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Found 6 results

  1. Hi Guys - received a letter from Loans.co.uk saying that I had been possibly mis sold a ppi policy on my mortgage - originally through igroup and then gemoney. I completed the form returned it and have been told that it has been upheld and that they are calculating the settlement. I raked through some old documentation and fund the 5 year term policy which was paid in a single premium back in 2006- now I am still paying my mortgage still got 10 years to run- I can remember that it seemed my mortgage was a lot higher in the first couple of years but I cant remember any specific ppi repayment being paid monthly - So do you think that I have repaid all of the single premium in the first fe years or would that premium of 4400 been spread over the whole life of the mortgage which would mean Im still paying it even though it was only for the first 5 years. I actually rang the Wessex group who checked and said it was paid in one lump at the beginning of my loan - just wondered if you had heard of this before
  2. Having seen this thread (and this post in particular ) http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?396732-Lost-POPLA-appeal-what-are-my-chances-in-court&p=4284319&viewfull=1#post4284319 I am wondering what chance I have of appealing via the county court since I did provide proof of purchase and the council were in no way at a loss as I had proof of purchase I went through the informal, then formal NTO procedure, and onto PATAS (upheld) believing the council had retained a ticket I had purchased in order to check why it did not remain on the windscreen after applying. After no budging from their side I was eventually threatened with bailiffs and a seizure of a vehicle to cover their 'losses' and paid up approximately £400 on top of the original penalty. Now following a FOI request it turns out the Council policy did not inspect the ticket, nor send it off for evaluation, their standard procedure confirmed in writing being to destroy any and all original correspondence sent to them (including the ticket), and retaining only electronic copies, which is absolutely no use to anyone when they have been asked to check for a defective product supplied / purchased for the purpose of 'pay and display'. Does anyone else know if I migh have recourse using the courts ? I have already been through to the LGO, who (despite confirming the PATAS procedure should not have been the next step, even though it was suggestd as only route by the Council) they have their hands tied in contractural red tape. Any parking legal eagle I should call, to check on probability of success ?
  3. Hi, I am hoping to receive advice from people who know more than myself about the following problem. I have recently moved out of a 1 bedroom flat and left the place clean and tidy. My contract states the following: "The tenant agrees to pay the cost of a check out of the inventry and schedule of condition listing all the fixtures and fittings in the premises and the condition thereof at the expiry or sooner termination of the tenancy" I was last week invoiced by the letting agency (who do not manage the property as such but do some things on behalf of the landlord) for £210 for a check out inventory. The landlord pays the check in fee, apparently. I have checked the website of the company who did the inventory and they charge £50 to do this for an unfurnished, 1 bedroom flat (as per the property I moved from). So, I don't know what is going on, but I requested the invoice from the inventory company to the agency and I was sent one showing £175. I was advised by the agency that they have to charge VAT on top and I'm lucky as usually they would charge profit on top!!! In addition, the agent was getting angry at my asking for the invoice. That's the first issue. Am I being ripped off, and what do people advise I do next? The second is, I was asked whether I want to pay this by BACS or deduction from my deposit (protected by the DPS scheme). I have read that an inventory fee is not enforceable as a deduction from the deposit. My application for my deposit to be returned was rejected last week. I think the agency are in charge of the code and releasing the money. So, I said that I will deal with the inventory fee separately, and I will resubmit for my full deposit. To this I was told that it's fine, but they have to receive £210 from me first before they will release the deposit. I am a little stuck. Can they legally withold my deposit until I pay them this extortionate fee? I would appreciate any help and sorry for the long post, I wanted to provide as much information as possible.
  4. I have sent in my esa50 five weeks ago. Just got a call today from a witheld number.They were saying my name and asked if I was that person, But the line was very poor I asked who they were but had to give up in the end as, The line was very poor. Do ATOS ring you from a witheld number.Or am I stressing for nothing thanks for your help.
