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Found 8 results

  1. Just a brief overview.. I received a PCN from ES Parking Enforcement about 10 days ago. I attempted to make the payment a couple of days ago now, both by calling the number provided and on their website. It is saying that the number I have entered isn't recognised. They don't seem to make it easy to contact them, as they provide no email address (just an online form, which stated for business correspondence only. . and directs you elsewhere if you want to dispute the ticket - IAS? - but I don't want to appeal it I want the correct reference number!) I don't know how to go forward with this. I have no 'proof' I have attempted payment, so if it did go further it would be my word against theirs. I was thinking of writing a letter requesting the correct PCN reference number from them, but how much information should I include on this letter? Should I put my car registration number and date and time of issue, or just the original number they've issued me and let them deal with it. I know that sounds awkward, but they don't seem to make it easy for you, and the more I have read about them the more anxious I am getting about their response, as I don't imagine they'll still 'honour' the £60 'discounted' charge as by the time I've written to them and received a response it'll be outside the 14 days. Do I have a right to refuse to pay the 'full' amount of £100 based on the fact they have (presumably) written the wrong number on the ticket? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. To cut a long story short I believe BT or one of their employees is responsible of untrue or misleading actions possibly fraud to my father of nearly 80. Basically my dad removed caller Id from his phone to reduce the cost. He has the true-caller BT phones so straight away they stopped working correctly. I explained that it was because he had removed caller ID. While I was visiting him he asked me to put it back on for him so he phoned them went through security and I then took the phone. I explained my Dad had accidentally removed caller ID and his call blocking had stopped working and could they add it back on. The employee of BT explained that he he was such a long standing customer and providing he agreed to another years contract (he has broadband and telephone with BT) they would give it him free. A few weeks latter my Dad received a letter thanking him for his change of package. This letter explained an increase in cost to the line rental, a BT Infinity Activation charge £49, delivery charge £7.95 and a increased cost of his overall package £30 per quarter. And a new 18 month contract. None of these upgrades were mentioned during the phone call none were asked for my Dad has Sky and has no need of unlimited data. As you can imagine my Dad phoned them straight away and asked for an explanation. They could offer none but confirmed they would get back to him. A nearly 2 weeks latter they still have not. The additions have been cancelled. I have emailed a official complaint to BT requesting copies of all the calls because I'm going to send them to OFCOM I believe that this behaviour should be stopped and BT held accountable. So far I have received no reply its now been 6 days since the complaint. I believe people should be made aware of this as I find it despicable. I had a similar trick played on me by another supplier which was very quickly sorted out.
  3. Hi all, having read multiple threads about Harlands over the past few months and finally thinking that my problem was resolved, I have today come to the end of my tether with these cowboys. I joined end of 2013 and cancelled my DD in January 2015 as I hadn't been going for months as the facility was rubbish. I had completed my 12 month contract and wrongly assumed that I could just cancel my DD. I then received a letter from Harlands in March 2015 claiming I owed my Jan/Feb direct debits at £12.99 each, plus the penalty fee of £25. I didn't agree with this but I paid it to get them offs back and they told me I needed to cancel directly with the gym. Again, I accepted that I was at fault for now following the correct cancellation procedure, hence why I paid up. In March 2015 on the back of this letter, I contacted the gym at X4L Nottingham by telephone and spoke to the Manager, asking him what I needed to do to cancel to put this to rest. The Manager told me I didn't need to do anything as according to his end, I had already cancelled. I specifically asked if I needed to complete any forms and was told no. Brilliant I thought, this is over. I then received a further letter from Harlands later in March advising that I had missed my March payment and that I owed a £12.99 plus the £25 penalty. I took the letter directly to X4L end of March and talked through with reception what my issue was and said I wanted to cancel once and for all as I was tired of this issue. Once again I am told by X4L that I didn't need to do anything, no forms, nothing. The receptionist told me, face to face, that the Manager would contact Harlands (taking a copy of my letter) to advise that they need not pursue me and that the Manager would contact me the next day to confirm. This, by the way, is a new manager as the manager I had the previous telephone conversation with has left. The next day came and no call from the X4L Manager so I called them, the Manager confirmed they would sort this and that I did not owe anything and did not need to cancel. Great - matter resolved. Today, I have received a letter from CRS who I believe to be 'Harlands' own DCA?? I now owe £180.47. Wow - even if I owed my March, April and May gym fees of £12.99 per month and their "penalty fees" it should not come to this!! I called X4L and this time spoke with the sales membership manager who confirmed that if I did not complete a cancellation form, my membership won't be cancelled which is why I've been receiving the letters and I cannot cancel until the balance is paid. So, my issues in summary: 1. Harlands advised me that I needed to cancel directly with the gym, so; 2. I have contacted the gym by telephone in March 2015 and visited in person in April 2015 advising that I wanted to cancel, but was told BOTH times that I need not do anything as I was cancelled their end. 3. I have attempted to cancel twice now and have basically been blocked from doing so, whether this is due to a lack of knowledge and training on X4L part or not is not my fault - I have made two attempts to cancel to avoid further debts occurring. 4. I am not prepared to pay the balance of £180.47 in order to then be able to cancel the membership, as I have already attempted to cancel officially twice and don't see why I should pay a debt that has accrued because X4L has given me the wrong information. If they had allowed me to cancel in March or later in April the second time, the debt wouldn't even exist. I refuse to have any telephone or face to face contact with either of these cowboy outlets from today and intend on writing to them to outline my concerns and complaint. I could really do with some advice on what I should include in the letter and also what your thoughts are on the situation. I know that the penalty fees are not enforceable based on other threads I've come across, but at present this is a separate issue altogether. I just want to cancel, as I have tried to do on two occasions now!
