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  1. Thx, I'll get the letter sent off in the morning
  2. Hello, I'm looking to issue a SAR to Barclays for information they hold about me regarding some old Woolwich accounts (I believe that the Woolwich is now owned by Barclays). Do I issue the SAR to Barclays but mention Woolwich in the letter or will they automatically check for subsidiary companies? I've never had dealings with Barclays so they won't have any records about me and I'm just concerned that they'll send back a blank sheet of paper unless they check the Woolwich.
  3. [ATTACH=CONFIG]38345[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]38345[/ATTACH]. Mine wasn't a printed one, someone filled it in and then presented it to me to sign (see attached). Surely the "non-cancellable" description of your Insurances should be challenged?
  4. I'm interested in the outcome of this as I'm about to get the ball rolling with reclaiming missold PPI from these. Check what version of the credit agreement you have, earlier versions have the insurances in a box titled "Additional Insurances" and then later this changed to "Optional Insurances" and subsequently "Optional Non-Cancellable Insurances". Also at the bottom of the front page there was a section called 6. Customer Declaration to Direct Auto Financial Services Limited ("DAFS"). Part 2 of that is a tick box asking "Was this agreement filled in (completed) in all respects be
  5. The SD response doesn't mention any of the many holes in the agreement (deposit off insurances, PPI mis-sold etc..), should these have also been added? The mention of the SD being invalid and the bit about the termination notice should probably have been a side issue but the main points should probably have been about the agreement itself. I'm just heading out the door for a few hours so I'll have a good read through the thread later.
  6. Has Leon27uk's Stat Demand response been posted on here? I wouldn't mind having a peek at it to see if we can tighten it up a bit for future caggers.
  7. Click on this button... and a new thread will be created in these forums.
  8. Hi sinbad11, just popped into say you're in safe hands with postggj & debt4get. They helped me get my stat demand set aside and I also won costs.
  9. Can you scan in the agreement and post it up on here? (taking out personal details) The thing to look out for is the insurances; did you take these out and was any deposit used against them?
  10. The miss-sold PPI is a side issue, the deposit came off the insurances which makes the agreement unenforceable. The DCA's won't go near a court with these agreements because it's costing the money when they lose each time; their only hope is to bully and threaten people into paying them. They do someties push for a Statutory Demand in court but they just hope that you will either back down and agree to pay them something or just don't bother defending it so they win by default.
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