
  2. Misrepresentation.... The advertising and selling of a product or service, which 'attracts' additional cost with no derived value or benefit.
  3. Hi All, Some advice needed please... I recently flew to NYC with American Airlines and decided to upgrade my economy seat, for £31.60, on the basis that this particular seat had a 'premium charge' against it. The great thing, or so I thought, was that the seat next to me which to be occupied by my wife, didn't have any upgrade cost associated, so overall this was perceived a good deal; one of us would have extra leg room, upgraded entertainment, great view etc. In fact, the seat was directly over the middle of the wing (row 21), had a full row of seats in front, no percieved benefit whatsoever. When I challenged the cabin crew they shrugged their shoulders and AA have this morning sent me an email of complete jibberish, basically stating that there won't always be a value attached to an upgrade cost and, would you believe, suggested that 'some travellers just like certain seats which they're willing to pay for'. Surely this is misrepresentation, but I can't any official body to complain to, who would uphold any form of formal complaint. Any ideas please? Thanks Robmana
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