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Found 13 results

  1. Vodafone Charged me extra in November £896.80 Invoice number: B3-124148244 after several calls and confirming 3 times that the £896.80 will be refunded and we should call back for getting this credited to our account. We were asked to go the store to get the phone checked and the store in Greenock also confirmed that these charges were to be refunded. Every time we called back to claim the amount we were told the charges have been under investigation. This chasing has now gone on for last 5 months and we are coming to a conclusion to write to Ombudsman and take this to small court claim. However, today i finally managed to speak to senior Manager Jodie who was patient and understood the situation but only offered GBP 200 as goodwill which I have refused as i firmly believe these charges were incurred due to system error of Vodafone. I have been promised several calls before but nothing happened. Now to see if this one comes. I was given Call reference number 1-4F4YRHZ8 and amount in dispute is £896.80 These charges have been incurred in UAE and China which were both part of World Traveler. This needs to be resolved with some common sense and money needs to be refunded immediately. WRT135
  2. Hello I am back again! I thought my troubles were over with Vodafone but apparently this was wishful thinking! I have been unable to send texts or receive calls since January 8. I have made numerous complaints, have spoken to customer service reps via 191 who have plenty of platitudes about wanting to help me with my problem (this never happens) and have had one call back from an agent who claimed the issue would be resolved in 48 hours which was over 2 weeks ago. I was told that Vodafone had disconnected my number for reasons no one at Vodafone seems to know despite me paying my bill every month on time by DD. I have not ported my number over recently (I previously had issues with this the beginning of last year when I first joined) so I am more than confused why Vodafone has decided on this course of action out of the blue. I would appreciate my number being restored since ridiculously enough, I can still make calls but no one can call me as my number is supposedly invalid or callers are given the "you have dialled an incorrect number" message. I hope that this problem can be resolved and quickly as I am awaiting some rather important phone calls and do not want to miss them because of an error on the part of Vodafone. Any assistance would be much appreciated. I have submitted the Vodafone form as per instructions. The reference number is: WRT135 [#12499592]
  3. Placeholder for reply's from Vodafone web team WRT135 [#12400498]‏ cheers
  4. I'm completely at the end of my tether with this company and unfortunately there is not a short description of how they have messed me about. It all started when I got my bill at the end of July 2015 for £330.15 which was incorrect and a mistake by Vodafone. I had been overcharged by around £158 which was eventually credited to my account. I have been with Vodafone for over 10 years; I have three mobiles on my account and would consider myself a very good customer. I have never missed a payment in all the years I have been with Vodafone. • When I received this bill for £330.15 I called 191 to query it and the adviser agreed that it was wrong and told me that he would fill some forms in and have it sorted in 24hrs • 48Hrs later I called 191 again and found it still hadn't been sorted, I then called 191 repeatedly for the next 6 days speaking to various advisor's trying to get this sorted out. Eventually I was told it was definitely sorted and I wouldn't hear any more about it. • On Sunday 2nd Aug I got a text saying that if I didn't pay my bill that my service would be restricted, I assumed (wrongly) that this was a mistake as I had been guaranteed by your advisor that everything had been sorted out. • On 9th Aug I got a text saying that my service had been restricted as I hadn't paid my bill. I then called 191 (again) and was told that it was a mistake by Vodafone and the restrictions would be lifted within 2 minutes. • One hour later, still no service on any off my mobiles, (again) I called 191 and was told that they had forgot to lift the restrictions at the technical end and that they would do that now and it would all be ok. Finally after this last telephone call my service has been reinstated. I put all of the above in writing and sent it to the customer service department recorded delivery and never even got a reply. I followed it up 1 month later with another recorded delivery letter asking why I had not had a reply, again still no reply!!! When I got this big