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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, Not sure if anyone can help, I took 2 secured loans out within a couple of months of each other in 2006/2007, the loans were with iGroup, via Easy Loans (which I understand is or was a broker) and both were for over £5k each. Both loans were settled within a few months, the PPI was added up front (if that makes sense), when I cleared the loans I paid all of the PPI too even though, as I understood it, the loans were for 5 years and the policies too.. I find it hard to believe that I needed to pay the PPI for 5 years x 2 even though the money from the actual loans was paid back within, at the most, 6 months. I took these loans out with my then partner. Both loans and policies were in joint names, although I was not working so wouldn't have benefited from PPI, I also had various existing medical conditions. A few years back I tried to reclaim the PPI with Easy Loans, but was unable to (I can't remember why) and I even contacted the ombudsman but my claim was not upheld. If I remember correctly, something was said about the policies (at that time) still being active, though I may be wrong. I don't really understand the new rule/possible way of claiming? But have contacted GE Money with a view of trying to find out if I can try to claim again and they have asked me for identity documents which I have sent. Just querying if I am flogging a dead horse before I possibly go any further? Or am I contacting the wrong company? Any thoughts and/or advice most welcome, thanks.
  2. Hi I took out a secured loan in 2003 through a broker called freedom finance who are no longer trading , PPI was added to the loan . I missed a couple of payments when the acct was passed to GE money , but always made up the missed payments over 2 months by paying extra on the contractual payments . The charges from the arrears charges have accrued interest and now stand at £1700. The loan was passed to Elderbridge last year and I have continued to pay the CMI , and when I could made a extra payment to reduce the arrears. I managed to dig out the contract and was surprised to see the loan payments end this May but when I rang Elderbridge i was informed the outstanding balance is £2723 this includes the principle balance of £982 the remaining is the historic charges and interest from GE Money but Elderbridge do not charge interest on historic charges. Is it worth me doing a SAR request and look at the reclaiming the mortgage charges ? I contacted the FOS about the PPI , but was advised as the broker and Igroup is no longer trading , PPI claim would not be successful . Any help with next steps would be appreciated .
  3. Hi, Hope I'm posting this in the correct area. I have the misfortune to have a mortgage with what is now called GeMoney formerly Igroup, taken out in 2000 (15 year term) when I was self employed and arranged through a so called independent broker Capital Credit, who actually appear to have direct connections with Igroup/GeMoney. Over the period of the mortgage I have experienced many difficulties in maintaining the repayments, although fortunately for the last 5/6 years have been keeping up with the payments including extra towards the arrears ( which will pay these off within the remaining term). However they are now pursuing me for around £14+ k charges. I've read through some of the threads on here regarding the charges being unfair and would be grateful for any advice on how to go about reclaiming these and if at this late stage I can still do this. I have already made a SAR request and received a huge wadge of paper from them which I am about to go through to try to identify all the charges. Look forward to hearing from anyone who may be able to advise or who has had success claiming against Igroup/GeMoney Regards Barry
  4. Hello, Been a while! I'm trying to arrange a PPI refund on my load with GE Money. I've sent them a form detailing my complaint - and they've come back to me today, saying- They've looked into my unfair PPI claim They've looked into the commission paid to by the insurer to the lender. They're not going to uphold my complaint, because, according to the copy of the agreement shown - the loan was dealt with by a broker 'The Personal Loan Express' it was taken out in September 2003. all the boxes were typed in, and all the boxes ticked for insurance. I recall this was all done over the phone, and they told me to sign the forms and send them back, and because of the type of loan it was, i would have to pay PPI. they're not upholding it because - it's not their problem - The Personal Loan Express. have gone out of business. i can't go to the FOS because it falls out of their remit because the ICOB 'Insurance conduct of business' wasn't started until 2005 They've reviewed my account in connection to the relationship between me and GE Money, in respect of the loan agreement being unfair under s104a of the CCA because of undisclosed commission paid by the insurer to the lender/broker. They're not upholding that either - apparently s104a of the act doesn't apply to the loan agreement, because the loan agreement was entered into before April 2007, and redeemed prior to April 2008. This also falls out of the FOS jurisdiction. They've suggested i approach the FLA, closed my complaint and told me politely not to bother contacting them again. Somehow, even after the length of time - i feel a little short-changed (pardon the pun) It's almost like they're saying 'Yes we knew you had PPI, you can't claim because the firms gone bust, and plus too much time has passed.' I've got a copy of the letter which i'm happy to redact and post, as well as the one page of the agreement. Any advice, would be very grateful Cheers Dman
  5. Hi Guys - received a letter from Loans.co.uk saying that I had been possibly mis sold a ppi policy on my mortgage - originally through igroup and then gemoney. I completed the form returned it and have been told that it has been upheld and that they are calculating the settlement. I raked through some old documentation and fund the 5 year term policy which was paid in a single premium back in 2006- now I am still paying my mortgage still got 10 years to run- I can remember that it seemed my mortgage was a lot higher in the first couple of years but I cant remember any specific ppi repayment being paid monthly - So do you think that I have repaid all of the single premium in the first fe years or would that premium of 4400 been spread over the whole life of the mortgage which would mean Im still paying it even though it was only for the first 5 years. I actually rang the Wessex group who checked and said it was paid in one lump at the beginning of my loan - just wondered if you had heard of this before
  6. Took a secured loan + ppi with First National bank in 1991. - Paid loan off in 1998. I have all the paperwork. Made a ppi claim in 2014 GE Money (who took over First National Bank). GE Money said they had no records, so no case. Took complaint to Ombudsman. Eventually the Ombudsman said they cannot enforce the claim as loans only became regulated in 2007. Is this correct? Surely miss-selling is miss-selling? Ombudsman said ‘first national bank’ were not on our ‘voluntary’ list at the time the loan was taken out. Ombudsman have suggested i try and find out who the insurance company were that underwrote my ppi policy? any ideas anyone?
