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  1. As I wrote above 2009 was the last time I contacted anyone about this and I informed them that this was Unenforcable which was confirmed by Stephensons Solicitors, after that Direct Auto Finance told me that all collection activity will cease but the debt will still exist and that I should pay something towards it, but they wont be able to force me to pay. Ruthbridge have been the only ones since then that have told me I HAVE to pay or be taken to court, bankrupty etc. What I need is a template letter informing them of the unenforcability of the agreement.
  2. last letter was from December 2011 from, Direct Auto Finance after I informed them back in 2009 that the debt is unenforceable due to the missold PPI have only ever sent me the annual statement which they are required to. As far as statute barred is concerned I have no idea how I would go about finding that out, the main point is the debt has already been confirmed as unenforcable. The December 2011 letter from DAF was them telling me they will be passing it on to Ruthbridge, The actual original agreement with Yes Car Credit is from 21st April 2004 if that helps.
  3. Hi. Awhile ago thanks to the help I got here I was informed that my Yes Car Credit Agreement was Unenforceable due to missold PPI Insurance, I informed the then DCA involved Hillesden Security in which they replied in agreement saying they won't enforce the debt, but the debt is still owed etc etc etc. Anyway that's been going well for a good few years now, however This Month Ruthbridge has contacted me and unlike previous attempts from other DCA's ( Direct Auto Finance ) instead of the usual "Would you like to pay something?", They have demanded I pay, Threatened me with Bailiffs and also filling for Bankruptcy against me resulting in something called the Official Recivers Office to gain possession and control over goods or property. Is there a template letter I can send them? Informing them of their serious breach and to get them to stop any action like this? Thank you.
  4. Hello. Last year I made a successful claim for unlawful charges against Fashion World in which they paid back roughly about £300. However within the same year they started adding charges again and I also noticed they now also charge me around £5 a month for a credit charge as they reactivated my account suddenly without any go ahead from me, no new cca signed or letter informing me. Are they breaking any laws here and what would you advise I do?. Thank you.
  5. Are there any requests I can make if they are claiming that the CCA was electronically signed? For example they never sent me any print outs of my application nor any check boxes etc, I noticed some people on this forum have asked for this and JD Williams have admitted they dont have it and ceased collection.
  6. Ok so a quick rundown of whats happened. I owed some money to JD Williams. Over £600, After Succesfully claiming back unlawful charges it's down to £118.43, I wrote to them asking to pay £20 a month via Direct Debit on the 26th. They wrote back confirming the plan with a direct debit form. The reason I wrote the 26th is this is the day my wages go in. However ... that month on the 21st they try to take the money out, they instantly cancel the plan, write me a letter with a whopping £30 charge, plus I had to pay £15 charge to my bank for going overdrawn. I wrote to them again saying can it be re set up for the 26th, NOT the 21st. They agree and the same thing happens. So I emailed them and this is what they said. "Thank you for your recent email. All our accounts are operated on a 28 day cycle and require 13 payments in a twelve month period. If payments are made monthly only 12 payments will be credited and therefore the account will show in arrears. Statements are sent every 28 days requesting payment and showing the due date by which the payment should be made and these date cannot be changed. We have not tried to take the payment out on the wrong day and the charges will stand. We hope this explains the situation. Yours sincerely Tracey Wagstaffe Customer Relations Team" As far as I am concerned they have lied to me in order to try and get something from me, I keep telling them that I want to pay this off, and they want me to pay this off so whats the issue? Is there ANYTHING I can say or do in order just to get them to take it out on the 26th as otherwise they keep adding charges after charges to a debt that I'm trying to pay. Thanks.
  7. Hi Thanks for the reply but I'm not entirely sure what it is I'm looking for. I have had a read but it seems everytime I find a section that is in my favour I find a bit that is in theirs also.
  8. Hello there. Could you guys help me out with this?, I recieved this from Special Collections/JD Williams from a CCA request and a letter. I have scanned them both in so you can have a look. Something just doesn't look right about it to me, maybe the up to date t&c and not the original t&c ? I dunno. I don't know enough about this to put my finger on it. Thank you very much guys, would be a huge help.
  9. Just to update this thread I have found the following. As this agreement was taken out in December 2006 does this mean that they do actually have to provide me with a signature due to the provisions made to the 1974 act stating that only catalogue agreements taken out on or after 6 April 2007 are ok regarding non signed agreements?
  10. Hi thanks for your reply, Well the original agreement was taken out in December 2006, But they are saying that they dont need to provide my signiture nor do they need to provide a photocopy of the agreement either, Is that correct?
  11. Hi. I recently Wrote to JD Williams requesting a CCA, They sent me a letter today with a full rundown of purchases, dates etc with what they call a Reconstituted "True Copy" of the Credit Agreement where it's my details written down but no signature. The say .. and I quote... "When responding to a section 78 request, a lender does not have to provide a photocopy or other literal copy of the executed agreement nor provide a copy bearing or some other proof of the customer's actual signature" is that right? also they are asking me to sign and date the form if I agree, which I clearly dont. thanks.
  12. Hi guys, thanks for the information so far. To clarify yes it is cracked but it was in no way dropped, manhandled or miss used, sometimes you have to press hard to get something to work but no more than any other touchscreen device. I noticed the hairline crack at the top and it looks as though it's gone down the entire length, much like when a car windscreen cracks, their Warranty TOS is as follows. This product is covered by our standard warranty terms and conditions for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. This Product will be repaired on a return to base basis, within the warranty period, or swapped with a replacement product including like for like where repairs are not possible. Based on the condition of the received product the repair or replacement procedure is completely at the discretion of Storage Options. This Warranty only applies to products sold and distributed within the UK (Inc Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) by Storage Options and its authorised distributors and/or retail outlets. This Warranty is only valid if the Storage Options product has been used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions under normal use and with reasonable care. This Warranty Policy does not cover; Defects or Damages resulting from the misuse of this product. Defects or damages from abnormal use, abnormal conditions, improper storage, exposure to moisture, dampness or environment where corrosion may occur, unauthorized modifications, repair in unauthorized service centres, neglect, rough handling, abuse, accident, Hardware/Software alteration, Incorrect Voltage through non certified power supplies, food or liquid spillage, or force majeure. [*]In all cases the warranty policy supplied with Storage Options products is honoured at the sole discretion of Storage Options if any of the above invalidating conditions are found in the returned goods.
  13. Purchased it in December 2010 and got it in January 2011 so only coming up to six months. Surely a warrently covers repairs and replacements regardless of what happened to it as they state it comes with a 12 month warrenty, A warrenty is not something that only covers faulty items that are faulty upon receipt surely? Also that email was from the actual manufacturing company itself not amazon as it's the manufactor that offers the "comprehensive" 12 month warrenty
  14. Hello I purchased a Storage Options Scroll v1.7 Tablet PC on Amazon.co.uk in December of last year, the item was brand new. It states on the official website that it comes with a Comprehensive 12 Month Warrenty for peace of mind and will aim to repair, replace for like or replace for upgraded model within 5 days. However .... I emailed them as a hairline crack has appeared on the front of the tablet making it useless as the touchscreen no longer works and they replied with the following. "Good afternoon, Unfortunately we cannot offer any further help on this as the unit was in working condition on receipt and a physical fault has developed during use so this is not covered by the warranty." Is it just me or does this sound like a total waste of a warrenty? I was wondering if anyone could check out the site, conditions etc and let me know if I have any legal right of atleast a repair on this? thank you. the url of their support page is - http://www.storageoptions.com/support
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