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  1. I received a reply - 2 months later although they continually demand a reply within 14 days. Anyhow, they response simply said please find attached a letter from GE Money confirming they had contact from you in Dec 2008. The letter says we confirm you telephoned our offices in Dec 2008 at 14:12 to request an update on your Credit Report! I did ring them to ask them to remove the mortgage from my credit report as it had been cleared as far as I was concerned. I did not admit liability to any shortfall. Where do I go from here? Louise
  2. Thanks But surely the fact they have taken this long to contact me with no contact in between still applies? One more thing as well. When they wrote to me as detailed in my original post above, they lied. They advised they had notification that my IVA had now failed and had been asked to contact me direct. This shortfall was never included on the IVA. Louise
  3. The letter says it was a telephone call. I would imagine to argue the shortfall originally. Thanks
  4. Hi Had a letter back from them, apparently (and I may have done) I contacted them Dec 2008 which makes 6 years this Dec. where do I stand now? How do I reply? Thanks
  5. Hi, I'll try and keep this as short as possible. I have been contacted by DMS attempting to retrieve a shortfall on a house sale from 21st June 2007 (that's right, 7 years ago). The amount is £7,957. I emailed them back with the standard wording "I do not accept liability, please send me a breakdown, this debt is 7 years old therefore you have taken too long to contact me and I don't have to pay", etc. They sent me a statement & breakdown. I borrowed £90k, after Interest (it was an interest only Mortgage), DD Recall Charges, Admin Fees, Additional Interest, Defaul
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