bill the first thing I done was cancel my DD as I was not giving Vodafone a free reign to just take whatever they wanted from my account. Once it was all sorted It took me till Dec to get the DD set back up again this took loads of 191 calls and live chats and wasn't sorted till I eventually went into a Vodafone store and the guy told me a box had not been ticked and that is why it had never been set back up again. The next saga was trying to get world traveller added to one of my numbers for a trip to the USA, again, after numerous 191 calls and live chats it was supposed to be added. Unfortunately when I got to the USA I found that it had actually not been added and the phone wouldn't work. To top this all of I received a call from the Vodafone sales team on Thursday 17th Dec 2015 (01709 918625) saying that I was paying to much per month and that she could change my price plans to save me money. I gave her both barrels about all of the above. I got an apology and was told she would put a note on my account and someone would be in touch to discuss, I've I heard this a million times now but no one ever gets back to me. After I got this of my chest we then discussed the various options on my account. I agreed to have one of my numbers increased to 6gb of data unlimited calls and texts for £41 per month and another one of my numbers changed to 6gb data and unlimited calls and texts for £33 per month. and she also offered a refund of £120 for charges I had incurred for going over my data usage. Yesterday Mon 22nd Dec I receive 2 emails from Vodafone, it now turns out that they have put one of these deals on the wrong phone and they are actually charging me £49 per month for both plans and not the figures agreed on the phone. and no sign of the £120 refund. When I found this out I went onto my online account and it was saying the same info, I then started a live chat and got the usual muppet who didn't have a clue what he was doing and couldn't do anything to help. Hence why I am now on here looking for a way forward??? I am extremely disappointed, exasperated and absolutely fed up with Vodafone and its call centres. I have much better things to do with my time than spend hour after hour on the phone to their staff because they keep making mistakes and getting things wrong. Any help or advice would be much appreciated, Thanks in advance Robert
  5. I appreciate any help and advice I can get on my case as I feel I have hit a brick wall with Vodafone. I will try and keep the summary below brief. In short I sought to upgrade my old 12m contract to a new 12m contract and upgrade my old iPhone 6 to a new iPhone 6s Plus. I placed a pre-order, only to receive a 6s and not a 6s Plus which was delivered around 5 weeks ago now. Phone was returned promptly as possible. Vodafone charged me for the upgrade via direct debit and have yet to refund me for the returned handset. Furthermore they have not rolled back my tariff as I was advised to ask them to do, and there has been a problem with my contract dates, meaning they do not see me as being owed a new handset, believing I have already upgraded. My old iPhone 6 has been associated with this new contract and I have had problems unlocking it as a result, to this day I have not been able to successfully unlock the phone. So to summarise, I am owed £385 plus the difference of my new tariff versus my old tariff (approx. £10 for the 2 months that have elapsed), an apology for the sheer incompetent and inaccurate customer service wouldn't go amiss either. Given the time elapsed I will soon be considering legal action if not resolved to my satisfaction. Long version: On Sep 12th, 2 weeks before the release of the new iPhone I received an email inviting me to upgrade. I called customer services and explicitly placed an order for a 6s Plus and agreed to a new monthly tariff. On Sep 24th I received an email from Vodafone thanking me for my 6s order. I queried with customer services to be told not to worry and a 6s Plus was on the way. On Sep 25th I took delivery of a 6s and not a 6s Plus. I called customer services who told me I could try and return the phone to store, but would most likely need to wait for a returns bag which I was told should be with me within a couple of days. 1 week on and I had not received a returns bag. Another call to customer services revealed a returns bag had never been ordered for me, but one would be dispatched. Extremely frustrating, but this time a returns bag did turn up. It was also confirmed to me I was due to pay for a 6s Plus and not a 6s, so appeared to be a "picking error". I received the returns pack and posted the unopened box back on Oct 7th, and can see via tracking the package was signed for on the 