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  1. Should I write back to GE and ask them to reconsider the final letter. ?
  2. Thank You for the info rebel11.........................
  3. Hi hope someone can help me. We had a loan with future which was taken out in Nov 2003 and the broker was Purple Loans which is now part of GE Money. We wrote to Future before Christmas with regard to mis sold PPI they got back to us and told us it was Purple we had to deal with as they made us take the PPI we wrote to the address then we had to write to GE as they now own Purple. GE have replied to say as it was before 2005 and as more than 3yrs has passed we should have had cause to complain also since it was more than 6yrs they or the FOS are unable to help or to do any more and this is the final response letter. We are owed over £1700.00 of this PPI which we know now was forced on us the loan was paid out in 2006 and no rebate or any thing was ever paid back. So what we need to know is there anyone who can help as our next step is or where to go.
  4. How can GE get away with all the lies Where are all the Government laws with this company are the Government running scared of them maybe USA involvement and We cant upset them conspiracy or what ?
  5. Purple loans were our broker and when we paid the loan off we got no refund we had this loan through future mortgages they say nothing to do with them as the broker did the ppi ( purple ) they are now GE and they will not comply with letters or phone calls. Can anyone tell me how they get away with this and also have kept our money Surely this is fraud.
  6. Dates would be after this I think but will double check this. Thank You.
  7. Hi I am new here, I have got a final response letter from GE Money Servicing Ltd Resolutions It states that our PPI was sold from a broker called Spectrum Loans & Mortgages Ltd of 105 Hamlet Court Road Westcliffe on Sea and yes they are gone When we took our loan we understood we were dealing with GE Money direct and have never heard of this broker all paper work is i group / GE Money I sent a letter recorded to GE regarding this then rang as got no reply Mr Nasty Resolutions Manager Kevin ........... told me they had sent a letter but YES We never received it prob as I asked for proof about this broker and secret comm. So I am in the same boat but am now really thinking of going to the papers then take them to court as all my paper work is all from GE / i group I don't know if this is any help to you. Helpmary.
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