  5. Hi, my girlfriend recently moved to England, and after taking a few flat viewings, we found a really nice place for her. We set about reserving the property, by paying the letting fee. The letting agent said that the tenancy was secured as long as everything went according to plan in regard to the guarantor form. After she paid the letting fee in cash, she was invoiced. At the time I thought nothing of it, but on this invoice it said non-refundable payment. The agent raised this point and said that because he hadn't spoke to us about the fee being non-refundable prior to putting the money forward, that it didn't apply, and crossed it out in biro. From there he just required a guarantor form, because, at this point, my girlfriend did not have a bank account or a job (she needed an address first). After some talk my dad put himself forward as guarantor. We filled out the guarantor form, and sent through proof of address, identity and income. Now as far as I was concerned a guarantor was just somebody that could ensure payment should the tenant not be able to. However it developed over time that my dad would have to sign a co-tenancy agreement alongside my girlfriend and that a direct debit would be set up out of his account. We found out this information at the same time as being told that the property that my girlfriend had put the letting fee down for had been given to somebody else by the landlord, but that there was a bigger and better flat in the same building that she could have for cheaper than the original flat. The letting agent made out that this was the landlord being impatient because a week had passed before we finally sorted the initial guarantor information. Either way I knew my dad wouldn't accept those terms, and so we had to pull out. At this point however the letting agent said that he had passed on the letting fee to the landlord (which made no sense to me as the letting fee is surely for the letting agent), and after I said that we wanted it back, especially considering that money was for a flat that was given to somebody else, the agent said that that might be a problem and that i'd have to give him the weekend to sort it out with the landlord. Following that, I rang the letting agent back after the weekend and he said that the landlord wasn't giving the money back, but that we could have a credit note of the same value to use at the letting agency in the future. Now I'm at a bit of a loss, and was hoping somebody could give me some advice as to what to do next. Has the letting agent pocketed this money and is palming off the blame on to somebody else? Thanks Joel
  6. Hoping for some advice on here. Below is a summary of what has happened to-date, that I have included in the Allocation Questionairre that I have received after the landlords solicitor counterclaimed against me. ( we have not submitted it yet as its due on 30th Dec). The landlord has no grounds as to why he has witheld our deposit apart from wanting to refresh the house, and has no inventory. We started on moneyclaim, but now costs seems to be going up and as the counterclaim is for £12,000, might be allocated to the fast track for which we could be liable for costs. Note that this was a high value tenancy and not eligable for the TDS when we started renting in November 2008. Any advice or comments would be gratefully received. Also, I have set out my own draft directions and wonder if there is anyone here that might be able to take a look at them to see if they are acceptable. I also wonder if we should be getting our own lawyer or if I counld continue to represent..I am not legally trained at all , hence the need for advice. " a) On 21/10/10, prior to end of tenancy or property inspection, Defendant (landlord), notified Claimant (tenants) of intention to withhold deposit of £5,412.50 for refreshment of the property. Breeching the tenancy agreement clauses 2.3.1, 3.5, 3.7, 3.8 "..subject to an apportionment or allowance for fair wear and tear, the age and condition of each and any such item at the commencement of the tenancy..". b) On 31/10/10 Claimants tenancy terminates per the tenancy agreement and Defendant refuses to inspect property with Claimant or enter into discussions citing that refreshment is tenants liability. On 10/11/10 Defendant produces a prejudiced 'inspection report' detailing £10,515 (+ VAT) of alleged dilapidation and damages to the property without an inventory or other supporting evidence. Defendant does not pursue these charges but uses the report as defence for withholding the deposit. c) Defendant refuses to engage in meaningful dialogue which may have facilitated an amicable & fair settlement, pursues betterment and does not acknowledge concept of 'fair wear and tear' at any point. d) On 12/11/10 Claimant issues a 'letter before action' requesting the return of deposit, or evidence of the alleged damages. No evidence was provided within the requested 14 days resulting in court filing on 29/11/10. e) On 30/11/10 Defendant returns £2,200 allocating a charge of £3,212.50 for 'incurred' cost of refreshment. f) Claimant lawfully requests remaining deposit (£3,212.50) withheld by the defendant plus interest and costs. g) On 13/12/10 Defendant counterclaims for £12,618 (+ legal fees). If the court is in agreement, it is respectfully suggested that special directions may be given as per the attached draft order. I believe the proposed directions will further the overriding objectives in that they identify the most fundamental issues in dispute, and will allow them to be assessed in advance of the hearing so that this claim may proceed justly and expeditiously. If the Defendant has the serious intention of defending this claim and counterclaiming at trial as is indicated by its defence, I would contend that it is incumbent upon it to disclose such information. "
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