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Found 5 results

  1. Hi I did some work temporary for a company from October - December 2016 Today they have sent a letter saying it has been discovered that I was overpaid on my January pay by £435.70 and they want it repaid as it states in my contract 'if an administrative error has been made on pay, the company reserves the right to recover the overpayment' I asked for a copy of my signed contact showing this. They have sent me what looks like a standard contract template with my name in and wrong start date. I then went back and asked for the actual signed contract with my signature on and dated (which I know they don't have as I never signed a contact) to which they have replied 'We do not hold a signed copy on file for you as we didn't receive one' I asked for payslips too as they were online and I cannot access them as now an ex employee. Payslips show they have underpaid my holidays be 3 days and also missed off 12 hours of overtime... Also if I am to pay this or some of this back where do I stand on tax and ni as I have paid those based on the full payment? Looking for some advice before going back to them Regards Richard
  2. Hi All, Way back in 2014 my wife and I started getting letters from HMRC saying we had been overpaid child tax credits to the sum of £180.12p dating from 2008. My wife and I never claimed any child tax credits for this year, as we were fed up with constantly being overpaid and having to pay money back from previous years. It was just not worth the hassle! We queried HMRC about how this debt was possible when no claim had been made. They were always evasive and less than helpful. I asked for everything to be put into writing, a reasonable request which they have never been able to do. After searching and reading other threads on here, I sent them the 'Prove it letter' and the 'Limitations Act' letter. They tried it on a couple more times, then all went quiet for a few months. On Friday my wife received a letter from Advantis Debt Collection Centre stating that they have been appointed by HMRC to collect the £180.12p. Yesterday I received an identical letter claiming £180.12p from me too. Today my wife had a text message from Advantis telling her to call them to discuss an 'urgent business matter'. Any advice or guidance as to what we should do now would be very gratefully appreciated! Cheers, Paul.
  3. Hi Guys, my partner has received a notice for her details from the police for an alleged "action" in a car park used by mums picking up kids from pre-school. it states the Application is for the drivers details for alledged driving dangerously, carelessly or without consideration for other persons, contrary to sections 2 and 3 of the road traffic act 1988. They want the details of the driver on the date of the incident before they say anything else about the alleged offence. Their form is leading as if you fill it out it confirms you were driving (2 months ago) but either of us rarely drive as we live within a 3 minute walk. even if my partner did, which she cant remember - what does this mean, what are our rights? Many Thanks in advance TSF Will this form
  4. Got involved with some very interesting you tube videos. A group calling themselves "freemen" are beating the courts juridiction, very interesting proceedure involving common law and the magna carter ( spelling?)) Anyway what came about during the court process, the hearing was initially delayed until 1230 and took 2 hrs, but the liability order had been signed at 10AM so outcome had been decided before hearing even took place. I recently told the council I would contest them in court, over my council tax, they told me I would not be heard and it was just a formality, this further proving the point. these courts are not to look after the people they are cash cows, looks like we are losing or should that be. have lost, the justice system. check out freemen, council tax on you tube.
  5. I received a conditional offer of fixed penalty notice in May 2012 - 76mph in a 60 limit. The registration was for my motorbike (which has a private plate). I completed the Section 172 decleration as the owner, but pointed out that I didnt believe I was on the road that day (13th May) and asked for copy of the photographic evidence. I then received two photographs showing a BMW motorbike, but no picture of the registration plate. I responded reiterating that after reviewing the information that I cannot recall being on the road that day (Sunday) but that I did however travel on the road the previous day (Saturday) travelling over to Lincolnshire with friends. I carried out my own checks (my diary but have nothingn in it for the Sunday and I have no fuel tickets on my visa or bank card for the Sunday). In addition, the photographs do not show the number plate and the riders jacket is different to mine (picture shows white patches on the arms and mine is all black) I therefore completed the Section 172 information again, but pointed out that I therefore could not tell from the information provided and my own chekcs that this was me hence cannot confirm it is me or my bike! in July I received a letter stating that 'no completed and signed responce had been received' or the the 'responce received does not meet the legal requirement to provide full driver details.' The letter then threatened court proceedings under section 172. I again responded refering to my previous letters and that I had completed the information under section 172 but (as I could not rememeber travelling on that road on the date in question) that I was unsure what else I could do (referencing no number plate, jacket was not like mine, personnal checks with friends etc did not tie into the date). I then received a telephone call from a policeman stating that he had been asked to investigate - He stated that the picture came from a camera inside a roadside van and the operator then wrote down the number plate - hence why they had the number plate but no picture of it. He then stated the operator had also made the point that it was an unusual plate ('like a car number plate' rather then a bike-style) - I pointed out that this was not correct and the number plate is a standard 'square' bike plate! Throughout the discusssion I was given the impression that they would prosecute and I had little choice - i.e. it was easier to take the 3 points and fine! After discusion with a solicitor, he advised me not to simply accept this but I have now received a court summons, charged with 'failing to give information re: drivers identity as required' 15/6/12 and speeding exceeding 60MPH - automatic camera device 13/05/12. My initial assumption was that they had the wrong day - they are oviously adamant the date is correct, but I am sure I was not there on the Sunday (I was definately there on the Saturday) Sorry for the long winded post but any advice would be appreciated.
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