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  1. Ive been making reduced payments to my provident agent, half the usual amount, managed so far, but is now becoming a struggle, each week they try n bully me into making higher payments, like at min im paying 15, they try n say cud ya pay 20, 22 25 n so on
  2. Hi is there any links to more info, as im very blonde, and things go ova me head..lol
  3. Hi, Just rang Ge money, as they are the firm that loaned us the money, and even thought prior to this when weve asked them if we had ppi they said No, they suddenly have info abt whom the underwriters were, Cigna international, adressed to scotland Id never heard of Bespoke till recently and Cigna is defo a new one on me, have all original loan docs, not one document with either of those names on!!!
  4. apologies for replying on thread, i have made my own sorry admin..xx
  5. Hi newbie here, Hope somebody can help with my plight, In November 2005 we took out a loan through freedom finance for 15k, for debt consolodation, Everything been running fine, September 2011 an official looking letter arrived out of the blue from the FSCS, ( well a company acting on their behalf Deloitte LLp) The letter went on to say we believe you took out ppi with wilmslow financial services plc formely freedom finance. The more I read the letter the more I convinced myself that it had been sent to us in error, as we knew nothing of ever having PPI o
  6. hi, sorry to pst on sum1s thread, Just having the same problem as above with bepoke/ge money/ freedom finance, How can you find out who the underwriter was, been on fone to onbudsman, they gave we a fone number from freedom finance, and I had several others myself, all of which are no longer in use, there is no fone number for bespoke who arranged the ppi, I only found out about bespoke being involved when I intially tried to make a claim against ge money which was who i thort i had be sold ppi from, getting passed from pillow to post...Any advise greatly received
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