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  1. Thankyou for replying so quickly. Ok I will do although they acknowledged that the other two debts of mine they have are already defaulted. If they can't respond appropriately to the request can they still update my credit file?
  2. Hi, My husband and I have been on a debt management plan for 9 years know. During this time we have done regular reviews and our repayments to creditors have gone up as well as down depending on our circumstances. Various debts have now been sold on to debt collection agencies, one agency who currently has 3 of my debts is cabot financial. After a recent review with payplan our repayment has unfortunately gone down temporarily. Cabot financial have been ringing me constantly since. I eventually spoke to them on Friday and they said it was because i wasn't meeting the contractual amount on my Barclaycard account so it was now in a pre-default state. They recommended i ring Barclaycard and inform them of my situation which I did only to be told by Barclaycard that they sold the debt to Cabot so it is no longer anything to do with them. I rang Cabot back who then started saying if I don't meet the "contractual amount" each month then my account would default. I asked why the contractuall amount couldn't just be changed and all he kept saying was that they couldn't and that they have a legal obligation to update my credit file, he also kept talking about "they" implying it was Barclaycard that set the rules and nothing to do with Cabot. when I asked who he was refering to when he spoke about "they" he denied saying that and said he said "us". My query is, if during the 9 years of being on the debt management plan my payments have gone up and down, why hasn't this account defaulted before now? Can Cabot change this "contractual amount" and could any one give me advise on trying to find out when this contractual amount was set please and if it can or can't be changed legally? Thankyou in anticipation
  3. Hi, My case is still currently with the Ombudsman. They are trying to establish a link and see who if anyone can be held accountable for the misselling. I'm not holding my breath to be honest, they write to me every 3 months and say they are still working on it. It's very frustrating as I was genuinely missold this PPI by Freedom Finance and Paragon yet no one seems to be able to do anything about it
  4. Hi, I rang Paragon who are actually my lender and they told me who the underwriters were, i would try ge money. I also only found out about bespoke when i complained to freedom finance, they had never been mentioned to me before that and do not appear in any of my paperwork. Good Luck
  5. Yes I have put a new claim into Paragon and they have said it was Nov 2004 so not regulated and sold by 3rd party (Freedom Finance) so they are not the ones who sold it to me anyway. Thanks
  6. Thankyou, this was a great win but i think in the end the ppi tick box wasn't ticked was it and this is why they paid up. I've been fighting for long enough now though and I'm not giving up, I know it was missold to me.
  7. Yes paragon said no have there been other successes similar to mine?
  8. Just an update for anyone interested. I contacted Ombudsman and they say I may be able to claim against the underwriter so they have opened a case for me and written to the underwriters. I've filled in a ppi complaint form and sent that off too so now just sitting with my fingers crossed!
  9. Ah is it Customer questionnaire from FOS website? So do i send that and the SOC and a complaint letter to Paragon first again?
  10. Ok thanks I will do, that can be my reason for asking them to look again after all this time aswell can't it. Thankyou, much appreciated
  11. I have read through loads of Paragon PPI threads but have failed to find any success stories really especially any that involve this Bespoke Finance
  12. Thankyou, I will ask FOS but i have a feeling it will be out of the time limit. It's about 2 years since i received a response from them, do you think it's still worth asking?
  13. Hi, thanks for your reply. I only got one response from FOS/ombudsman i didn't realise i could ask them to look at it again or escalate it? I'm thinking sueing them is the next step but am not sure how to go about it? Do I write to paragon again first? Thanks
  14. Hi, We took out a joint secured loan in November 2004. The loan was for £40000 and £10000 PPI insurance was added to the loan. At the time I dealt with Freedom Finance but the actual loan was provided by Paragon. I first became aware of the whole PPI debarcle when I asked Paragon for a settlement figure and it was something like £49,000 I was shocked as we had only(ha!) borrowed £40000 so looked into why the settlement figure was so much more especially as we had been making payments! I then realised what had happened with the PPI wrote to Paragon to complain that I had been missold the PPI insurance. They sent back a pretty standard response which i have seen many more like on here basically saying that the loan was sold via a broker - Freedom Finance so contact them it's nothing to do with us. I wrote to Freedom FInance who said - we processed it on behalf of Bespoke finance so it's nothing to do with us contact them. Bespoke Finance are based in Gibraltar and I had never heard of them before this point! They are certainly not mentioned anywhere in my paper work nor had I been aware that any part of my loan or PPI had been anything to do with them. Bespoke wrote back to me and surprise surprise said no it wasn't missold. However, in the letter there were details about the PPI being incorrect such as saying it was a 5 year policy when infact it is a 10 year policy I wrote back asking how they could be so sure it wasn't missold when they couldn't even get details of the policy right. They wrote back again and said "At the time of your application, Freedom Finance acting as a procesor on behalf of Bespoke Finance issued a FISA booklet and PPI booklets......... Whilst I sympathise with your situation I must refer you to our previous correspondence which is our final response. This confirms that the PPI was sold on an unadvised basis prior to I Day therefore the complaint does not lie within the jurisdiction of the FOS. Therefore I must reiterat that we are unable to uphold your complaint. I then made a complaint to the ombudsman who basically told me the same thing as the loan was November 2004. I still really really feel that I was missold this insurance, It wasn't explained to me that the PPI would be added to the loan and that I would be paying ALOT of interest on it, infact I was pressured into accepting it there and then with the offer of a "special deal" whereby if i didn't make a claim on the PPI and the loan was still running in 10 years then I would get all of my premiums back. I was told that this was a win win situation for me as if i made a claim then obviously i needed the insurance and if i dint' then i got my money back. They omitted the part about all the interest paid on the £10k! I said I wanted to shop around but was told this offer was only on the table there and then so was pressured into it. They never even spoke to my husband throughout the whole loan application process so didn't assess our suitability and needs properly at all. I have even resorted to claims management companies (I know i know i shouldn't) but even they won't touch it! What should i do, please please help, we are drowning in debt and it is really getting me down
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