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  1. Took a secured loan + ppi with First National bank in 1991. - Paid loan off in 1998. I have all the paperwork. Made a ppi claim in 2014 GE Money (who took over First National Bank). GE Money said they had no records, so no case. Took complaint to Ombudsman. Eventually the Ombudsman said they cannot enforce the claim as loans only became regulated in 2007. Is this correct? Surely miss-selling is miss-selling? Ombudsman said ‘first national bank’ were not on our ‘voluntary’ list at the time the loan was taken out. Ombudsman have suggested i try and fi
  2. Yes its a hell of a mess. For my mortgage shortfall debt, its the interest that i owe, not the capital, so the lender has six years to use court action to make me pay. This is under section 20 (5) of the Limitation Act.
  3. My first post and I going to let it all out. Please read. Not sure if there is a lesson to be learnt but I need guidance. In 2004 I took a mortgage with Northern Rock via an independent broker who I was working for as an employee. 3 months later I got into a dispute with my employer (I asked for payslips) who then decided that 100% of my previous years income was in fact all loans and that I was never employed. No one got pay slips and his family were all accountants. My employer stopped paying me and remarked my mortgage was fraudulent and that I would go to prison. Apparently I pu
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