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  1. They've apparently been writing to an old address, but i've made no secret of where i am now, i'm on the Electoral Roll at my new place, and the published one at that! i've asked that everything be put in writing - and given them an email address......
  2. NEW UPDATE! today i got a phone call from Wright Hassell Solictors - i picked it up stupidly as i'm awaiting a call about a job, woman says they've been trying to contact me, regarding Cabot, i says to her prove it, go back to Cabot and ask them for proof, as i've just read what i previously posted, there's no agreement set up, and i still don't see them on my credit report (which apparently is 28 points off a 'good' score, which i've nvever had before ) they'll come back empty handed, and i'm just wondering what they'll try and pull next, i've asked this
  3. New update - it's been sooooo loooong....and i kept getting phone calls every day, until December - Quantam were passed this 'debt' - Quantam have enjoyed putting there technology to work on my mobile, and can't even be bothered to speak to me with a human!! get a corny american voice message asking me to call them - when i ignored this i get a letter from Wright Hassell (yes they are!! ) threatening to get my credit file - (Go on then...there's nothing on relating to the debt, to Cabot or anything, i checked last week). Got to laugh at these numpties, they ha
  4. Thanks Shadow - you'd think if they had anything to work with - i'd be in front of a DJ pretty darn quick but no! i'll file this away - i'm sure FIRE will post more threat-o-grams soon. - and you're right about my number - not sure why i gave it out!
  5. Quick update as it's been many months - i still get 2 calls a day from all 5 of cabots numbers (yes the log on my phone has so far recorded 5 different numbers) i told them ages ago, i'm only dealing with them by letter - see my previous posts as to whats happened thus far - well today i receive a letter from FIRE (ooooOOOOHH) considering these are one in the same, it's still cabot. They (Cabot or Monument) still do not feature anywhere on my credit file apart from 2 previous searches. but no agreements - do i send FIRE a prove it letter - what do i do no
  6. yeah there was an extended period of 'no contact' don't know if it was 6 years, but considering Monument can't find anything with my name on, and cabot dug out a flimsy T&C's photocopy, and the fact there is absolutely nothing on my credit file relating to this debt, then that is fine!, just annoyed at the 2+ phone calls i'm getting on my mobile everyday, they're even starting to use the local West Malling number in another act of desperation HA!! i went to monument for a claim for late fees and others and got back nearly £650 that was last year. might see what i can do with this. As
  7. just checked with Equifax DX, and ho ho ho, there is no entry for Monument or Cabot!!?!
  8. yes i believe it does, although i can't check at the moment cos Equifax's site is playing silly buggers!
  9. Had a credit card with monument from 2003, i had a change of personal circumstances in 2005 and couldn't afford it anymore, cabot soon took over, and have been resilient in there pursuit of me, i firstly agreed to pay, £70 a montfh, they kept phoned and asking for me, 2007 i changed jobs to a better paid one and up it to £80, they then changed the direct debit and up'd it by £8 to £88 a month without telling me, so i put in an indemnity claim under the DD gurantee, which they never disputed. i then SAR'd Monument, included the card number and my old addre
  10. Received a response yesterday saying that everythings 'on hold' until the paperwork is received from Sky..... I don't mind if I never get a response back, i don't think i owe sky anything and i don't thnik they can prove it!
  11. They've just sent me a letter apparently i owe Sky £60 exactly!?! I don't remember owing them anything so i intend to send that linked letter from the earlier post. Rebecca Carter wrote to me saying "i'm sure this is simply an oversight" Ha...prove it i say!!
  12. Just a quick note to say i have received the judgement from the courts, i received it on the 30th April, but as yet my credit file hasn't been changed, which is a bit annoying as i assumed that would be done within 48 hours of the judgement, anyway i've logged it with Equifax (twice! ha, got no patience) and i'm waiting to see when it gets taken off. Anyone advise me on how long this takes? and whether this is the norm?
  13. Well......let's see...... Lowell Hfo Direct Legal & Collections Robinson Way Cabot... Then there are the 'finance' people Welcome Yes Car Credit Yes everyone's had a good root around in my credit file, successfully managed to kick Yes Car into touch....i'm paying Cabot and Welcome although now i've been a cagger for a bit....i feel i should be checking my agreements....and Welcome sold me PPI which i haven'r claimed back yet!:grin: Got some work to do
  14. .....................And the little man wins!!!!!!!!!! I'm wondering if someone from the site team can edit the thread title to echo that!! I went today...signed in....then a woman came and sat next to me introduced herself and basically said.."look my clients, are NOT going to oppose this, as the debt was written off in 2006.....and it came back as a gone away...my clients are happy for the judegment to be set-aside, and in fact dismissed altogether...and we're not going to pursue a claim for costs!! have a nice life!!!! we went in saw the DJ, i was in there for exactily 7 minutes!!
  15. ...indeed...mid...thanks to you and your colleagues for your help thus far!!...hoping the little man wins for once!!
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