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  1. Thank you this was helpful Can I also ask our house is shared ownership can I claim housing element or no? Can i claim only for rent and service charges or for all which includes amount which goes towards us eventually owning the house?
  2. I am born here but my partner is from Romania - i was told by job centre i have to make application as a couple
  3. Hello Just a few questions please if somebody is able to help. 1. What are the rules around Income? is there a maximum amount of income that if you are earning you cannot claim Universal Credit? 2. what does subject to immigration control mean? how or who do i check that with? can someone please explain "habitual residence" and "right to reside" in basic english 3. what happens to benefits like esa or housing benefit or tax credits when i claim universal credit? do they stop as soon as i make the claim or am i sent a letter telling me when they will stop and they continue until i get my first universal credit payment? 4. what happens if i am claiming esa and dwp stop it and i have to claim universal credit as i have no other income but i still want to appeal the esa decision? if the esa decision is given in my favour would i then go off universal credit and back onto my old benefits? would appreciate help with these from someone in the know - thank you so much
  4. I paid them around 2 weeks ago. It was £128.11 all together. I think around £75-80 was fees they added on I cant remember exactly because I didnt receive any letter from them it was over the phone conversation. I told the staff at reception in virgin gyms i wanted to cancel and then they took direct debit for march as last payment. After this i never heard from them again it was David Lloyd and ACE who contacted me since then I called Virgin Active who said they cant find details of when I cancelled which was strange I'm sure they keep records. They did say that my card was used in July but I dont understand how as it was changed to David Lloyd by then some friends who are still members have confirmed membership cards are different now with David Lloyd name on them. Virgin said they will investigate and get back to me but I dont know when they will respond.
  5. Hello I would like some help please. I was a member of virgin gym, I cancelled my membership in March 2017. In April/May the gym became David Lloyd Gyms. I was contacted by David Lloyd in September to say I had 3 months gym membership fees overdue. I told them I cancelled my gym membership in March. They then passed me on to a debt collecting company called ACE. They kept calling me and told me the amount I owed had increased. I told them I cancelled my membership in March. They said they would investigate. After 8 weeks or so, ACE called me again to say they had proof I had used the gym in July and that If I paid 1 months membership fees and their costs on top then the debt would be cleared otherwise they were going to get a CCJ against my name as I am a homeowner this could affect my mortgage etc. I panicked and paid them the money even though I struggled to get it together. The amount including their fees was £125 I've had the feeling that I have been conned ever since. Could someone please tell me how or if I could try to reclaim that money as I am 100% sure that I cancelled my membership and should not have had to pay anything. I am going to contact Virgin Gym to confirm if they have any records of when I cancelled my membership. ! If they do, can I request it in writing? Would I then just contact ACE with this evidence and ask for my money back? Or do I need to contact somebody else? Whats the procedure? If I should write a letter could someone help drafting it? The debt company said they had proof I used the gym in July but I didnt as I have never been back there since it changed to David Lloyd. Can I request them to send me this proof and if so how? Am I able to do any of this or will the fact that I already paid them mean its too late? I know I should have done all this before but at the time I knew nothing about this, never dealt with a debt collector before and panicked. Since then I have spoken to few friends and work colleagues who have given me advice on the steps to take mentioned above. My english is not great I have asked my friend to type this. I hope someone here can help me and guide me in how to reclaim my money because I know they have conned me. Thank you.
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