  7. Hi, I'll try and keep this as short as possible. I have been contacted by DMS attempting to retrieve a shortfall on a house sale from 21st June 2007 (that's right, 7 years ago). The amount is £7,957. I emailed them back with the standard wording "I do not accept liability, please send me a breakdown, this debt is 7 years old therefore you have taken too long to contact me and I don't have to pay", etc. They sent me a statement & breakdown. I borrowed £90k, after Interest (it was an interest only Mortgage), DD Recall Charges, Admin Fees, Additional Interest, Default Notice Charges, etc they mustered up a sum of £113,149.70 (over £23k more than I borrowed). The solicitor acting for them then paid £5,380.58 worth of fees which is broken down but doesn't tell me who to except for £2,070.94 to my Estate Agent who they de-instructed and never used, even tho the house was sold! Our Sol was doing final searches when an old unsecured loan appeared as a second charge which prevented the sale going through so we handed the keys back so the Mortgage company could complete the sale. They instructed they're own Estate Agent and sold the property 7 months later for £117,500. This left me £900. Except then, in a roundabout way, with lots of adding and subtracting they finally added £6,985.90 (7k!!!!) early redemption charges. So that leaves the £7,957 they are chasing. So what do I do? Tell them I'm not paying... Try to claim some of the charges back to drop the balance... Or send the income & expenditure back and offer them a payment... I have till Monday night to respond. Thanks
  8. Hi newbie here, Hope somebody can help with my plight, In November 2005 we took out a loan through freedom finance for 15k, for debt consolodation, Everything been running fine, September 2011 an official looking letter arrived out of the blue from the FSCS, ( well a company acting on their behalf Deloitte LLp) The letter went on to say we believe you took out ppi with wilmslow financial services plc formely freedom finance. The more I read the letter the more I convinced myself that it had been sent to us in error, as we knew nothing of ever having PPI on the loan, the letter was put in the drawer and dismissed. in November we had a financial advisor visit us to see about getting cheaper morgage deal, out of curiosty I showed the man this letter, and he was kind enough to shed light on the situation and also helped me fill in the paperwork, and we then sent it off, after a number of months of repeatedly sending forms and phonecalls we had a letter from Deloittes ( acting on behalf of FSCS) explaining that their investigations had shown that bespoke finance had arranged the ppi and as they are in gibralter it was therefore out of there jurastiction, they'd done all they could do. In April I decided to try again on my own, downloaded forms from internet, filled in but this time sent them to ge money , Backtracking a little here during the deloitte saga we rang ge money and asked them if we had had ppi on the loan and they said no, but when they sent copies of the credit agreement out it is written on there in black and white!!! Confusing!! So back to the current, I sent forms off to GE money they replied saying there final answer was Yes they borrowed the extra money for the ppi but they had nothing to do with the ppi it was arranged through bespoke, and then gave me a booklet for the ombudsmen to whom I have just come off the fone to, he said I need to find out who the underwriter was, advised ringing freedom!!! all phone numbers no longer recognised.. .So now what can i do???
  9. Hi hope someone can help me. We had a loan with future which was taken out in Nov 2003 and the broker was Purple Loans which is now part of GE Money. We wrote to Future before Christmas with regard to mis sold PPI they got back to us and told us it was Purple we had to deal with as they made us take the PPI we wrote to the address then we had to write to GE as they now own Purple. GE have replied to say as it was before 2005 and as more than 3yrs has passed we should have had cause to complain also since it was more than 6yrs they or the FOS are unable to help or to do any more and this is the final response letter. We are owed over £1700.00 of this PPI which we know now was forced on us the loan was paid out in 2006 and no rebate or any thing was ever paid back. So what we need to know is there anyone who can help as our next step is or where to go.
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