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Found 13 results

  1. Vodafone Charged me extra in November £896.80 Invoice number: B3-124148244 after several calls and confirming 3 times that the £896.80 will be refunded and we should call back for getting this credited to our account. We were asked to go the store to get the phone checked and the store in Greenock also confirmed that these charges were to be refunded. Every time we called back to claim the amount we were told the charges have been under investigation. This chasing has now gone on for last 5 months and we are coming to a conclusion to write to Ombudsman and take this to small cour
  2. Hello I am back again! I thought my troubles were over with Vodafone but apparently this was wishful thinking! I have been unable to send texts or receive calls since January 8. I have made numerous complaints, have spoken to customer service reps via 191 who have plenty of platitudes about wanting to help me with my problem (this never happens) and have had one call back from an agent who claimed the issue would be resolved in 48 hours which was over 2 weeks ago. I was told that Vodafone had disconnected my number for reasons no one at Vodafone seems to know despite me paying m
  3. Placeholder for reply's from Vodafone web team WRT135 [#12400498]‏ cheers
  4. I'm completely at the end of my tether with this company and unfortunately there is not a short description of how they have messed me about. It all started when I got my bill at the end of July 2015 for £330.15 which was incorrect and a mistake by Vodafone. I had been overcharged by around £158 which was eventually credited to my account. I have been with Vodafone for over 10 years; I have three mobiles on my account and would consider myself a very good customer. I have never missed a payment in all the years I have been with Vodafone. • When I received this bill for £330.15 I
  5. I appreciate any help and advice I can get on my case as I feel I have hit a brick wall with Vodafone. I will try and keep the summary below brief. In short I sought to upgrade my old 12m contract to a new 12m contract and upgrade my old iPhone 6 to a new iPhone 6s Plus. I placed a pre-order, only to receive a 6s and not a 6s Plus which was delivered around 5 weeks ago now. Phone was returned promptly as possible. Vodafone charged me for the upgrade via direct debit and have yet to refund me for the returned handset. Furthermore they have not rolled back my tariff as I was advised to ask
  6. Hi Lee/Vodafone rep, Ordered a Vodafone PAYG phone to be delivered to store. Never took delivery and so contacted Voda support for a refund to my debit card.However, promised refund still not received. Have chased multiple times since the beginning of October (phone & web chat) with no joy. Please assist. Thanks.
  7. Hi, I'm hoping someone can help. I have a business account with Vodafone and we have recently tried to move two numbers over to two different contracts that have longer expiry dates. We were initially told this couldn't be done, so decided we would probably get the PAC codes and move the numbers to a different network. Obviously in the process of trying to get the PAC codes we got through to the retention team and they immediately said that they could transfer the contracts without a problem. They told us that all that would happen is that the numbers would be moved to PAYG and
  8. I've been chasing Vodaphone since the 22/9/15. I sent a copy of this email to them this morning using WRT135 - got this reference - #11623195. Hi I am really hoping you can help, I send a complaint last Thursday but haven't heard anything. I spoke with your online chat service about cancelling my accounts early and was told i would be charged around £78 for number 07989xxxxxx and £88 for 07769xxxxxx. I then received bills for £211.73 and £182.57. I contacted Dexter through your live chat on Tuesday 22/9/15, he said he could see the notes on my account confirm I was
  9. Good morning, I have an ongoing dispute with Vodafone, they are not budging, and I would like some advice if possible. Last autumn (2014) I had some financial difficulties, so I contacted Vodafone to say that I was struggling. The advisor offered to set up a £30 a month payment plan to bring the account back in order, which at the time was greatly appreciated. At the end of the month I contacted them again to make the first payment and was told that the information was on the notes, but the advisor did not process the payment plan, and now it is too late to make payment as
  10. Hello, I've done a bit of Googling and found lots of people in the same boat as me with Warranty issues from the Repair Centre, it's quite shocking! I have a hardware issue on my Sony Xperia z3 compact affecting the microphone/speaker and apparently a scratch on my screen has voided my warranty therefore Vodafone won't fix my phone without a charge of £144. I have sent the following to customer support, really hope that someone can help: As a customer that switched to Vodafone on the premise of their outstanding service, it's really upsetting that I have experienced such
  11. Hi there, I have read some useful posts here, therefore, i followed the instruction and sent Vodafone an email already regarding my problem. basically, something happened 5 years ago with Vodafone, (after yesterday lots of conversation with vodafone customer services, online chat, according to the customer services, there was early termination fee imposed on my account, but i have been moving around of course, didn't receive any letters from Vodafone to say the outstanding balance and so on, so it has been overlooked.) Now, i am applying mortgage to buy my first home, i checke
  12. Vodafone/communication???? Not in the same sentence!! They appear to be ignoring me regarding a complaint I have with them over faulty HTC Desire C purchased from them. Long story - short! - Phone been in for repair 3 times each time coming straight back with a different fault, although was told after 1st repair I had been issued a "Brand new" handset. - As all repairs unsuccessful and heading for a 4th requested replacement or refund, but as phone now over 1yr basically told to get stuffed. Pity they seem to have forgotten they issued me a "New" one…………..but hey ho
  13. Hi, I have read this forum with great interest and was really pleased to see how pro-active Vodafone are in doing what they can concerning specific cases highlighted on here. I have been filled with confidence that they may look at my default marker (they only blemish I have on my file) which is stopping me from getting even the most basic in credit lines. As requested so that people can keep up to date with my progress here is the email I posted through their webform with WRT135 in the title. ----- Default Removal Request - WRT135 Hi, I was a customer from
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