  4. Hello, I'm a new user and would be grateful of any pointers with this. I have recently been receiving cards through my door from a company Called aps? I'm not expecting any deliveries and they won't leave the 'parcel' With anybody else. Is this some sort of bailiff? Has anybody had similar experiences? Thanks
  5. Footage of a woman in Greater Manchester getting dragged along as a man attempts to steal her car is "utterly shocking", police have said. It shows a man running into Deb Smythe's Audi as she opened a car park barrier at Green Pest Control, Ripponden Road, Oldham on Friday. The 52-year-old from Oldham struggled with the suspect and was dragged along with the car as it was reversed back into Ripponden Road. The offender then fled on foot. 'Extremely lucky' He ran off towards Littlemoor Road after the 90-second struggle. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-29399804
  6. Hello all, I was horribly awoken by someone trying to break into my flat via my bedroom window (basement flat ground floor). I think my screaming scared whoever it was off. Fortunately no one was hurt nor was anything stolen. The police have been great, they have advised me that my windows are not secure and the locks currently on them are easy to get past, there is a second lock on the window which would be better but they are broken. As I am on the ground floor I am considering getting bars or a gate put up just to make the place more secure but this is probably going to be quite expensive, can i get the landlord to pay? We have already emailed our estate agent who manages the property but she has not got back to us yet I am just after some advice as to where i stand as a tenant. any help would be appreciated Thank you
  7. West Midlands police have confirmed that a home owner has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder for stabbing a County Court bailiff who was conducting a house repossession. http://www.expressandstar.com/news/crime/2013/05/24/man-arrested-after-bailiff-stabbed-in-cradley-heath-repossession/
  8. On Wednesday a month ago at midday I was visiting my local shop - a part of major shop chain in UK as I regularly was shopping (I live just 2 minutes from it). I had not made a purchase as I decided to come back and make my selection later, as I was due for an appointment. Upon leaving the store I was approached by the store security guard on the street who asked me to follow him into the office. I was slightly confused but I agreed to come back into the store and into the office. I was marched across the store and escorted to the Managers office where other employees were present. Security was then joined by another store manager .I presume (she hasn’t introduced herself to me so I can only assume so). The Gentleman then explained that he was told by his manager to serve me with Notice of Trespass- ban me from the shop. The reason for this notice being the fact that on a few (i was never told on how many - which leads me to believe that they never did checked that) occasions I have been seen selecting the product and putting it back on the shelf which according to the Store manager constituted as a “attempted theft”. I was then forced to give up my Name and address threatened with police for the purpose of taking my identification details. At that point I was so confused, shocked and threatened that I obeyed the shop staff instructions. I was explained that the notice involves any chain stores across the country. May I add that at all times there was store staff present in the office which greatly contributed to making me feel humiliated and threatened. After about half an hour of this ordeal i was told that the security must take a photo of me. At that point i felt I am being bullied and assaulted by the shop staff in the manner I have never been treated in my entire life. I asked for the police to be called. The security then “changed his story” and said that the police will not come as there is no offence committed. I was given the copy of the Notice of the trespass and escorted from the shop. Since then i have been in contact with the shop's executives who lifted the ban and offered a small compensation. I am pretty sure that 1. The actions of the shop on the day in were based on the "suspicion" and not on the basis of genuine belief - they did not study any CCTV or if they did - they missed 3 years of my regular shopping in this store (i live in the area for more than 4 years) 2. they had no right to accuse me (which is basically what they did) of theft infront of store staff. 3. They certainly did not had the right to take a picture of me (which was admitted by the store general Manager) The Chain is trying to hush my complain by giving me now 100 pounds in vouchers but asks me to comeback to the shop to pick them up - and since i was humiliated there I would rather not do that and I am not sure when will i be able to ever go back to the shop. I am a Manager myself - a regular member of the public - never committed any crime. Can anyone please advise me on the course of action i should take as I am deeply offended still and the 100 pounds of apology for humiliating me in such way doesn't appeal to me.
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