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  1. Hi, thanks for all the responses. I was waiting to update this until the interview happened. I was there on Friday with my friend and it was more or less a Joke. The interviewer didn't know what he was doing basically. Apparently because she is now on a means tested benefit she was flagged. He actually didn't know that IB was not means tested - he thought it was but couldn't be bothered to find out (his actual words) from what I understand incapacity benefit was never means tested at all and we've confirmed that during the time she had her savings she was on IB and the period he was
  2. Hi, Thanks for the replies! Apparently when my friend phoned up and enquired what the interview was about she was told something about a match between two databases regarding her savings so bio might be onto something. She has the statements for period in question but no paperwork for the improvements made to her home, she has some invoices but they could be for anything as they lack pretty much any detail and are all (badly) hand written. To me it does look slightly suspicious if I didn't know the full picture, £8000 being withdrawn over a 8 week period and a further £5000 in d
  3. Hi Just looking for some advice for a friend. A friend has just received a letter to attend a compliance interview and she's worried big style - its NOT an interview under caution. Four years ago she received some inheritance that took her close to the £16000 mark but not over, she was on incapacity benefit at the time and she was told the savings would not affect her benefits - pretty much all of the money was spent on adapting her home. She was moved to ESA last year and then onto income based ESA a few moths back and her savings have been pretty much zero since 2011. T
  4. I wouldn’t want to put anyone off selling on ebay, including you Dotty but as a private seller you have to be really careful what you list and how you list it. Selling on ebay is like walking a tightrope these days and it doesn’t take much for you to find yourself ripped off or banned for life from selling (thanks to DSR’s) because a couple of buyers didn’t like the fact you charged for postage.
  5. I used to make a killing on ebay and I enjoyed it. I had no real issues until 2008/9 when I closed my ebay shop after a number of nasty customers, PayPal chargeback’s and false INR’s. I do sell privately now and again but I can’t remember the last time I sold something. I agree, given how much they now charge in fees it’s not worth selling anything anymore. Then you have the hassle of dealing with awkward buyers trying for a partial refund, threatening you with low DSR’s, nitpicking, messing you around etc plus the ever increasing risk of fraud. Good article in the guardian
  6. Ah well if they’re paying for it that’s not too bad even if it is YODEL. Powercool, I would imagine they’re a generic brand that doesn’t offer a 2-3 year warranty so your only avenue is going back to Ebuyer unfortunately. I have no idea if it’s legal or not but on items over 12 months old I wouldn’t expect a full refund anyway as you’ve had a full years use. It’s there stance on returns over 6 months but under 12 months that gets me and the lies they tell you over the phone. Yes no problem, we’ll replace it only for them change their tune once they receive your return an
  7. With regards to the packaging it’s just ebuyer trying to be awkward and make things as difficult as possible for you. Just return it in any box you have with packaging to protect it. Remember to send it tracked so ebuyer can’t say they never received it. Is the power supply branded, i.e. XFX, Coolermaster etc as it might be better dealing with them directly and have the power supply replaced. I’ve never known a power supply manufacture actually repair them, usually they just swap them for either a new one or a refurb. Ebuyer will not attempt to repair it, they’ll just issue you a
  8. Ah well your one of the few asking before bidding, it’s usually the other way round. So there is no excuse for the seller messing you about regarding your refund. On my listings which are always created from the same template I state: Top of item description: “Collection only item” After description: “Payment on collection only, this item is for collection in person from *my postcode* No Courier collections” All in large font red letters you couldn’t miss. But still people bid and want it posted or want a courier to collect, only asking after they’ve won. It’s ve
  9. I wouldn’t be too hard on the seller in this case, reading the first post it seems they bid on a collection only item and they live nowhere near the seller. I’ve had this happen to me numerous times, people saying they didn’t realise etc and they will send their own courier and it can be a right pain when they expect you to wait in for a whole day for their courier to collect and pack it for free. It’s an even bigger pain when they take the huff when you quite rightly say no and leave you negative feedback. PayPal on collection only items is a big no-no for sellers as they can’
  10. I’ve had to upload scans of driving licences, Passports etc to PayPal on numerous occasions by logging onto PayPal directly, it’s safe but DO NOT USE LINKS IN E-MAILS. It might be because you’ve sold two high value items in short space of time. Also if it’s something you don’t normally list ebay may think it’s a hijacked account, or if you’ve been selling a lot of new items, designer clothes for example on a personal non business account. There are lots of triggers for account limiting and or reviews. All you can do is complete the verification process and wait.
  11. Not much you can do to be honest. You could remove all cards and bank details from your PayPal account so Ebay can’t take their payments but they’ll then send a mickey mouse debt collection agency after you to recover their fee’s. They will suspend your ebay account but I don’t know whether they’ll also limit your PayPal account at the same time. But seeing as you want to keep your PayPal account in good standing you can’t really do this. Have you spoken to ebay’s call centre in the Philippines or Ireland? Irish customer services are far more helpful.
  12. In all honesty for the amount I would just let it go and enjoy Elysium. I know of someone who did the same thing, well their son did multiple times and Sony didn’t want to know. You could go down the chargeback route but I’ve been told if you do that play station network will ban you and possibly your console from using online services. At the end of the day you let your child play with your PS4 controller and the machine was left in a state where it was easy to make purchases without logging in. IMHO Sony is not the party at fault here.
  13. Chargeback’s or even just the threat of one is a good weapon when it comes to dealing with Ebuyer. Also when you phone them on their premium rate phone number as part of the RMA process (10mins on hold usually) tell them your recording the conversation. They are very underhand when it comes to dealing with returns especially over 6 months old so play them at their own game. They often tell you one thing and then actually do another, in the end all roads lead to the buyer being left out of pocket. A quick look on some of the review sites will tell you as much, hardware forums and even
  14. I’ve had this with Apple regarding an iPad. After 2 months I would want a new replacement, not a refurb. Seeing as Apple are not playing ball change your request to a refund and not a replacement. You might be able to source a replacement cheaper elsewhere. Their refurbs are better than most though, the casing is brand new it’s only the insides that are second hand.
  15. Ebay will not want to know now the seller has supplied tracking information that shows the Bed being delivered. Your only course now is to either take it up with the seller or the courier, though the courier company will probably not deal with you seeing as you’re not their customer. Have you spoken to the police? There has obviously been a theft so try and get a crime reference number, inform the courier there is police involvement and then see what happens. It’s a little bit odd the seller who knows you didn’t receive your bed is asking you if you want spare parts or a partia
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