8th. No confirmation of receipt of return was given to me, despite customer services claiming I would be sent an email or text updating me with the status. On Oct 14th I called customer services to confirm they recognised I had returned the phone, which they did. I was informed I would be charged for the phone in my next direct debit payment. I asked if, given receipt of my handset, they could reverse this charge, but they said no. I was told the refund payment would be processed within 72 hours, but to this day there is no sight of the refund. I was given the option of cancelling the direct debit payment (including the contract payment), which I declined as I didn't want to end up in a situation where I was showing a missed payment opening a whole other issue. At this point I asked for my tariff to be rolled back to my previous contract terms, and was told this would be done. On 15th Oct I was unable to make or receive calls, despite having full signal. I thought this might have to do with a tariff adjustment. On visiting my local store to home this seemed to be a network issue that was resolved 3 days later, but over this time I could not make or receive calls via 4G. No notice from Vodafone on any network issues. On 19th Oct I visited a store local to my work to check on the process of my refund, my tariff change and my showing of eligibility to upgrade. Nothing had changed despite being more than 72 hours since I was told these changes would take effect. On 20th Oct I attempted to unlock my iPhone 6 which was now past its 12m contract date, only to receive an email saying I hadn't yet paid 3 months worth of bills on this device. It then became apparent my old phone had been linked to my new contract. A further visit to my work branch saw me have to repeat the sorry story again, and this time the sales rep sent an email to "HQ" telling them what needed to be done. I saw him type the email and it covered all the necessary points. Despite promising to keep me updated, this individual has not contacted me once with an update. The manager local of the branch local to my home has called sporadically but hasn't manage to resolve any of the key issues. On Oct 27th I sent a recorded letter to Vodafone head office, detailing the above points, requesting I wanted the above to be rectified; a refund for the handset and the excess tariff charge, to be able to upgrade my phone and to be able to unlock my old phone. It has been a week now and the letter has still not been signed for. I cant recall sending a recorded delivery letter and it not being delivered within a couple of days. I called customer services last night on 3rd Nov, explained my story again and was told it takes 72 hours for a refund and they had been promising this for nearly a month. I told her I had written a formal letter of complaint and would be seeking further action to recover monies that I am owed if not resolved, to which she hung up on me. Throughout this process customer service has been atrocious, plain and simple. Lies is a strong word, but it would appear I have been told false information on numerous occasions. No one seems to be able to help, and no one I have been able to reach in the company has any authorisation to override what is a relatively simple mistake, and a mountain has been created out of a molehill. I have spent hours on the phone to 191 and would estimate the average wait time is about 45 mins, and on more than one occasion I have been cut off. I will not hesitate to proceed with a small claims charge if need be. Vodafone have been quick to take money from me, and slow to refund, and have not refunded when they have said they would have. This has caused me some financial inconvenience as I have had to move money around to cover this handset charge that would usually be offset by me trading in my old handset. I would be extremely grateful if anyone with sufficient authority at Vodafone could contact me to resolve this (if this person even exists), and to also receive some advice on how I would prepare a case for a small claims court and what I should be looking to claim for. I would need to take a day off work, so would seek cost associated with this too. Beyond the financial aspects, I would like to receive an apology from Vodafone, for what is their error, but yet I am the one having to chase all loose ends to try and get a resolution. Thanks for taking time to read.
  6. Hi Lee/Vodafone rep, Ordered a Vodafone PAYG phone to be delivered to store. Never took delivery and so contacted Voda support for a refund to my debit card.However, promised refund still not received. Have chased multiple times since the beginning of October (phone & web chat) with no joy. Please assist. Thanks.
