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  1. Update from me. Money was refunded as well as a gesture of goodwill from Dave and Lee. I am now in possession of the phone I wanted all along, which is good. I upgraded via a local store which was tedious as the upgrade was a manual process but got there in the end. Only issue now is Vodafone were slow in applying my new data plan, having rolled me back to some basic plan in the interim. As a result I hit my data allowance and have been charged as a result for additional data which I am trying to get refunded for. Its been a frustrating experience. Lee and Dave have been the most helpful
  2. Edit - I now recall Dave saying the difference may appear as credit on my account - so I guess that will be the case and if so I owe an apology with regard to the above post. I will look to confirm this and assuming that is in order we can consider this case closed. @silverfox1961 - you managed to sneak in between my 2 posts. When Dave responded to my form on here, he addressed the majority of the points I had written in my formal letter of complaint, and as such, financially I have been put good which was my main issue. However, customer service has left a lot to be desired and on occasi
  3. Update from me. I have received a payment from Vodafone which covers the cost of the phone and a little more, but is short of the sum I was told I would be paid when Dave called me which seems very odd. At least I now have been refunded for the handset which was the main cost. I have contacted the social media team again, querying why the amount received was short of what I had been told. No response as yet with regards to my formal letter of complaint sent to HQ.
  4. Thanks for your reply, no need to apologise. The payment Dave said he would be making to me includes a small "gesture". I will update as and when I receive the money and am able to successfully upgrade to the phone I wanted all along. I'm not sure if internal system issues are to blame, but there certainly seems to be a lack of authority given to customer service staff at Vodafone which has been very frustrating. As an aside it seems Vodafone have a mail redirect on their address and my formal letter of complaint was signed for yesterday on the guaranteed delivery service, a day late, s
  5. No sooner had a I posted my second formal letter of complaint, I was contacted by Dave from the Vodafone social media team who reacted to my contact via this forum. I was extremely grateful for his contact, as I has all but given up hope on someone at Vodafone getting this resolved. I should be receiving my refund within 10 working days and then I can upgrade from there and my existing phone should be unlockable. Keeping my fingers crossed. Will keep this thread updated. Dave, if you are reading this, many thanks!
  6. I appreciate any help and advice I can get on my case as I feel I have hit a brick wall with Vodafone. I will try and keep the summary below brief. In short I sought to upgrade my old 12m contract to a new 12m contract and upgrade my old iPhone 6 to a new iPhone 6s Plus. I placed a pre-order, only to receive a 6s and not a 6s Plus which was delivered around 5 weeks ago now. Phone was returned promptly as possible. Vodafone charged me for the upgrade via direct debit and have yet to refund me for the returned handset. Furthermore they have not rolled back my tariff as I was advised to ask
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