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  1. They wanted £100 a month which I managed to work into my budget, they didn't reduce the interest thought which I'm not going to complain about.
  2. I considered arguing further with her or asking to escalate it however I wouldn't want to antagonize them any further - I think iv been pretty stern and tough with them over this and have heard some horror stories of contracts being cancelled with no notice/little notice. My TiVo is up and running, and so is my WiFi so I'm chuffed, and they must have done something magic to take an email from past 5 o'clock yesterday and get a box and hub delivered today. I would not rate the customer services by any means, at least not the front desk. Beware as they WILL fob you off, ask to speak to a supervisor or go to retentions with your issue.
  3. My issue has been resolved, I have had a Super Hub and TiVo box expressed to me which arrived just before 12am today (From Yodel, who had no slots until next Wednesday, or so I was told). I received a call half an hour later to make sure I had them and if I needed a hand setting it up, or if I had already done it. I received no compensation for my wasted time as its a "residential installation" but luckily they have agreed to knock £3 off my bill for 18 months and £2.50 off it for 6 months. I have also had the delivery charge waived, again... All in all the complaint handler who rang me was nice, knowledgeable and apologised numerous times for all the issues I had. I'll stick with them after all, J (the handlers initial) has changed my perception of their service with the length she went to to fix the issue. If I do need anything in future, I'll just email the CEO I think.
  4. Had a email response, Tom isn't available to deal with my complaint personally (obviously, not an issue) but I will be being contacted soon with a resolution so I will continue to update with the outcome.
  5. I have now sent it with one or two amended details but nothing major, I will keep you updated on the progress.
  6. Dear Mr. Mockridge, I am writing to you to complain about the service I have received by Virgin Media. I am appalled by the way I have been treated and believe the service offered has been ultimately substandard. I have posted the issue to your Virgin Media forums in the hope of a response however have not yet received one, I have also been advised to contact yourself regarding the matter. With reference to the following account number: xxxxxxxx I enclose the post on your forum for you to read personally and would like to hear a response within the next two days detailing how you are going to put this right.
  7. What sort of compensation should I be seeking? A days wage and anything more for inconvenience? Should I also play on the fact I was receiving one third of my internet for 9 months and try and get refunded for that? If those things are the case I'd be looking in the region of £200, is that reasonable? It seems a lot for the issues they've caused but I suppose it is entirely their fault. One days wage ~ £70 1/3 of my bill for 9 months ~ £120 Inconvenience - Not too major, but the bother of booking time off at work, making phone calls, writing complaints and letters etc. would £20 cover that?
  8. I have written a complaint on Virgin Media's forum re my recent treatment and service. I originally phoned over my Wi-Fi not working but it's opened a whole can of worms. I don't know whether I'm making a mountain out of a mole hill but I would like to think not. Please take a look and let me know whether it's me that being ridiculous or not.
  9. I can't comment on anything further but hopefully fos will get it sorted. I doubt their "fighting" as such - Lloyds seem to have laid claim to everything profitable. I believe not acknowledging moorcroft is best for the time being?
  10. If this is an ongoing issue I may be able to help somewhat. Request your bank files an indemnity claim with the retailer, British Gas? You may wish to speak to British Gas first, if you have paid them too much you would be in credit so they should be able to refund the additional payment. Explain you changed your details and shut the account however the bank didn't act on your request so the payment was not meant to be taken. If they don't honour this your bank have an obligation to request an indemnity from the company which would refund the payment on the basis it was not your intention to make it and it was a bank error. So once your bank have filed the indemnity, or British Gas have returned the money, explain to the bank you want the fee's removing as it is not your error, rather their's. Do this in a complaint filed in branch in person or in writing (In my experience the PhoneBank service is great however lot's of people recommend not using the phone for correspondence, in which case you could record the call) and make sure they take details on the computer and possibly even escalate the complaint to a different department (Not guaranteed). You should get a reference number or confirmation of the complaint being recorded, at which point you can ask for an update to confirm it's been loaded. They should refund the full amount of charges and make it known to the advisor you want to shut it their and then as soon as the balance is back at £0.00, without you putting a penny in.
  11. I have been browsing to see what help I can get with my payday loans, I currently have an outstanding loan with quid quick at £700, they're charging substantial interest on this to the tune of over £100 per month as its a flex credit loan so it reduces over the term. I have drafted an email from information collated on the forum and I'm wondering if someone would be kind enough to take another look and let me know if I'm asking for too much or too little here. Thanks. ************** Dear QuickQuid, I am writing to inform you that I will not be able to make the full payment of loan #xxxxxxx on 20/1/2014. I have spoken to an advisor on Live Chat who advised me to speak to yourselves regarding a repayment plan. Unfortunately due to no fault of my own, my circumstances at work have changed and I am left paying substantially more for travel arrangements than I am used to. Below I have outlined my proposed repayment method after looking at my budget. 20/1/14 - £140 20/2/14 - £150 20/3/14 - £110 20/4/14 - £90 20/5/14 - £85 20/6/14 - £85 20/7/14 - £85 20/8/14 - £85 20/9/14 - £85 20/10/14 - £85 Regards, my name ************* My rationale for the payment plan is as follows: Currently QuickQuid are wanting this Payment # Due Date Principal Amount Interest Amount Payment Total 1 20/01/2014 £70.00 £158.19 £228.19 2 20/02/2014 £70.00 £170.28 £240.28 3 20/03/2014 £70.00 £128.24 £198.24 4 17/04/2014 £70.00 £112.28 £182.28 5 20/05/2014 £70.00 £106.64 £176.64 6 20/06/2014 £70.00 £94.38 £164.38 7 18/07/2014 £70.00 £64.12 £134.12 8 20/08/2014 £70.00 £56.76 £126.76 9 19/09/2014 £70.00 £34.20 £104.20 10 20/10/2014 £70.00 £16.53 £86.53 So if I can offer them the reduced rates I have proposed, it would leave me more than enough for travel to work as its almost doubled from £90 to £180 through trainfare rises and working routines so reducing the interest I am paying (which is basically what I'm proposing, while still paying some interest) would allow me the funds I need. Should I be asking for all interest to be cancelled? Or am I asking for way too much here and being silly? Thanks for any help.
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