  7. Hi, I'm hoping someone can help. I have a business account with Vodafone and we have recently tried to move two numbers over to two different contracts that have longer expiry dates. We were initially told this couldn't be done, so decided we would probably get the PAC codes and move the numbers to a different network. Obviously in the process of trying to get the PAC codes we got through to the retention team and they immediately said that they could transfer the contracts without a problem. They told us that all that would happen is that the numbers would be moved to PAYG and then moved onto the new contracts. Within minutes of this conversation, the two numbers lost signal and appeared to be disconnected. On phoning VF back we were then told it may take up to 24 hours to restore the number. 24 hours later and we were told a different story and that it would take a further 24 hours to restore the numbers. Another 24 hours passed and we have were then passed around various departments with no further progress. Yesterday we were told everything would be back up and running within 6 hours... still nothing. Today, at long last one of the numbers has been restored, unfortunately my number hasn't and I'm now being told it could take up to 30 DAYS to 'find' my number. I am failing to understand how a number can be lost in the first place, let alone go missing for 30 days. This is business and personal number (which I have had personally for over 10 years) and I am missing important calls from clients and potential customers, not to mention family and friends. Any help would be appreciated I am not getting anywhere with call centres. I have sent a request to the web team based on instructions in the forum. Thanks, Richard
  8. I've been chasing Vodaphone since the 22/9/15. I sent a copy of this email to them this morning using WRT135 - got this reference - #11623195. Hi I am really hoping you can help, I send a complaint last Thursday but haven't heard anything. I spoke with your online chat service about cancelling my accounts early and was told i would be charged around £78 for number 07989xxxxxx and £88 for 07769xxxxxx. I then received bills for £211.73 and £182.57. I contacted Dexter through your live chat on Tuesday 22/9/15, he said he could see the notes on my account confirm I was told £78 and £88. He said he could re-connect the lines and this would amend the bill. I explained we had transferred the numbers so he couldn't do this. Therefore he was passing this to your billings team and they would amend the bill and send out new ones. On the 23/9/15, you have taken £392.57 from my bank account. I need you to refund the extra money to my bank account asap please. I was told £78 and £88 and my decision to cancel was based solely on this information as I could afford this. I cannot afford £392.57 and this is going to take me overdrawn on my bank account. I hope as this is mistake on your part, you will resolve this issue quickly, refund the cha. r
  9. Good morning, I have an ongoing dispute with Vodafone, they are not budging, and I would like some advice if possible. Last autumn (2014) I had some financial difficulties, so I contacted Vodafone to say that I was struggling. The advisor offered to set up a £30 a month payment plan to bring the account back in order, which at the time was greatly appreciated. At the end of the month I contacted them again to make the first payment and was told that the information was on the notes, but the advisor did not process the payment plan, and now it is too late to make payment as the debt was with a collection company. I tried to pay vodafone for 3-4 weeks, but they refused to take payment as the debt was no longer with them. I complained about this and was told by a manager that they would request the account back from the collection company as I should have had a payment plan in place. The collection company declined the request. In December 2014, a default was applied to my account. I complained about this again, and a different manager told me that I should pay the collection company in full and vodafone would refund the £10 difference (which they did) and that the default would be removed from my file (It never got removed). Since then I have been told on several occasions that this can be seen on my notes and they will get the default removed. This has never happened. Now the credit team are stating that the default was correctly applied and nothing can be done. I'm ready to give up to be honest, but need some advice on whether or not there is any point in continuing this fight. Cheers Russ
  10. Hello, I've done a bit of Googling and found lots of people in the same boat as me with Warranty issues from the Repair Centre, it's quite shocking! I have a hardware issue on my Sony Xperia z3 compact affecting the microphone/speaker and apparently a scratch on my screen has voided my warranty therefore Vodafone won't fix my phone without a charge of £144. I have sent the following to customer support, really hope that someone can help: As a customer that switched to Vodafone on the premise of their outstanding service, it's really upsetting that I have experienced such a poor level. I have been dealing with microphone/speaker hardware issues from my Sony Z3 Compact for the past two months - but it had gotten to the stage when it was affecting my usability of the phone. Speaker volume was very low, even at max volume which was an inconvenience, but the microphone issue has progressively worsened over the past two months, so much so people on the other end of the phone can hardly hear what I say. Therefore I thought it best to visit the nearest Vodafone store (Victoria Station, London) on Monday (11th May) to find a resolution. In store I was advised that the device was faulty and was still under warranty so had the option to send to the repair centre and have the device repaired free of charge. I was given a courtesy phone and informed that my device would be repaired and ready for collection on Tuesday (19th May). I received a phonecall at 17:06 this evening (14th May) which I could not take during working hours and a voicemail was left. The voicemail informed me that there is a scratch on the screen of the phone which voided my warranty and if I wanted the repair it would cost £144. Obviously upset, I attempted to call the number back but the office had closed being so late on in the day. As you can understand I'm a bit aggrieved by the situation as: 1) I can't think of any superficial damage to the phone, but can't understand how this would have a bearing on the device hardware. If it does have a scratch this may be superficial 'wear and tear' but again how does this impact the hardware so drastically? Also how does this invalid the warranty? This has to be the first and only time I have come across this for a product! 2) If there was a scratch, why was I not told this in store and that it has invalid my warranty?? I returned to the same store today (14th May) to ask and was told I should have been informed and that the device should not have been sent to the repair centre if this was the case. 3) The internal fault with the phone has been very disruptive to my overall service, and to be asked to pay £144 is quite shocking for something that has not been caused by me. 4) Trying to call instantly back moments later to find out the centre was closed could potentially delay the resolution and leave me without my phone for a unnecessary prolonged period. 5) It will be a week without the device, and it will come back as non-fully functioning even though I am under apparent warranty. Unfortunately poor service on all aspects and I am now starting to regret moving service provider. Many thanks, Ian
  11. Hi there, I have read some useful posts here, therefore, i followed the instruction and sent Vodafone an email already regarding my problem. basically, something happened 5 years ago with Vodafone, (after yesterday lots of conversation with vodafone customer services, online chat, according to the customer services, there was early termination fee imposed on my account, but i have been moving around of course, didn't receive any letters from Vodafone to say the outstanding balance and so on, so it has been overlooked.) Now, i am applying mortgage to buy my first home, i checked my credit report with Experian and Equifax, everything is fine. but my mortgage in principle with Barclay has been declined, due to a default, and my broker asks me to run a credit check with Call credit, which i did, and then I just realize i have a default with Vodafone on my credit report from Call Credit. the default started from 2009 Aug, it is already more than 5 years, but i can't just wait until Aug 2015 to apply a mortgage. after yesterday many conversation with different people from Vodafone, i have cleared the outstanding balance with my account with Vodafone. i know once this goes through, it will show satisfied in my credit report and so on. However, it will still look no good when i apply mortgage. I can see Lee from Vodafone has been really helpful in here, I am just wondering if Lee can look into my case, i can provide my account number and everything, and as a gesture of goodwill, the default can be removed from my account. I look forward to hearing any suggestion and advice. Many thanks Sisi
  12. Vodafone/communication???? Not in the same sentence!! They appear to be ignoring me regarding a complaint I have with them over faulty HTC Desire C purchased from them. Long story - short! - Phone been in for repair 3 times each time coming straight back with a different fault, although was told after 1st repair I had been issued a "Brand new" handset. - As all repairs unsuccessful and heading for a 4th requested replacement or refund, but as phone now over 1yr basically told to get stuffed. Pity they seem to have forgotten they issued me a "New" one…………..but hey ho still get stuffed! - No-one in 2 stores I visited could give me Complaints address and referred me to website. - So referred myself to website and wrote to store and Customer services and again hey ho I have been ignored. - What silly billies, I did include the Ombudsman in my complaint and I know the sales of goods act and all that is on my side and if my next stop is the small claims court so be it! I started with Vodafone 20yrs ago with a Sony mars bar?? and have always gloated how good the network is especially when friends have been climbing mountains and hanging from trees, looks like I shall now be joining them!!
  13. Hi, I have read this forum with great interest and was really pleased to see how pro-active Vodafone are in doing what they can concerning specific cases highlighted on here. I have been filled with confidence that they may look at my default marker (they only blemish I have on my file) which is stopping me from getting even the most basic in credit lines. As requested so that people can keep up to date with my progress here is the email I posted through their webform with WRT135 in the title. ----- Default Removal Request - WRT135 Hi, I was a customer from '04 until '06. In '06 I moved to Dubai, whilst there a cash amount left in my bank to cover my phone bill was eaten up by an unexpected payment on my account. I did not become aware of this for 4 months. I spoke to the Vodafone team on a number of occasions to clarify the bill and to make a payment from Dubai but without success. The account lapsed into default regardless of what attempts I made to pay the balance. I was eventually able to get the balance settled by having someone in the UK pay it in person. The account was settled in Sept '06, but shows a default. Given the circumstances, lack of visibility to my account and immediate settlement once aware, I am asking that the default be removed as it feels unjust given all I tried to do. Any help would be much appreciated, ------ I found it difficult to get all the details across in the space but think I managed to get there. I am sure if more detail is needed they will be in touch.
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